How Much Should I Donate?
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How Much Should I Donate?

Suggested Donations vary based on ingredients donated, labor contributed, the size of brew and more. You may choose to donate 100% of the proceeds or $1.00 / $2.00 per pint produced. Last year, breweries and participants donated anywhere from $50 to $5000 each!

Flat Donations:  Often Breweries prefer a suggested flat fee to remove any guess work or tracking later.  Historically breweries who donate based upon a flat fee donate around $125 per anticipated bbl produced. This approximates the post-production calculations.

Per Pint Donations:  Breweries may prefer to donate based upon post-production output.  Historically breweries that calculate their donation on post-production output, donate $1 or $2 per pint. Per Pint (post production) calculated donations can be invoiced, however, the team will need to track the pints produced with the brewery and fill out the Collaboration Brew Day® Donation Form with total calculated donations and contact information.

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