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Shelley Heutmaker
What is the difference between the Collaboration Brew Day® vs. brewing the beer with the Pink Boots Hop Blend?

By purchasing the 4th Annual Pink Boots Hop Blend from Yakima Chief Hops, your brewery (or homebrewer) is supporting Pink Boots Society, a 501(c)3, on a National level. Yakima Chief hops donates $3.00 per pound to Pink Boots to fund scholarships and offset admin fees. Any brewery or homebrewer with a YCH account can purchase the Hop Blend, just as they would any other hop. It is currently available on the spot market at YCH.

If you want to take it a step further, register online for a Collaboration Brew Day® and your brewery will appear on the Google map as a participant. A Collaboration Brew Day helps raise funds for specific local Chapters so they can offer educational opportunities on a regional their members. 50% of the donation you submit (which is up to your discretion) from your brewery’s Collaboration Brew Day® will go to the Chapter of your choice.

For example, you buy 22 lb of the Pink Boots Hop Blend. YCH will donate $66 to National. Then you register for a Collaboration Brew Day® on the Pink Boots website and plan to brew 10BBL of beer for your Collaboration Brew Day®. You have decided to donate $50 per keg of beer, which would be 20 kegs, for a total donation amount of $1000. $500 of that donation would go to the Chapter of your choice (say Arizona if you are brewing in Phoenix and have designated this as your Chapter of choice), and $500 would go to National. There is a small administration fee included.

Usually a Collaboration Brew Day® is organized around March 8 for International Women’s Day, however, given we are still in a pandemic, breweries may wish to push this off a little further in the year until larger groups can safely gather together (and hug) OR you can keep it small and brew with your own crew on International Women’s Day! Either way works!

I hope that answers the question. PLEASE reach out with any questions. Cheers, Ladies! Let’s get our favorite breweries to purchase the blend and/or sign up to brew.

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