There are only a few steps to connect with the Pink Boots Society (PBS):

PBS membership is open to women who meet the following qualifications:

1) Current or Retired Beer Industry professionals who are actively employed and receiving 25% or more of their income from the beer industry or retired (with a minimum of 15 years) from a career in the beer industry;
2) Women who are in the process of opening a brewery, taproom, brewpub or other beer establishments (within 6 months of opening and with a TTB approval or lease); and 
3) Women who are students currently enrolled in a beer industry focused/accredited program.
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*Please note, all information you provide will be held strictly confidential with the exception of information that you choose to share on your optional “Profile” page.


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Then, pour your self a nice glass of beer and enjoy your new membership status!


The Group
Photo taken at the 2013 PBS meeting at the Craft Brewers Conference in D.C.


If you need to change your contact info or email address, you may do so on this website by logging in and going to your member profile. If you have any questions, contact