Pink Boots Collaboration Brew Day® (CBD) is an international celebration of women in the alcoholic and fermentable beverage industry. Each year, teams brew beer in participation of Collaboration Brew Day to help raise funds for Pink Boots scholarships that support our mission assist, inspire, and encourage the professional development and education of women in our industry. Collaboration Brew Day is a movement that recognizes the impact women have on our industry.


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Yakima Chief Hops (YCH) partners with us every year to make an exclusive Pink Boots Collaboration Brew Day® hops blend. Our members and Chapters actively participate in the annual hop rub (blend, vote, and final selection) either at the Great American Beer Festival or, in recent years, by Chapters in a virtual environment.


Yakima Chief Hops donates $3 from every pound sold to Pink Boots Society for education and programming. YCH recently presented Pink Boots with a $124,296 check from proceeds from the sale of last year’s 4th annual hop blend. These funds are used to support our future scholarship efforts

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While Collaboration Brew Day serves as our society’s largest annual fundraiser for scholarships and programs for our members and Chapters, it is not just an event for our members. We invite everyone in the industry — regardless of gender — from breweries anywhere in the world to brew with us.

Current map of participating breweries:


1) The first step is to register! Your official registration adds your brewery to the Google map so beer enthusiasts can find you and your finished brew! Simply register online, then formulate your own special Pink Boots beer recipe and brew your own beer style.

Registering also authorizes your team to use the trademarked Pink Boots Collaboration Brew Day logo® and our media kit. Any brewery who does not register and uses this logo to promote beer sales, is in violation of trademark infringement.

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2) Get all of the materials you need to plan and organize a successful brew day. We help you with your sales promotion by providing all of the resources you’ll need:

Pink Boots Collaboration Brew Day® Toolbox

Pink Boots Collaboration Brew Day® User Guides:

                            English Version                                                                                       French Version


3) Order the 5th Annual Hop Blend from Yakima Chief Hops!

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Purchasing our hop blend does not automatically register your brewery. You still must fill out the registration form to earn permission to use the Pink Boots Collaboration Brew Day logo and our promotional resources.

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4) Submit your donation anytime after you hold your brew day. You can easily submit any donation from the sales of your special brew to us through the method you choose.

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Past Brew Day donations have funded over 85 scholarships in support of our mission!


Thank you for the support you provide to Pink Boots Society and Collaboration Brew Day!

Participants are encouraged to post photos of their Pink Boots Collaboration Brew Day® event on social media and blogs with relevant tags.

Popular tags are:

You can also use:

Profits from Pink Boots Collaboration Brew Day®, as well as events and fundraisers that use the Pink Boots Society name and logos, are donated to the National Pink Boots Society and split with Chapters in good standing to fund our scholarships and other educational initiatives inline with our mission.

Donation amounts are left to the discretion of each participating brewery. Donations can vary based on the ingredients donated, labor contributed, the size of brew, or more. Breweries can donate either a flat rate or per barrel/pint.

Flat Donations:  Most breweries prefer a suggested flat rate to remove any guesswork or tracking efforts.
Per Barrel or Per Pint: We have seen donations per barrel ($50-250 per bbl) produced or per pint produced.

Invoices can be generated upon request.  The Donation Form is available HERE.

Often breweries using the Pink Boots Collaboration Brew Day® logo without permission are confused about the need to officially register for this annual celebration. They may have purchased the Pink Boots Hop Blend and incorrectly assumed that they were authorized to promote beer sales using our trademarked logos. Most just need a friendly conversation and reminder that they need to register in order to participate in this fundraiser. 

If you notice a brewery continuing to use our trademarked logos without an official registration, please contact Pink Boots staff and we will communicate our trademark policy with them.

While separate actions, Pink Boots Collaboration Brew Day® (CBD) and the Pink Boots Hop Blend go hand-in-hand.

By participating in Pink Boots Collaboration Brew Day®, a registered brewery commits to organizing and gathering a group around the brewhouse to brew beer. The registered brewery also commits to donating a portion of the proceeds from the sale of their beer to Pink Boots Society. This donation supports their local Chapter and funds a variety of educational activities and scholarships for women in the fermentable and alcoholic industry.

The Pink Boots Hop Blend is a community blend formulated by Pink Boots Society members through a hop rub event sponsored by our partner, Yakima Chief Hops (YCH). Purchasing the Pink Boots Hop Blend also assist Pink Boots Society in our fundraising efforts. YCH produces T-90 pellets and donates $3.00 per pound to Pink Boots Society National Chapter to fund scholarships and offset administrative fees. Any brewery or homebrewer with a YCH account can purchase this unique Hop Blend HERE and brew with it just as they would any other hop. There is no commitment to participate in the official Collaboration Brew Day or directly donate funds to Pink Boots Society if you simply buy the Pink Boots Hop Blend. In order to use the official Pink Boots Collaboration Brew Day® logo, our CBD promotional tools and images, or any other Pink Boots intellectual property to promote the beer you brewed with our hop blend, however, you must officially register to participate in Collaboration Brew Day. You are not automatically registered to participate in Collaboration Brew Day when you purchase the Pink Boots Hop Blend. 

To maximize participation and align with our mission of supporting women in our industry, we celebrate International Women’s Day, March 8, as the annual date for the official Pink Boots Collaboration Brew Day®.

We encourage collaboration anytime! Pink Boots members and nonmembers can find opportunities throughout the year for collaboration brews within their chapters, regions, or scholarship cohort groups.

Brewers are encouraged to use the 5th Annual Pink Boots Blend.  This blend was chosen by our members and Chapters online in our the annual hop rub (blend, vote, and final selection).

Order our 5th Annual Hops Blend on the Yakima Chief Hops website! Order this blend of Idaho Gem, HBC 630, Talus, Triumph, and Loral until these hops are sold out!

Yakima Chief Hops will generously donate $3 per pound directly back to Pink Boots Society. Any commercial brewery can create a pink boots brew by filling out the registration form and making a donation. All proceeds from this global event go to further our mission to assist, inspire, and encourage women fermented and alcoholic beverage industry professionals to advance their careers through education.



You can find helpful information for the promotion of the Pink Boots Blend here.
Use of the Pink Boots Collaboration Brew Day logo is only authorized for registrants. Upon registration, participants will receive more information to assist in their Collaboration Brew Day celebrations.

Purchasing Pink Boots Blend does not give a brewery or individual the right to use the Pink Boots Society logo or Collaboration Brew Day® logo in any of their marketing or promotion. In order to have the right to use the Collaboration Brew Day® logo, a brewery must register for Collaboration Brew Day®. All registered breweries are listed on this map. Please follow all requirements in the Pink Boots Society Collaboration Brew Day® User Guide.

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