Having trouble logging in?

If you joined Pink Boots Society before July 1, 2016, your login is no longer working because we have recently launched a new membership system. The new system will allow us to do a much better job managing and communicating with the membership, but it does require that every member sign up anew. In order to maintain your membership and regain access to the PBS website, please go to:


We realize that it’s an inconvenience to have to reapply, but the benefits are really worth it. Here’s why we made the switch:

  1. The new system lets us collect dues easily to better fund scholarships and maintain a modest staff
  2. Allows recurring payments of dues (& improve member retention)
  3. Allows for much easier management of our membership information
  4. Allow for faster processing of member’s applications
  5. Allows us to quickly and easily send out renewal notices, upcoming meeting notices and other messages to the membership
  6. The system has integrated event ticketing so we can eliminate 3rd-party ticketing fees and can manage event creation and ticketing more easily
  7. Makes it possible for chapter leaders to also manage member communication and events more easily
  8. Create members-only areas of the website for things such as job listings and scholarship applications.

So you can see, asking members to refresh their membership through this new system is a small pain for a big reward. Once you’ve reapplied, paid the yearly dues and your membership has been re-approved, you will receive a receipt for your dues and a new login to the website. Thanks again for your patience and support of Pink Boots Society!