Pink Boots Collaboration Brew Day was born from our members’ desire to take part in International Women’s Day (IWD) March 8th by raising the profile of women’s roles in the beer industry. Chapters and members of Pink Boots Society get together along with supporting breweries and individuals, put on their pink boots and brew their version of the selected beer style. Pink Boots Society receives proceeds from sales of this collaboration brew, which it applies to educational scholarships for its members.

This year’s suggested style is… FREESTYLE!

Anything you like – the only recipe suggestion this year is to use our new, custom “Pink Boots Blend” hops from YCH Hops!

Yes, this year we’re doing something completely different—we’re teaming up with YCH Hops to amplify the fundraising power of this year’s collaboration! The Pink Boots Society and YCH HOPS are thrilled to announce the collaboration of an exciting new hop blend to celebrate women in the brewing industry. Each year, a new blend will be chosen during the harvest season by members of the Pink Boots Society. During the 2017 Great American Beer Festival in Denver, YCH HOPS staff and PBS members met to rub, smell and experience a selection of hop samples for the upcoming blend. This year’s blend includes Palisade®, Simcoe®, Mosaic®, Citra® and Loral®. This exclusive hop blend will be available to commercial brewers.
Pink Boots Blend will be released to commercial brewers prior to International Women’s Day on March 8th and members, participants, and brewers around the world are encouraged to create their own celebratory brews. The blend will be produced in traditional T90 hop pellets with limited availability, and $3 per pound will be donated to the Pink Boots Society Scholarship funds. If we sell through our hops blend, we can DOUBLE the impact Pink Boots Collaboration Brew Day has on our programming!
For more information on Pink Boots Blend and how to order, visit www.ych (and make sure to click YES! I want to use Pink Boots Blend Hops in the registration form below!)

THANK YOU GREAT WESTERN! The reservations for the complimentary 2018 PBS Malt Blend have been closed.

Missed it? If you see Teri, tell her THANK YOU! To make things even more exciting, and to stretch your imagination even further, Great Western Malting has offered to provide a 50lb bag of new specialty malt to the first 100 USA breweries free of charge who request it with their registration. This limited supply is a Pink Boots exclusive for USA breweries registering prior to December 31, 2017 and in support of Pink Boots Society’s 2018 Collaboration Brew Day! Breweries who request a bag will receive an email from Great Western Malting to coordinate shipping. Participating breweries who brew with this exclusive malt are encouraged to donate a generous portion of their beer sales to Pink Boots Society (in accordance with the Pink Boots Collaboration Brew Day registration / use policy).

“Malt Description: This slightly tart malt delivers a biscuit and earthy complexity to the malt profile of any beer style. Recommended inclusion is 1% to 15% of the malt bill. Color is 16 Lovibond/ 21 ASBC SRM. If brewing with black and roasted malts, a calcium carbonate water adjustment is recommended.” ~ Teri Fahrendorf, GWM Malt Innovation Center Manager & Pink Boots Society Founder.

To maximize participation, the official date for Pink Boots Collaboration Brew Day will be March 8th, 2018 but if participants want to brew on the weekend before International Women’s Day, that’s cool too! We understand that breweries have production schedules, and homebrew clubs and bottle shops might not be able to host on a weekday. When March 8th is on a weekday, feel free to adjust your brew schedule accordingly – just do it the closest you can BEFORE March 8th!

Additionally, Pink Boots members find that there are opportunities throughout the year for collaboration brews within their chapters, regions, or scholarship cohort groups. We encourage collaboration anytime! If you want to brew to benefit Pink Boots, let us know! We’d be glad to help out!

Profits from Pink Boots Collaboration Brew Day and events and fundraisers using the Pink Boots names and logos will be donated to the Pink Boots Society to fund our scholarships and other educational initiatives.

  1. Find a group to brew with. Professional brewers (and other women in the beer biz) and homebrewers alike are welcome to participate. Plan an event or find other women in your area who are already participating.
  2. Plan the day. Decide what your variation of the beer will be.
  3. Register online (below)
  4. Build your event. Let others know when and where and how they can join you! If you’re registered, you can use the Pink Boots Society logo or the Big Boots/Little Boots Brew Day logos to get the word out.
  5. BREW! and then Tweet and share your experience of Big Boots Brew Day. We want to see your photos!
  6. Promote and share your Pink Boots beer. If you’re a brewery, you may choose to have a releaevent or or just promote it in your taproom or brewpub. We will have tap handle art and other materials available to help. Homebrewers and clubs can share their beer with others to raise awareness.
  7. Donate the proceeds to Pink Boots Society.
  8. Let’s do it again next year!


