Code of Conduct

Building Community

The success of Pink Boots Society is dependent on the respect, trust, and confidence we share and receive from our members. We gain credibility by adhering to our values and commitments, displaying honesty and integrity, and reaching our goals through respectful conduct at all Pink Boots Society events and meetings.

Respect Individual Differences

Pink Boots Society is committed to providing an environment that is welcoming to all. We all deserve to meet in an environment where we are treated with dignity and respect. All members and event attendees will treat each other appropriately and recognize the contributions and supportive efforts of all at any Pink Boots event, including committee and chapter meetings. During our Pink Boots Society interactions, we will not tolerate discrimination or harassment in any form.

Therefore, all members and event attendees agree to comply with the following during official Pink Boots Society meetings and events:

  • Treat all individuals respectfully, recognizing their human dignity, celebrating their diverse human characteristics: race, ethnicity, economic status, religion, national origin, age, gender identity, gender presentation, sexual orientation, size, citizenship, marital status, apparent or hidden disability, or veteran status.
  • Contribute to a positive, supportive environment that is free of intimidation, exploitation, shaming, bullying, hostility, alienation, or harassment of any kind.
  • Speak out when the actions of others violate the rights of any individual.
  • Respect the opinions of others and address conflicts in a positive and constructive manner.
  • Respect others’ privacy in their personal lives.
  • Refrain from the use of offensive language, gestures, touching, or the display or distribution of offensive pictures, memes, or other communications by any means in connection with Pink Boots Society members or events. 
  • Respect the privacy of information shared in closed communication groups on the Pink Boots Society community site, and during virtual or in-person meetings. Doxing (sharing an individual’s private information or communication without consent) will not be tolerated.

Focus on The MISSION of Pink Boots Society

Pink Boots Society exists to Assist, Inspire and Encourage all women and gender non-binary individuals who are alcohol industry professionals to advance their careers through EDUCATION. We are an Educational 501c3 non-profit organization. As Pink Boots Society Members, we must strive to align all statements, images, activities, and events made on behalf of Pink Boots Society with this Educational Mission.

Alcohol Responsibility

Members representing Pink Boots Society as official representatives and those attending Pink Boots Society-associated events are responsible for protecting the safety of members and the organization by taking steps to assure that all members, including themselves, follow all laws in the process of purchase, sharing, or consumption of alcoholic beverages in association with Pink Boots Society sponsored events. Furthermore, should members or associates consume more than a reasonable amount of alcohol, and either are or appear to be incapable of functioning, both legally or appropriately, Pink Boots Society members will take every legal action to keep those persons from breaking any laws and from harming themselves or others.

Media Inquiries

Pink Boots Society is gaining momentum and attention. Members may be approached by reporters and other media outlets to speak regarding Pink Boots Society programs, events and Mission. To ensure that we provide accurate information, members should direct these media inquiries to the Board of Directors for more detail and guidance.

Sexual Harassment Policy

Pink Boots Society policy specifically prohibits sexual harassment by or against any member, officer, volunteer, vendor, staff, or meeting attendee. The policy covers sexual harassment complaints that fall within the scope of Pink Boots Society activities, such as but not limited to, day-to-day operations, local meetings, educational programs, committee activities, Collaboration Brew Day events, etc. The Pink Boots Society believes that mutually respectful, pleasant, non-coercive interactions between individuals will best serve the well-being of each individual, as well as that of the Pink Boots Society.

Sexual harassment of anyone will not be tolerated. Sexual harassment is defined as any unwelcome advances, or other verbal or physical conduct which has the effect of interfering with an individual's involvement or participation, or creating an intimidating, hostile, or offensive environment. Physical or verbal advances, remarks, jokes, teasing, or posting of sexually explicit pictures are a few examples.

If you believe that you have been sexually harassed at a Pink Boots Society event, or have witnessed any type of sexual harassment or inappropriate behavior at a Pink Boots Society event you should:

  • Advise the person causing the sexual harassment that such behavior is inappropriate and that you would like it to stop.
  • If you prefer not to discuss the matter with that person, or that person fails to respect your request, you should promptly report such sexual harassment and inappropriate behavior through our reporting system.

Upon receiving such a report, Pink Boots Society will investigate the complaint and attempt to resolve it, giving careful consideration to protecting the dignity of all people involved to the extent that circumstances will permit. No adverse or retaliatory action whatever will be taken against an individual for filing a sexual harassment complaint with Pink Boots Society. Pink Boots Society will also address directly with whomever launched the complaint to ensure they are aware of what actions were taken.

Any volunteer, event attendee, host, or member found to have engaged in sexual harassment at a Pink Boots Society event will be subject to suspension from Pink Boots Society events and/or termination of membership, and/or loss of volunteer positions. Any vendor or customer found to have engaged in sexual harassment shall temporarily or permanently be suspended from doing business with Pink Boots Society. If the behavior occurs at a Pink Boots Society event or an associated activity, the individual will be asked to leave the event without any refund of registration fees or travel expenses.


Each Pink Boots Society Member is responsible for knowing and adhering to the values and standards set forth in this Code, and for raising questions if they are uncertain about any policy. If any member is concerned that the standards are not being met, or are aware of violations of the Code, they must contact their local Chapter Leadership, the National Board of Directors, or use the Pink Boots reporting system. Members who violate the Code of Conduct or Sexual Harassment Policy may face disciplinary action, including the revocation or suspension of Pink Boots Society membership and volunteer positions, or be asked to leave an event or associated activity without a refund of any paid fees or travel expenses. By acknowledging the code and policy in joining, or renewing, the member accepts as final the recommended course of action approved by the Board of Directors.

Updated: October 27, 2022