Education Task Force Member

Communicate with EducationTask Force Chair and Committee members  to build upon the key knowledge, information, and resources requested by members. The committee will prioritize the most pressing needs and communicate with the Chapter Committee to define and drive content that can be accessed by members in the Member Community Forum libraries. This is a new position, and will require committee members to be proactive communicators, forward thinkers, and willing to help build and edit the Task Force Duties listed below as needed.

• Review the top 5 key education topics posted in the community forum education libraries, and devise strategies to build or access content that can be stored here, and passed onto meeting organizers and members. Participate in a minimum of 1 60 minute planning call/meeting per month

• Build out the 5 identified key knowledge areas with 6-12 unique presentations for each area and ensure information is available in the format that best enhances its value and accessibility, also cataloging it for usability.

• Add 1-2 new general content pieces from the Chapter meetings or other presentations to the online library per month.

• Ensure Chapter Leadership and Members are aware of and minimally 30% are utilizing the content Libraries on the Community Forum by the end of 2021.