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Sibyl Perkins
What are the details?

Registration and inclusion in Big Boots Brew Day with the use of Pink Boots logos, recipe, and fundraising materials are open to those breweries, individuals, and establishments who have pledged to donate 2017 proceeds to Pink Boots Society. Registrants can download online files of the hi-res artwork for the promotion of Big Boots Brew, and may request to have any BBB event listed on our events calendar and newsletter.

By registering for and participating in Big Boots Brew, you acknowledge that your use of Pink Boots logo/name/platform for your Big Boots Brew event is with the express intended purpose of participating in Big Boots Brew, including Big Boots and Little Boots. You further acknowledge:

  • Your event will go on the event calendar & your location will be pinpointed in the global map for Big Boots /Little Boots Brew Day Events.
  • Your information, name, photos sent to us, your logo and/or brewery name may be included in newsletter links promoting your participation in Big Boots Brew Day.
  • Your brewery contact information may be shared with Pink Boots chapter leaders in your area.
  • You acknowledge that WE DO NOT PULL PERMITS in Pink Boots Society name. NO EXCEPTIONS.
  • You acknowledge that the original intent of Big Boots Brew is to foster a sense of community support, education outreach, collaboration, and charity on behalf of your community.
  • Each team must be lead by a woman and/or a majority of the participants on the team must be women.
  • Each team will brew their own variation of the collaboration recipe, adjusted for local ingredients and sale-ability needs. (ie: If a honey / molasses / or historical / ancient ale won’t sell, but an Imperial Raspberry honey / molasses / or historical / ancient ale or an India Brown Ale will, please adjust accordingly.)
  • Events, tap takeovers, mini-fests with BBB/LBB beers on tap, etc. may use the PBS or BBB logo and name. Promotion of the beer; on labels, tap handles, menus, table tents, and any other promotional material, including websites and social media.
  • Have fun and stay safe!
  • Where media space permits, please mention that the beer is a fundraiser for PBS. (We understand there’s only room for the PBS logo on a bottle cap, but a beer label should mention the fundraiser aspect.)
  • Please list our website https://www.pinkbootssociety.org/big-boots-brew/ on all promotional materials or online.
  • You acknowledge that use of the Pink Boots logo, platform, event title, names and intellectual property necessitates fulfillment of your donation pledge to PBS for the donations surrounding this event.
  • You acknowledge that donations to Pink Boots Society from Big Boots Brew events, releases, and earmarked proceeds are due to Pink Boots for tax recording purposes no later than June 30, 2017


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