Registration and inclusion in Pink Boots Collaboration Brew Day with the use of Pink Boots logos, recipe, and fundraising materials are open to those breweries, individuals, and establishments who have pledged to donate 2017 proceeds to Pink Boots Society. Registrants can download online files of the hi-res artwork for the promotion ofPink Boots Collaboration Brew Day, and may request to have any PBB event listed on our events calendar and newsletter.

By registering for and participating inPink Boots Collaboration Brew Day, you acknowledge that your use of Pink Boots logo/name/platform for your Big Boots Brew event is with the express intended purpose of participating inPink Boots Collaboration Brew Day. You further acknowledge:

  • Your event will go on the event calendar & your location will be pinpointed in the global map for Pink Boots Collaboration Brew Day Events.
  • Your information, name, photos sent to us, your logo and/or brewery name may be included in newsletter links promoting your participation inPink Boots Collaboration Brew Day.
  • Your brewery contact information may be shared with Pink Boots chapter leaders in your area.
  • You acknowledge that WE DO NOT PULL PERMITS in Pink Boots Society name. NO EXCEPTIONS.
  • You acknowledge that the original intent of Pink Boots Collaboration Brew Day is to foster a sense of community support, education outreach, collaboration, and charity on behalf of your community.
  • Each team must be lead by a woman and/or a majority of the participants on the team must be women.
  • Each team will brew their own variation of beer using “Pink Boots Blend” hops from YCH Hops.
  • Events, tap takeovers, mini-fests with PBB beers on tap, etc. may use the PBS or PBB logo and name. Promotion of the beer; on labels, tap handles, menus, table tents, and any other promotional material, including websites and social media.
  • Have fun and stay safe!
  • Where media space permits, please mention that the beer is a fundraiser for PBS. (We understand there’s only room for the PBS logo on a bottle cap, but a beer label should mention the fundraiser aspect.)
  • Please list our website on all promotional materials or online.
  • You acknowledge that use of the Pink Boots logo, platform, event title, names and intellectual property necessitates fulfillment of your donation pledge to PBS for the donations surrounding this event.
  • You acknowledge that donations to Pink Boots Society from Pink Boots Collaboration Brew Day events, releases, and earmarked proceeds are due to Pink Boots for tax recording purposes no later than June 30, 2018


Beer Industry/Breweries (donation pledge of no less than $50; suggested donations could be all proceeds from sale of Pink Boots beer, $1 – $2 a pint, tip jar takeovers, proceeds from an all collaboration tap takeover, etc. Larger events and breweries, please pledge accordingly).

Individual/Homebrewers (flat registration fee of $25; additional donations from supporting events or “fill the boot” donations appreciated!).


Participants are encouraged to take photos of their Pink Boots Collaboration Brew Day event, and post those online to social media by using an assortment of tags including #PBB2018, #PinkBootsBrew2018

Fundraising proceeds garnered from Pink Boots Collaboration Brew Day and surrounding events for Pink Boots Society are left to the discretion of each brewery. Participants understand that the amount of the donation may vary based on ingredients donated, the size of operation, etc. You may choose to donate 100% of the proceeds or $1.00 / $2.00 per pint sold. Last year, breweries and participants donated anywhere from $50 to nearly $5000 each!

Pink Boots Brew on International Women’s Day is our largest annual funding event, and PBS relies on the money raised to fund PBS’s scholarship & operational budget for the year. As a 501(c)3 charity, we are required to account for all money raised under our name and logo. The IRS and state agencies are cracking down on charity fraud, and we must keep accurate records or risk losing our precious 501(c)3 designation. We appreciate your consideration of these guidelines!

Pay your donation here:

Snail Mail:
Pink Boots Society
24325 Armada Dr,
Dana Point, CA 92629-1306

Or pay your donation online at (please note that it is for Pink Boots Brew).

Here’s who’s participating so far:

Thank you for the support you are giving to Pink Boots Society! Help us share that fact with the world!