Scholarship Administrator/Back of House

Job Description:

  • Write the recipient’s 1-page and post to PBS website blog each award period.
    We receive the recipient’s name, contact info, and judges’ comments through Survey Monkey Apply, and this information will be available to the Scholarship Administrator as soon as the recipient is awarded. The recipient will also need to upload her headshot through Survey Monkey Apply once she is awarded. Once all the information is gathered the announcement can be written. Send 1-page paper to the Social Media Coordinator for posting on other social media sites. Forward recipient announcement to scholarship partner and recipient for their records.
  • Communicate with Scholarship Partners to ensure that the recipient is registered for programs in a timely manner and that she completes the course.
    A spreadsheet with all partner contacts will be provided to the Scholarship Administrator for this purpose. Scholarship Administrator may not use this information for any other purpose, as it is a violation of the trust our Scholarship Partners bestow on PBS.
  • Liaise with the Scholarship Recipient after the Committee Coordinator has released successful applicant’s information.
    This means contacting every active recipient to congratulate them and working with the Survey Monkey Apply platform to track the recipient’s progress through her enrollment, course attendance, and PIF. Some of these things could take more than a year to resolve although the scholarship recipient is encouraged to complete their PIF within six months of the completion of their course. Items include:

    • (1) Did the Scholarship Administrator call and congratulate her?
    • (2) Did she get connected with the school and registered for the course?
    • (3) Did she start the course on time?
    • (4) Did she complete the course successfully?
    • (5) Has she submitted for travel reimbursement (if applicable)?
    • (6) How and when will she fulfill her PIF requirement?
    • (7) Were her boots/flannel ordered?
    • (8) Did she receive her PIF-fulfillment pair of boots?
    • (9) Were all loose ends tied up and can this recipient be “put to bed”
  • Work with Board President Jen Jordan to identify those scholarship recipients wishing to fulfill their “pay it forward” requirement at the GABF National Education PBS Meeting.
  • Coordinate with Micaylia Kraywinkel at Scientific Societies for Partner payment and stipend reimbursement.\Coordinate with HQ inventory specialist for steel-toed boots/flannel order.
  • Communicate with the Chair of Scholarship Program, Scholarship Partner Liaison, and Scholarship Committee Coordinator about recipients to ensure continuity of information and elimination of issues.
  • Work with the Chair of Scholarship Program to manage application goals.