We are enduring an unprecedented effort to curb the spread of COVID-19 and how we operate as an industry is shifting. As we take responsibility and practice social distancing, we are here to remind you that this does not have to mean social isolation. Our team remains on hand (working remotely and connecting virtually) and we are ready to support you during this amazing feat of global cooperation to slow the spread of this illness.

As you adjust your daily routines, don’t forget to stay connected to each other. We are here to ASSIST, INSPIRE, and ENCOURAGE each other. Share your stories and best practices to support the women of the Pink Boots Society on our Facebook page.



At Pink Boots we design the beer, brew the beer, package the beer, serve the beer, sell the beer and own the breweries. We are all in this together. As we look to how we, at Pink Boots Society, can lean in and offer assistance to our members, we understand you may need to defer your contribution to Pink Boots Society from Collaboration Brew Day. We will be deferring the invoicing of the donations and taking steps internally to temporarily adjust certain associated educational uses of those donations. Bookmark this page as we explore ways to connect during this crisis. We welcome your Collaboration Brew Day donations at this time if possible, if not, we are all in this together, We will raise a pint together.