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Yuengling Women in Brewing Scholarship Recipients Announced
Scholarship Recipients
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The Pink Boots Society is excited to announce and introduce the two ladies chosen by a selection committee of experienced women beer professionals to receive a D.G. Yuengling & Son, Inc. scholarship. Each scholarship will cover up to $12,500 at one of seven programs: University of the Sciences Brewing Science Certificate, Cincinnati State A.A.S. in Brewing Science (with optional Sales & Marketing certificate), Pennsylvania College of Technology Brewing & Fermentation Science A.A.S. (with optional Sales & Marketing track), University of South Florida Brewing Arts Program, HACC Brewing Science Certificate, Siebel Institute Concise Course in Brewing Technology and eCornell University Women in Leadership Certificate. In the educational opportunity of their choosing, the recipients will further their brewing education, technical knowledge and leadership skills. 

Avery Hookey is Assistant Brewer at Iron Hill Brewery in Pennsylvania, a multi-faceted role that has her doing everything in the brewery from training other brewers and being in front of customers at beer dinners to tappings and events. Starting out as a bartender four and a half years ago she has worked her way up, learning what she knows from time spent hands-on on the brew deck. Now she’s ready to deepen her knowledge gaining a formal education in brewing science.

Choosing the University of Sciences Brewing Science Certificate due to the technical lab experience, classroom and full curriculum, Avery says “I prefer the classroom to online course because I think it’s a more holistic experience to have conversations, form friendships and professional connections, participate in events at the university and in the community, and learn in a hands-on manner.” She is particularly interested in strengthening her knowledge of the scientific aspect of brewing, learning how lab work can assist her ability to produce a consistent, quality product. 

In the future Avery hopes to become Head Brewer and one day open her own brewery in the Philadelphia area. The friendly and collaborative spirit of the brewing community is something she feels fortunate to be a part of, to have benefited from and have the opportunity to give back to. That giving back will start after she completes the Certificate, presenting to her Pink Boots chapter and possibly starting a discussion or reading groups.

Irena Wise is the Head Brewer at Wyndridge Farm Brewing in Pennsylvania and has been a part of the brewing industry for eight years. She learned the fundamentals of brewing at Lompoc Brewing in Oregon, worked her way up from production brewer to on-shift manager at Victory Brewing Company in Pennsylvania and earned a Brewmaster Certificate from VLB in Berlin, Germany. She says, “I have already established myself as a brewing professional, but I’m not finished improving myself. This course is exactly the type of leadership education I need. I already have the technical knowledge to brew beer; I need the skills to compete and succeed at a management level.”

In her role at Wyndridge, a small farm brewery that also does contract brewing, Irena is responsible for more than just brewing. She fields requests for contract brewing, schedules the workflow to keep every tank full, attends meetings with distributors and interacts with vendors, contractors and technicians. “In order to be effective, I must be taken seriously as both a woman and a small-scale client. Sometimes, due to the fact that I work in a rural area or deal with male technicians, I find I have to fight to schedule appointments or keep someone’s attention on the phone. I also have a client facing role, and I need to be able to explain production results, loss of product, and occasional failures to meet product specifications.” Irena chose the eCornell University Women in Leadership Course, saying “it would give me techniques to employ in making myself heard. Furthermore, this course would give me the organization skills to take on more off-the-floor tasks such as resource management and cost analysis.” 

In addition to attending the course, each of the ladies will each receive a pair of pink steel-toe rubber boots when they fulfill the Pay It Forward requirement associated with the scholarship.