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Kris McDowell
Barth-Haas Hops Academy Scholarship Recipient Announced
Scholarship Recipients

The Pink Boots Society is proud to announce that Mallorie King of Temescal Brewing is the recipient of the 2018 Barth-Haas Hops Academy scholarship.

Chosen by the PBS Scholarship Selection Committee (SSC), five very experienced women beer professionals who hold positions as brewers, educators and writers, they felt Mallorie  “had the best preliminary experience with hops as well as the educational background to understand the technical components of the course.” In addition, it would be an invaluable experience to help her achieve her long term goals.

Mallorie comes from a food system background and worked with the Food Craft Institute to plan and facilitate educational programs which included their five-week Business of Beer course. She also spent nine months in Slovenia designing research projects to assess the international craft brewing and hop-growing communities through the lens of Slovene markets.

Since returning to the United States she has taken a cellar/brewery operations position with Temescal Brewing where her time is split between managing the cold side of the brewery and overseeing the tasks that take the beer from mash tun to distribution. Mallorie is facing new hop-related challenges and says, “As a first-time cellar person who is also responsible for brewery operations, it’s integral that I understand hops on a process level. My agricultural knowledge of hops is helpful, but it’s necessary that I understand what happens once they hit the kettle.” She is looking forward to the material in this course providing the missing link to round out her hop knowledge and further fueling her long term goal of starting a consulting business to assist smaller breweries in developing a hop sourcing strategy that balances contracts and spot hop purchases.

Barth-Haas Hops Academy is a two-day onsite course in Yakima, WA during hops harvest season consisting of presentations by hop and brewing experts and top researchers and growers that will cover topics including new trends in hop breeding, hop chemistry, hop quality and brewing techniques as well as new hop varieties, products, usage and analytical and sensory evaluation techniques to gauge hop and beer quality. The course also includes tours of the Haas hop farm and production facility where attendees will experience the hop fields and witness all components of hop production from whole hops to CO2 extract, as well as a guided tour of Haas Innovations Research Brewery.

In addition to attending the course, Mallorie will receive a pair of pink steel-toe rubber boots when she fulfills the Pay It Forward requirement associated with the scholarship.