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Cat Wiest
Time To Plan Your Brew Day!
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The 2020 Pink Boots Blend has been determined, and is ready to order! That means it’s time to start planning your 2020 Pink Boots Collaboration Brew Day!

The eve of Pink Boots Collaboration Brew Day at Pelican Brewing Company – Pacific City, OR

Don’t worry, you don’t need to have all the details sorted out just yet! But in order to make sure you get your Pink Boots Blend hops for brew day, it’s time to start thinking about the basics. The deadline to pre-order the Pink Boots Blend is December 15! From the sales of this blend, Yakima Chief will generously donate $3 per pound to Pink Boots Society. This is a huge fundraiser and enables us to expand the offerings of our scholarship program, as well as drive our mission: to assist, inspire, and encourage female beer industry professionals through education.


First things first, if you work in a brewery talk to your head brewer or production manager about getting a Pink Boots Collaboration Brew on the schedule for 2020. The brew day is based around March 8th – International Women’s Day, but you are not bound to this date! Here is the link to our Collaboration Brew Day registration form, and some frequently asked questions. If you are not a brewery employee, get in touch with your local Pink Boots chapter or fellow members and begin conversations about which breweries are hosting collaborations. Solicit your local watering holes to carry Pink Boots Brews, and ask breweries to get involved! Maybe you have a favorite brewery that does not have any Pink Boots members on staff – this is a great opportunity to get them involved! Any commercial brewery can order the Pink Boots Blend, and any brewery can create a Pink Boots Collaboration Brew! Personally, I have a dream that one day the month of April will be ubiquitous with Pink Boots Brews – every taproom and beer bar will proudly serve Pink Boots Collaboration beers and consumers will look forward to enjoying the many ways in which different teams of folks created unique ales and lagers with a common thread!

Now that the conversation has begun, the next step is to order your hops. The deadline to pre-order is December 15 – and that is a firm deadline! The blend will be comprised of the following: 2 parts Loral, 2 parts Idaho Gem, 1 part Azacca, and 1 part El Dorado. Fun fact about Idaho Gem: it’s so new, that this is the first year Yakima Chief Hops is even offering it! So what can we expect from this amalgamation of hops? Tropical fruit, mango, pineapple, cherry, and candied fruit with a touch of citrus, white pepper and pine.

Grace Weitz gave a great recap of the blend’s creation for Hop Culture Magazine, and you can keep an eye on our blog for another first account from the women who assembled the victorious blend.

But I’m not ready to plan my brew day!  No problem! The first step is securing the green light for production, and ordering those hops! You may sense a theme here… order those hops!

How much of the hop blend do I need?  That depends on the brew you want to create, and the size of your brew house. Check in with your head brewer or production manager. We suggest ordering on the higher end of what you think you’ll need to guarantee you have enough.

What is the alpha acid of the hop blend?  We will not know the exact AA% of the blend until after it has been pelletized. It’s possible to get a decent ballpark by patching together the alpha acid content of the hops that make up the blend, but remember, this was put together to be an aroma hop – think whirlpool and dry hop additions. A rough ballpark for this blend is about 13% AA and 2% oil – punchy!

I’m not a brewer, how can I get involved? Are you connected to your local chapter? All Pink Boots members have access to our membership directory. It’s likely there is a chapter or at least other members in your area that you can get involved with. If that’s not the case, hit up breweries in your area to buy the blend and host a brew day! Or buy the blend, and make a donation from a brew that uses it, or just buy the blend! The spirit of collaboration gets people involved in all aspects of the industry, and that’s what this is all about.

Last year the deadline was extended, so I think I’ll wait a little longer on planning.  We strongly encourage you to start planning now! Yes, in years past the deadline has been pushed back, but that is no longer an option moving forward. December 15th is a very firm deadline, and will dictate how much of the blend is created. Once the blend is pelletized, that’s all we get, and Yakima Chief needs to know how much to make, so please order by December 15!

Check out this incredible set of  Pink Boots Collaboration Brew Day guidelines! And remember, if you have any additional questions or concerns on how to plan a successful brew day, we are here to assist and support you!


Cat Wiest is on the Research/Development team at Pelican Brewing Company on the Oregon Coast. She serves on the Pink Boots Society Board of Directors, and she loves Collaboration Brew Day! She’s a beach bum, a cat lady, and enjoys nachos and exotic cocktails.








