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Lydia Moranski
February’s Crafting A Strategy Scholarship Recipients Announced
Scholarship Recipients
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The Pink Boots Society is excited to announce Andrea Sheehey and Maria Del Puig Vencente as the latest National recipients of the Crafting a Strategy Scholarship. In addition, the Philadelphia chapter also offered this scholarship to a member and awarded it to Alyssa Shoemaker.     

Andrea Sheehey of Mighty Squirrel Brewing Company was recommended for the Crafting a Strategy Scholarship due to her ability to absorb information and make it useful to herself and others. As a certified beer server and beertender around Massachusetts, Andrea has developed a skill of being able to read people and share her beer knowledge. She was a fitting choice for this scholarship as someone who enjoys learning and sharing information. Andrea looks forward to using her access into Crafting a Strategy to be able to take her career to a new level. In addition to the education she will have access to, the forums included will allow her to build an array of connections.


Maria Del Puig Vencente is the owner of Cerveses Lluna in Alcoli, Spain. Maria fell for craft beerduring her chemical engineering studies. While she was interning she cycled through the departments in an industrialized brewery. Crafting a strategy would help Maria be able to access information which would not only help in her pursuit to open a tap room portion of her brewery. But, has the potential to help with the non-profit legalization work she is doing in Spain. Maria is an active member in the craft brewers association. She also sits on the Pink Boots Spain Chapter’s board as the  financial secretary and manager.

Alyssa Shoemaker studied at the American Brewers Guild and is already a woman in a leadership position as Pharmacy Manager. Her goal is to open her own brewery in York, PA. Crafting a Strategy will help Alyssa reach her goals because it is easily accessible and has a wealth of information. As a novice in the industry, and in a geographic location that is not particularly conducive to frequent industry networking events, and other shared resources accessing and utilizing the content from Crafting a Strategy will be a vital stepping stone for Alyssa as she works towards opening her own microbrewery.

This opportunity will propel Alyssa to be a more successful business owner and better brewer, so down the line when she is running a successful business with an amazing product, encouraging her team to exceed their goals, she will also advocate for her community and also inspire and assist other women in the industry. 

Crafting a Strategy is a global online learning platform. There are over 150 digital content pieces including podcasts, webinars and case studies geared toward the business needs of brewing entrepreneurs. These scholarship recipients will have access to the content for a year of learning. As with all Pink Boots Sociarships, these ladies will do a pay it forward, sharing the information from the course.