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PolarFleece and Pink Boots Society Announce Siebel Concise Course in Brewing Technology Scholarship Recipients
Scholarship Recipients
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PolarFleece and the Pink Boots Society are proud to announce the recipients of the PolarFleece & Pink Boots Society Siebel World Brewing Academy Concise Course in Brewing Technology scholarship! Each recipient was selected by a committee made up of experienced, women beer industry professionals who hold positions in the industry as brewers, educators and writers. Congratulations to Anna Jobe and Makenzie Mackin!


Anna Jobe, Innovation Brewer at Night Shift Brewing in MA, runs a 10bbl brewhouse and manages 120bbls of fermentation space all on her own. She started out as a volunteer with experience as a homebrewer, doing simple tasks but it was when she was first helped with a mash out that she said, “I was hooked!” After six months of volunteering, the brewery was able to hire her, the first woman on the payroll! Having been exposed to all aspects of brewing on the job and with Night Shift through multiple expansions, Anna has now set her sights on her own QA/QC. The knowledge this course will provide in this, and other nuanced aspects of brewing is one of the reasons she was chosen by the selection committee. They also noted that she, “shows a desire to lead and inspire other women”, demonstrated by her organization of brew days for International Women’s Day and involvement with the Boston Chapter. “I believe that rising tides raise all ships, and when one woman has the chance to learn or grow, she has a duty to share that with her peers so that they all may benefit,” says Anna.


Three years ago Makenzie Mackin got her first introduction to the brewing industry taking a lab intern/bartender role. From the start she felt that “this was a place where each day I could learn something new, but also be involved in a craft and industry that made people beam with excitement!” Since then she has taken on other roles that have contributed to her knowledge and respect for the craft, and she is currently working in the packaging department at Mass Bay Brewing, or as many know it, Harpoon Brewery. Her future plans include securing a position in the cellar within two years, becoming a brewer within the next five years and she hopes she’ll be working in the lab shortly after. “I want to educate, I want to learn every position, continue to read, go to school and ask questions. I want to teach others. My dream would be to create local brew programs including both introductory classes and internships with local breweries at a community college.” The selection committee chose Makenzie for the amount of effort and thorough detail she put into her application and the clear timeline she laid out for her career goals in moving to the cellar and eventually brewing. “She stands to gain significant professional advancement from this opportunity.”

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