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Sibyl Perkins
Three Weavers PBS Night!
Fundraising, Women In Beer
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PBS 3 Weavers

Are you an L.A. Pink Boots Member?  Are you anywhere near Inglewood?  Be sure to check out Three Weavers Brewing Company from 4-9 on Monday June 22nd for L.A. Beer Week!  A great line up of brewster brews will be tapped and all proceeds will go directly to our Pink Boots Society Scholarship Fund!!  Three cheers for Three Weavers!!!

“For Pink Boots’ L.A. Chapter’s L.A. Beer Week event, Three Weavers is handing over its Inglewood tasting room for a mini charity beer fest featuring beers from some of the best breweries in Southern California, all of which happen to have lots of cool women involved in their operations. Golden Road, Eagle Rock, Monkish, Noble and more are all sending kegs, and with 100 percent of proceeds going directly into the Pink Boots Scholarship Fund, you can feel good about giving back, too.”

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Read full article HERE

Tickets available HERE

Sibyl Perkins
Inspiration Begins in Your Boots!
Women In Beer
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Another great article on the roots of our boots!  Thanks for empowering women in the craft beer industry, Teri!  Education and communication are catapulting us through that glass ceiling.

“While Teri knew that women worked at breweries across the country, the women she met didn’t realize that other female brewers actually existed. As a result, they all asked Teri the same question: how many of us are out there? Teri had no idea so she started tracking the women brewers she met along her trip. Her initial list of 60 women became the inspiration behind the Pink Boots Society.  In 2007, Teri founded the Pink Boots Society, an international non-profit organization that empowers women beer professionals to advance their careers in the beer industry through education. The organization’s name was inspired by Teri’s pink boots she wore throughout her trip.  In 2008, she invited the women she met on her trip to participate in their first meeting at the Craft Brewers Conference in San Diego. They brainstormed and discussed the challenges they faced as women in the beer industry. As a result, they realized the industry needed a stronger female voice.”

“We never had a meeting with all estrogen in the room. We wanted to create an organization just for women. If we didn’t stand for something, then we didn’t stand for anything. It was important to differentiate ourselves in the industry.”

Read full article HERE.

Sibyl Perkins
CBC Roller Grinder Raffle!

RMS roller rginder

Hello Ladies!!  Are any of you planning to go to the Craft Brewers Conference in Portland?  Would you like to leave a WINNER?!?!  GREAT NEWS!

RMS Roller Grinder will be raffling off a 9×6 single pair grist mill at the 2015 Craft Brewers Conference in Portland, OR, April 14-17 and All proceeds will benefit the Pink Boots Society Scholarship Fund to empower women beer professionals to advance their careers in the beer industry through education!!  Wow! THANK YOU Jaki and RMS Roller Grinder!!!

Tickets will be available for sale at the RMS Booth, #1309, for $10 each or $20 for 3 chances. Please stop by to learn more about the mill, the cause, and to purchase your tickets and show your support!

Sibyl Perkins
Last Chance to Apply for Siebel!
Women In Beer
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Hey Ladies!!  The window of opportunity for the scholarship to the Siebel World Brewing Academy Web-based Concise Course in Brewing Technology is closing!

This is a Web-based online course in English, and applications must be submitted by March 4th at 11:45 PST.  Imagine that!  You can enhance your knowledge of brewing technology or gear up in preparation for advanced-level programs like the Diploma and Master Brewer programs, or even the UK-based Institute of Brewing and Distilling exams. Keep in mind, this course is intermediate level so applicants would greatly benefit from existing knowledge of brewing processes and/or related sciences.

“The WBA Web-based Concise Course in Brewing Technology was created by the instructional staff of the Siebel Institute in Chicago and Doemens Academy in Munich and utilizes a mix of textual instructions, streaming video presentations narrated by some of the best instructors in brewing and synchronous chat sessions between students and faculty. Students will gain the knowledge and confidence to work effectively in the world of commercial brewing in this course that covers topics ranging from business of beer, alcohol and health, CIP programs and Quality Assurance/Quality Control. This intensive three-month course begins August 16, 2015 and completes November 15, 2015. The student’s progress is actively monitored by student facilitators, allowing them to directly consult with the student as required and instructors also work with students to ensure full comprehension of the topic. We encourage our International members to apply for all web-based courses. Please visit Siebel Concise Course in Brewing Technology for more information. This course is offered in English.”

The course runs August 16 – November 15, 2015 and is entirely on line!  Don’t miss this excellent opportunity to advance your knowledge AND your skills!!

More nformation:

Apply Here:


Sibyl Perkins
Twisted Pine & PBS Event!!
Women In Beer
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Twisted Pine

Hey Hey Ladies!  Nicol Winkler is our Pink Boots Society International and National Chapter Liaison, and is one woman behind January 17th’s Colorado collaboration between PBS and Twisted Pine Brewery.  The event will start tomorrow at 12pm with a special tapping of Alpha Queen, a double IPA brewed by the women of Twisted Pine.  Members of both collaboration partners will be on hand, you can purchase tickets for a food pairing, beer touring, art filled event, or you can show up for a fine craft beer and good company. 10% of proceeds for the entire day will be donated to the Pink Boots Society!  Cheers to Twisted Pine Brewery!