Cat Wiest
Membership Spotlight – Kelly Lohrmeyer
Women In Beer

Welcome back to Pink Boots Society’s Member Spotlight! Would you like to nominate a Pink Boots member who has inspired you? A member you think embodies the mission of Pink Boots Society and deserves a shout out? Send nominations to socialmedia@pinkbootssociety.org!

This month we shine the spotlight on Kelly Lohrmeyer! She has been a member for five years, and loves meeting all the exciting and interesting women that share the industry as well as her local San Diego chapter. “These women are a wealth of knowledge on so many fronts and I enjoy getting to see their passion in the ever changing beer market”.

Kelly has gone from Beer Tender, to Beer Rep, to Farm to Table Hop Sales Lady. Currently she works with Yakima Chief Hops, to promote education about how hops grow, are produced, and come to market. She works with brewers to create future contracts to ensure that their Family Farms are able to produce the hops needed each year. She also likes to host informative guild gatherings, “events and what not to promote the continuing education on hops to the Beer community across the USA and Globe”.

San Diego chapter love!

Kelly’s name might sound familiar to you – she is a critical player in the inception of our Yakima Chief Pink Boots Blend! The pink Boots blend started out as a simple chat with Mike Goettl in a Perrault Hop Field. Mike wanted to know how Yakima Chief could help enrich more women’s lives in the beer community, and asked for Kelly’s opinion. “I immediately thought of the Pink Boots! I liked what I saw at the meetings I attended and the amount of cool scholarships offered. What better way to help promote women in beer than to get a hop blend put together that the Pink Boots Society could be proud of to call their own!” This is the third year Yakima Chief has produced a Pink Boots Blend, and it remains the organizations largest fundraiser.

Kelly announces the new Pink Boots Hop Blend during the GABF Members Meeting

“I am proud that I have been able to work so closely with Farmers over the past 4 plus years. I always wanted to work closely with people who work the land for the betterment of a product. I used to think it would be in food in some sort of farm to table setting. I could not be happier that I landed with the Growers of Yakima Chief Hops. Helping to produce/promote and educate brewers about the best Aroma Hops in the world that go in that tasty beer you may have in your hand!”

Cheers Kelly for all the work you do help educate others during your full time job, as well as the extra time you put in to lifting others through Pink Boots Society!


Cat Wiest
Member Spotlight : Jordan Boinest
Women In Beer

Welcome to Pink Boots Society’s Member Spotlight! Would you like to nominate a Pink Boots member who has inspired you? A member you think embodies the mission of Pink Boots Society and deserves a shout out? Send nominations to socialmedia@pinkbootssociety.org


Jordan Boinest – Head shot in White Labs Kitchen & Tap Asheville

This month’s member spotlight is Jordan Boinest, Northeast Territory Sales Representative from White Labs in Asheville, North Carolina! Jordan has been a part of Pink Boots Society since 2014 when she googled “women in beer” to find comraderie with other women in the beer industry. She was the first North Carolinian woman to receive a national scholarship from Pink Boots in 2015 and since then she has gone above and beyond for PBS North Carolina. She started the Asheville and Charlotte PBS chapters (with Katie Smith and Rita Welder, respectively), co-founded Beire de Femme, and volunteers for PBS Asheville regularly. She also chose to continue her career at White Labs because of their large involvement with Pink Boots Society. White Labs is a National sponsor of PBS International Brew Day and Biere de Femme, donated proceeds from breweries that purchased yeast for the brew day, host PBS events at their locations, offer scholarships for educational workshops and participated in the International Women’s brew day, wow!

Photo: Biere de Femme 2017 – (Left) Caroline Smith, (Center) Jordan Boinest, (Right) Anita Riley – Co-Founders of Biere de Femme. Photo taken at the first festival where we raised $11K for scholarship in Shelby, NC

Jordan is an inspiration to women in the beer industry and continues to embody the Pink Boots motto of “Assist, inspire and encourage women beer professionals through education.” We raise a glass to you and thank you for all you do!

Why Jordan loves Pink Boots Society: “Working with women across the country to empower each other through education, scholarships, and networking has changed my career in the craft beer industry.  From 2014, when I joined, to now I am blown away by the progress the organization has made to offer more scholarships and opportunities for women to further their careers. I encourage you all to keep supporting each other in anyway you can. This is truly a special community of women and I couldn’t be more grateful to be a part of it. Cheers!”


