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Sibyl Perkins
What is the Pink Boots Beer Style / Recipe for 2021?

4th Annual Hop Blend information coming soon

For the 2020 Collaboration Brew Day brewers are encouraged to use the 2020 Pink Boots Blend – created by our membership and produced by Yakima Chief Hops! The hops are available NOW on Yakima Chief’s spot list, login and secure your hops! They will generously donate $3 per pound directly back to Pink Boots Society. Any commercial brewery can create a #pinkbootsbrew by filling out the registration form and making a donation. All proceeds from this global event go to further our mission to assist, inspire, and encourage female beer industry professionals to advance their careers through education.

Login to your brewery’s Yakima Chief Hops Account and go to the spot list and select Pink Boots Blend. Quantities are limited!

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