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Fast-Growing Craft Brewers Slow to Adopt Workplace Safety

“The number of injuries reported to OSHA does not reflect the number of injured employees.”  

“…because brewers often do not know that many states require them to report serious injuries.

In one of those cases, Teri Fahrendorf was working her first job as a rookie brewmaster at a now-closed San Francisco brewery in 1989 when she used a kettle that was too small to cook wort, a pre-beer solution.

The boiling wort spilled out of the kettle and into Fahrendorf’s knee-high rubber boots. Doctors took strips of skin from her head to graft onto her foot, she said.

Now Fahrendorf promotes safety standards in the industry as founder and president of the Pink Boots Society, a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping women succeed in brewing.  Fahrendorf said the brewery did not report the incident, and it does not appear in OSHA data.”


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