“I think the event is a fantastic opportunity for the Boulder and Denver beer-lover communities to get together and celebrate a 19-year Twisted Pine history that has been guided by strong, female leadership. Their leading ladies, AND men, will be with us on Saturday to talk to us about their story, and their beer. The ticketed tours will be running at 3:00pm, and 4:15pm featuring a 5-course flight and beer-infused food menu, a private brewery tour, and trivia component at the end. However, 10% of the tap room sales all day, will benefit Pink Boots Society / 501 (c)3, so we encourage people to just stop by for a beer as well.”  Nicol says.  She will be kicking off the tour.

Read more about the event in’s write up for this great event!

Sibyl Perkins
New Scholarship Window is OPEN!
Women In Beer
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Hello Pink Boots Society Members!!  
We have another scholarship opportunity and the window is OPEN for applications until October 31st!!  
This web-based, on line Cicerone Beer Savvy program is self paced and available to ANY PBS member world wide.  
This course will enhance your knowledge of brewing techniques, beer styles, understanding flavors and off-flavors, food pairings and the language to clearly discuss beer.
This course is perfect for any brewery owner, beer bar manager, bartender, server, beer writer, beer educator, beer distributor, brewery sales representative or beer chef.  
Details, you ask?  See below:
In partnership with the Cicerone Program, Pink Boots Society is pleased to announce its next 2014 scholarship opportunity:
Course Format: Web-based Online Course
Course Dates: Any time
Scholarship Application Window: October 5-31, 2014. Closes at 11:45 pm PDST.
Course Information:
Course Location: Your Computer (the world)
Apply Here: The Cicerone Beer Savvy online course is web-based and easily available to PBS members in any nation. We encourage our International members to apply for all web-based courses. All USA courses will be offered in English only. As a condition of accepting the scholarship the recipient will pay a deposit in the amount of $200 USD. Upon receipt verifying successful completion of the course the recipient will receive full deposit reimbursement from Pink Boots Society. This deposit ensures course participation, completion and 100% passing rates for all our scholarship recipients. All PBS scholarships have a “Pay It Forward” requirement, where our scholarship recipients pay forward the knowledge they gained in their scholarship course. This is accomplished through either publishing an article or giving a speech at a national professional seminar or conference. Many recipients choose to Pay It Forward (PIF) at our highly anticipated PBS Great American Beer Festival (GABF) meeting & Education Seminar in Denver each autumn. Best wishes to all applicants!
Sibyl Perkins
Power to The Pink Boots
Women In Beer


Teri in the kettle


“What we more experienced brewers don’t remember are the women who aren’t there anymore – the women who dropped off. Maybe it’s because they didn’t get the support they needed.”

“And so, in 2007, the Pink Boots Society was born. Fahrendorf, the self-proclaimed ‘mother to the Pink Boots,’ and a small group of volunteers write articles, organize and advertise scholarships for female brewers, hold meetings, host educational seminars and train women to become judges in national brewing competitions. She sees the future of PBS including a full-time grant writer and executive director. ‘We need somebody to take it to the next level,’ Fahrendorf said.”

Read full article here:

Sibyl Perkins
New Scholarship Opportunity
Press Releases, Women In Beer

Newest PBS Scholarship Announcement!!

Cicerone Beer Savvy Online Course.



Unfortunately, we have learned Oregon State University has cancelled the Beer Proficiency Course, on September 19-20th due to under enrollment.  
Pink Boots Society has responded by offering another great opportunity!
Pink Boots Society is now accepting applications for our first Cicerone Beer Savvy scholarship!!
Applications must be received by Thursday August 15, 2013 at 11:59 pm (Pacific Time).
This scholarship is directed to women who are currently earning income from beer as Brewery Owners, Beer Bar Managers, Bartenders, Servers, Beer Writers, Beer Educators, Beer Distributors, Brewery Sales Representatives, or Beer Chefs. Please note that women beer professionals other than brewers will be given preference in the selection process for this scholarship. This course will enhance knowledge of brewing techniques, beer styles, understanding flavors and off-flavors, food pairings, and the language to clearly discuss beer. Please note: This is an online course. Please see for info.
Any woman who earns income from beer is eligible to apply for any Pink Boots Society scholarship, and earning beer income also automatically qualifies a woman for Pink Boots Society membership. There is a deposit for this class, and upon successful completion the deposit will be refunded. All PBS scholarships have a “Pay It Forward” requirement, where our scholarship recipients pay forward the knowledge they gained in their scholarship course. This is accomplished through either publishing an article or giving a speech at a national professional seminar or conference. More information on our Pay It Forward requirement is available on our website,
Please note that scholarship recipients are announced approximately 6 weeks after the scholarship application deadline.
Sibyl Perkins
Workplace Safety
Press Releases



Fast-Growing Craft Brewers Slow to Adopt Workplace Safety

“The number of injuries reported to OSHA does not reflect the number of injured employees.”  

“…because brewers often do not know that many states require them to report serious injuries.

In one of those cases, Teri Fahrendorf was working her first job as a rookie brewmaster at a now-closed San Francisco brewery in 1989 when she used a kettle that was too small to cook wort, a pre-beer solution.

The boiling wort spilled out of the kettle and into Fahrendorf’s knee-high rubber boots. Doctors took strips of skin from her head to graft onto her foot, she said.

Now Fahrendorf promotes safety standards in the industry as founder and president of the Pink Boots Society, a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping women succeed in brewing.  Fahrendorf said the brewery did not report the incident, and it does not appear in OSHA data.”


read full article here: