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Jennifer Treu

Siebel WBA Concise Course in Brewing Technology Scholarship Recipient Announced

The Pink Boots Society is proud to announce that Jennifer Treu is the recipient of the Siebel WBA Concise Course in Brewing Technology Online Scholarship. Jennifer is the assistant brewer at Monkish Brewing Company in Torrance, CA.

The PBS Scholarship Selection Committee (SSC) is made up of five very experienced women beer professionals who hold positions as brewers, educators and writers. The committee chose Jennifer to receive this scholarship due to her, “current position, level of education and drive to grow as a brewer.”

Jennifer started with Monkish nearly two years ago serving in the tasting room and although it was her first job in the beer industry, she was a ready student when owner/brewer Henry Nguyen described beer flavor profiles and how the brewing process affects them. The three year old brewery’s Belgian-influenced beers go beyond traditional, experimenting with ingredients like elderflowers, Sichuan peppercorns and pistachios. According to Jennifer it was, “these subtle yet complex flavors that opened my pallet to what beer could taste like.”

Less than a year after starting Henry offered Jennifer the assistant brewer position and she readily took him up on it, recognizing the opportunity was one that few with no former experience would come across. Eager to learn she says, “I study on my own continuously but feel that a structured and brewing specific course would teach me things that I might not necessarily come upon myself.”

The three month intensive online Siebel course will provide Jennifer the knowledge and confidence to work effectively in the world of commercial brewing with topics including the business of beer, alcohol and health, CIP programs and Quality Assurance/Quality Control. It utilizes a mix of textual instructions, streaming video presentations narrated by some of the best instructors in brewing and synchronous chat sessions between students and faculty to provide full comprehension of the topics covered.

In addition to attending the course, Jennifer will receive a pair of pink steel-toe rubber boots when she fulfills the Pay It Forward requirement associated with the scholarship.