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Sibyl Perkins
What it the Pink Boots beer style / recipe for 2017?

This year’s suggested style is…

Ancient/Historical Ale

Recipe #1:

Here’s the starting-point recipe (with thanks to Amy Newell-Large from Avery Brewing Co.):

KO Volume: 55 hl @ 16 degrees Plato
28 IBUs,  7.0% ABV
KO Volume 55 (hl)
Original Gravity 15.5 (°P)
Color 11.5 (SRM)
Bitterness 28 (IBUs)
Total Grain in Mash 910 (kg)
Total Extract 852.5
Grain Bill:


585 kg
Wheat Malt 150.0 kg
Gam. Dk. Munich (Munich 30?) 50.0 kg
Gambrinus Honey Malt 125.0 kg
Local Honey 250.0 kg
% by weight: 2 Row 50.4%; Wheat 12.9%; Gambrinus Dark Munich 4.3%; Gambrinus Honey Malt 10.8%; Local Honey 21.6%.
The honey will be added to the whirlpool. Mash temp should be 67 degrees Celsius for 40 minutes, then 72 degrees Celsius for 10 minutes.
Hops: 1 kg Bravo hops at 60 minutes; 20 kg Hersbrucker and 8 kg Bravo at 0 minutes. Dry hopped with about 2lbs/barrel of Ella.
Rochefort yeast to be used. It is B62 at BSI. This yeast behaves in a way that you’ll see it spike for about two days and then continue a steady but slow fermentation for about 3 weeks.
I strongly recommend that everyone use local honey and select their favorite hop for a dry hop. I think these variations would add a wonderful uniqueness for each group.  Additionally, while 20% honey may be quite and bit and be expensive for breweries, we (at Avery) are very happy to talk with folks through alternatives if they need help.

Recipe #2

The recipe is from Catherine Portner of Portner Brewhouse

Historic Recipe
Strong Ale derived from Washington DC’s First Brewer – Andrew Wales (Scottish Immigrant)

75% Golden Promise
10% Marris Otter
10% Virginia Special Pale (or other pale malt)
5% blackstrap molasses

Cluster @ 60 minutes
Goldings @ whirlpool
Goldings @ DH

English Ale Yeast

90 Minute boil
20 Plato
30 IBUs

Here are a few handy links:

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