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Pink Boots Collaboration Brew Day® was born from our members’ desire to take part in International Women’s Day (IWD) March 8th by raising the profile of women’s roles in the beer industry. Chapters and members of Pink Boots Society get together along with supporting breweries and individuals, put on their pink boots, and brew their chosen beer style. Pink Boots Society splits proceeds from sales of this collaboration brew with participating chapters. The revenue is applied to educational scholarships and programming for its members.

Soon after the inception we forged a partnership with Yakima Chief Hops (YCH) to make an exclusive Pink Boots Collaboration Brew Day® hops blend available. Each year our members create a new blend during the hops rub at our annual fall GABF meeting. This year we shipped the hops to a variety of chapters to blend, vote and virtually select the 4th Annual Pink Boots hops blend for brew year 2021. YCH scales it up so it is available for purchase; they also donate $3 from every pound sold to Pink Boots Society for education and programming. Watch the virtual hops blend selection here!

How Do I Participate and Register?

Find a group to brew with. Professional brewers (and other women in the beer biz) and homebrewers alike are welcome to participate. Plan an event or find other women in your area who are already participating. No need to wait for the annual International Women’s Day to brew with the Pink Boots hops blend. Experiment, promote, celebrate, and collaborate all year round.

Current map of participating breweries:

  1. Plan the day. Decide what style of beer you want to brew. You’ll also want to come up with a name and artwork. Download one of our handy brew day guides:

English                                                                                        Spanish

 Collaboration Brew Day User Guide               

2. Register your team online (below)

3. Order the 2021 Hop Blend from Yakima Chief Hops! Pre-sale for the 4th Annual Pink Boots Blend closed on December 15th.

4. Build your event. Let others know when and where and how they can join you! If you’re registered, you can use the Pink Boots Society Collaboration Brew Day® logo to get the word out. (Logos and images for use below under the FAQ)

5. BREW! and share your experience via social media. Post on your accounts and ours. Participants are encouraged to post photos of their Pink Boots Collaboration Brew Day event on social media and blogs with relevant tags including #pinkbootsbrew #pinkbootsblend #pinkbootssociety #womeninbeer

We want to see your photos! Send us your high resolution images with the appropriate tags and context to

6. Promote and share your Pink Boots beer. If you are a brewery you may choose to have a release party, just promote it onsite, or get it placed in retail accounts. We will have tap handle art and other materials, but you might want to design your own. Homebrewers and clubs can share their beer with others to raise awareness.  In addition, please send emails to to get your event posted on our calendar if you are not a member!

7. Donate the proceeds to Pink Boots Society:

8. Let’s do it again next year!

By purchasing the 4th Annual Pink Boots Hop Blend from Yakima Chief Hops, your brewery (or homebrewer) is supporting Pink Boots Society, a 501(c)3, on a National level. Yakima Chief hops donates $3.00 per pound to Pink Boots to fund scholarships and offset admin fees. Any brewery or homebrewer with a YCH account can purchase the Hop Blend, just as they would any other hop. It is currently available on the spot market at YCH.

If you want to take it a step further, register online for a Collaboration Brew Day® and your brewery will appear on the Google map as a participant. A Collaboration Brew Day helps raise funds for specific local Chapters so they can offer educational opportunities on a regional their members. 50% of the donation you submit (which is up to your discretion) from your brewery’s Collaboration Brew Day® will go to the Chapter of your choice.

For example, you buy 22 lb of the Pink Boots Hop Blend. YCH will donate $66 to National. Then you register for a Collaboration Brew Day® on the Pink Boots website and plan to brew 10BBL of beer for your Collaboration Brew Day®. You have decided to donate $50 per keg of beer, which would be 20 kegs, for a total donation amount of $1000. $500 of that donation would go to the Chapter of your choice (say Arizona if you are brewing in Phoenix and have designated this as your Chapter of choice), and $500 would go to National. There is a small administration fee included.

Usually a Collaboration Brew Day® is organized around March 8 for International Women’s Day, however, given we are still in a pandemic, breweries may wish to push this off a little further in the year until larger groups can safely gather together (and hug) OR you can keep it small and brew with your own crew on International Women’s Day! Either way works!

I hope that answers the question. PLEASE reach out with any questions. Cheers, Ladies! Let’s get our favorite breweries to purchase the blend and/or sign up to brew.

Suggested Donations vary based on ingredients donated, labor contributed, the size of brew and more. You may choose to donate 100% of the proceeds or $1.00 / $2.00 per pint produced. Last year, breweries and participants donated anywhere from $50 to $5000 each!

Flat Donations:  Often Breweries prefer a suggested flat fee to remove any guess work or tracking later.  Historically breweries who donate based upon a flat fee donate around $125 per anticipated bbl produced. This approximates the post-production calculations.

Per Pint Donations:  Breweries may prefer to donate based upon post-production output.  Historically breweries that calculate their donation on post-production output, donate $1 or $2 per pint. Per Pint (post production) calculated donations can be invoiced, however, the team will need to track the pints produced with the brewery and fill out the Collaboration Brew Day® Donation Form with total calculated donations and contact information.

For the 2021 Collaboration Brew Day® brewers are encouraged to use the 4th Annual Pink Boots Blend – chosen via a virtual hop selection event involving women in beer from across the globe and produced by Yakima Chief Hops!

The hops will be available to purchase soon on the Yakima Chief Hops website. If you did not preorder, please work with your local YCH rep to place an order. YCH will generously donate $3 per pound directly back to Pink Boots Society. Any commercial brewery can create a #pinkbootsbrew by filling out the registration form and making a donation. All proceeds from this global event go to further our mission to assist, inspire, and encourage female fermented/alcoholic beverage industry professionals to advance their careers through education.

More information on our Pink Boots Blend and Yakima Chief Hops


To maximize participation, the official date for Pink Boots Collaboration Brew Day® is March 8th, International Women’s Day.  If participants want to brew on the weekend before International Women’s Day, that’s cool too! We understand that breweries have production schedules, and homebrew clubs and bottle shops might not be able to host on a weekday. Feel free to adjust your brew schedule accordingly – just do it the closest you can BEFORE March 8th!

Additionally, Pink Boots members and nonmembers find that there are opportunities throughout the year for collaboration brews within their chapters, regions, or scholarship cohort groups. We encourage collaboration anytime!

Profits from Pink Boots Collaboration Brew Day® as well as events and fundraisers using the Pink Boots names and logos will be donated to the National Pink Boots Society, then split with Chapters in good standing to fund our scholarships and other educational initiatives

The logo may be downloaded here:

Collaboration Brew Day 

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French PDF Version
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Collaboration Brew Day B/W

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Purchasing Pink Boots Blend does not give a brewery or individual the right to use the Pink Boots Society logo or Collaboration Brew Day® logo in any of their marketing or promotion. In order to have the right to use the Collaboration Brew Day® logo, a brewery must register for Collaboration Brew Day®. All registered breweries are listed on this map. Please follow all requirements in the Pink Boots Society Collaboration Brew Day® User Guide.

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If you want Pink Boots Society gear, you can find a variety of items at

Participants are encouraged to post photos of their Pink Boots Collaboration Brew Day® event on social media and blogs with relevant tags including #pinkbootsbrew, #pinkbootsblend, #pinkbootssociety, #PBSCollab #pinkboots2021 #yakimachiefhops #yakimachief

Thank you for the support you are giving to Pink Boots Society! Help us share that fact with the world!



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