In partnership with New Mexico State University (NMSU), Pink Boots Society is pleased to announce its next 2019 scholarship opportunity:

New Mexico State University

Brewing and Distilling in Belgium and the Netherlands

Course Format: On-Site Study Abroad Course

Course Dates: May 20-June 3, 2020

Scholarship Application Window: June 5-30, 2019. Closes at 11:45 pm PST.

 Information: NMSU Office of Education Abroad

Course Location: Belgium and Netherlands

Apply Here: Below

Course Value: $3935.80

This course is designed to give students in-context introductions to the brewing and distilling traditions of some of the world’s major production regions for beer, cider, and whiskey. Students will meet and experience the people, processes, and styles indigenous to the targeted locations by speaking to the people who are directly involved in local businesses, making connections with owners and operators, and participating in local practice. This scholarship is designed for brewers and brewery employees as well as other beer industry employees wishing to gain more knowledge of Belgian and Dutch beer styles and techniques. Participants must be at least 21 years old by the first day of the class and must acquire clearance from a medical professional to consume alcohol before traveling. Please see below for Required Applicant Qualifications.  

By completion of the course, students will be able to:

  • Estimate blood alcohol content based on consumption, e.g. determine their own limits
  • Describe and recognize the following beer styles: Dubbel,Tripel,Quadrupel,Gueze,Lambic,Belgian pale ale,Belgian blond ale,Belgian golden strong ale,Belgian dark strong ale,Witbier
  • Compare Belgian and Dutch styles
  • Identify historical turning points of beer in Belgium and the Netherlands
  • Describe mechanisms and ramifications of brewing technologies developed in Belgium and the Netherlands
  • Compare and contrast beer and whiskey production, cultural importance, and uses
  • Design a distillation column for whiskey
  • Evaluate quality control in brewing, including the metrics used for evaluation
  • Describe methods and reasons for maturing and aging
  • Comparing “native” and imported Belgian and Dutch beers
  • Describe Belgian and Dutch beer ingredients (hops, yeasts, malts, water chemistries)
  • Evaluate the place of blended (e.g. gueze) and distilled (e.g. genever) beverages within alcohol consumption culture in England and Ireland

Please visit NMSU Office of Education Abroad for additional information. This course, as with all USA courses, will be offered in English only.

A $1000 USD stipend will be provided by Pink Boots Society to help offset travel and lodging. This will be awarded to the recipient upon successful completion of the course and the recipient’s Pay it Forward requirement.  

 Required Applicant Qualifications: Any woman, anywhere in the world, who earns at least 25% of her income from the brewing industry, is qualified for Pink Boots Society membership and to apply for any scholarship.  Click here to join or to connect with us.

Due to the nature of the course, the selection committee requires that the applicant be 21 years or older.

Terms & Conditions: All PBS scholarships have a “Pay It Forward” (PIF) requirement, where our scholarship recipients are required to pass on the specific knowledge they gained in their scholarship course to other PBS members and to the industry in general within 6 months of completing the course. This is accomplished through many means like publishing an article, publishing a blog on a reputable website, or giving a presentation at a local, regional or national professional seminar or conference.  Evidence of PIF must be sent to PBS for validation and if applicable, for posting on the PBS website. Many recipients choose to PIF at their local chapter meetings, but you can also present at our annual CBC and GABF meetings.

All courses require a 50% of the certificate value (up to $500) as a deposit to ensure course participation, completion and 100% passing rates for scholarship recipients. As a condition of accepting the scholarship, the recipient (or recipient’s employer) will pay a $500 USD deposit to Pink Boots Society.  Pink Boots Society will reimburse UP TO $1000 USD for travel expenses and accommodation after successful completion of the course is verified.

Please Note: If the recipient fails to successfully complete the course, the deposit and stipend will be forfeited and not reimbursed. Once the PIF is verified, the recipient will receive her travel stipend and a Pink Boots Society flannel shirt.

Please note that Scholarship Recipients are announced approximately six weeks after the scholarship application window closes. In this case, the recipients will be announced approximately August 15, 2019.

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