Cat Wiest
OnTap Credit Union – Supporting Women in Beer
Women In Beer

During the January 2019 Pink Boots Society Conference in Austin, Texas, your Pink Boots Society board of directors sat down with Traci Wilcox, president and CEO of On Tap credit Union to discuss a potential partnership. It was immediately clear that OnTap Credit Union shares one of Pink Boots Society’s core values – to assist and inspire women through education!  OnTap is a financial organization whose roots lie in the beer industry. It was established by Coors Brewing Company employees to meet the financial needs of brewery employees, giving them unique understanding of brewing industry employees needs. On Tap Credit Union’s mission is to provide the best financial guidance to their communities, and work to make a positive impact in helping dreams come true. On Tap supports it’s members through scholarships, brewery business start-ups, and one of On Tap’s first craft brewing business members is a female brewery owner. On Tap is a women lead organization – Female CEO, 2 Female Board Members, and 50% of the Executive team are women. Cheers to that!

The Pink Boots Society and On Tap Credit Union have partnered together to launch Pink Boots Society Credit and Debit Cards!  Every time an On Tap Credit Union member selects an On Tap credit or debit card co-branded with the Pink Boots Society logo, the credit union will make a charitable donation to Pink Boots Society, expanding On Tap’s longstanding support for the brewing community.

As a further extension of the partnership On Tap Credit Union has also launched Tips on Tap a FREE online financial educational skill-building portal that is designed to provide personal and business financial tips.  It includes fun interactive games, dynamic videos, and personalized courses.

While On Tap Credit Union is committed to supporting a wide range of financial services to members and employees, these new offerings are another way of showing that continued support to the Pink Boots Society.

“On Tap Credit Union was founded by members of the Colorado brewing community, so everyone in the beer-loving world is at the heart of who we are,” said On Tap Credit Union President and CEO Tracie Wilcox. “Our charitable partnership with the Pink Boots Society is a natural fit for our credit union members and yet another way for us to continue our extensive and wide-ranging support for the brewing industry.”

To learn more about the Pink Boots Society cards or educational platform visit https://www.ontapcu.org/pink-boots or call 800.770.6414



Cat Wiest
Study Abroad Scholarship Program
Women In Beer

Hey everyone, Nichole here! Normally my focus is on our chapters but I wanted to share a little information about our current scholarship and what you can expect from it!

Our friend Tom came to us with the idea for the Cultural Immersion Tour about 5 years ago and it quickly became a staple of our scholarship program. For many years we have provided our members the opportunity to take a 2 week trip around Bavaria immersing themselves in rich and historic brewing processes (and just a couple of liters of weissbier).

Recently one of our newer PBS members Dr. Catherine Brewer, who works for New Mexico State University, approached us with the idea of a new scholarship: one with more education and a chance to visit new places. We couldn’t say no!

They have faculty-led international programs, and this one is Dr. Brewer’s baby. I know the details are scant on our scholarship page so I wanted to make sure everyone had an idea of what this new scholarship opportunity is all about.

For the first year, the plan is to visit Belgium and The Netherlands. You will be visiting places like Cantillon, beer museums, a really cool brewing school in Gent which is one of the most beautiful places on earth, and more! There are so many new and tangible educational components with this opportunity, and we are really excited to have this as our new international experience! At our 2019 board retreat this year we talked about how we want to increase our scholarship opportunities while ensuring they have as much value as possible… we feel this is a great start!

Are you a student? You will receive clock hours for this tour. One more time: THIS TRIP COUNTS TOWARDS COLLEGE CREDIT! 

And to keep things interesting: Every year she plans to change the countries and itinerary completely. She is already looking into planning trips to South Africa, European countries (including Germany), and potentially Asia! I can’t wait for us to have these chances to really explore the world and continue to learn and better ourselves.

Now get applying!  https://www.pinkbootssociety.org/scholarship-application/



Nicole Sykes


Cat Wiest
I Am For A Beer
Women In Beer

Scholarship recipient Nicki Werner gave a Pay It Forward presentation to the folks in attendance at our meeting during the Craft Brewers Conference last month. Through a series of photos, stories, and anecdotes, we enjoyed her experiences second hand. She shared a poem she had written on the bus during the tour, “In Germany I saw so many amazing examples of the different ways beer can be a power for good… and spending time getting to know some pretty awesome peers in the industry energized me to write this”. The former art professor gives a nod to sculptor Claes Oldenburg’s 1961 piece, “I am for an art”.

“I am for a beer.

I am for a beer that tastes good, smells good, and IS good

I am for a beer that leaves rings on the table, lace on the glass, that is just one more and then we’ll go

I am for fruity, hoppy, roasty, smelly, barnyard, creamy, smooth, bitter, tart, drinking my dessert, and having cake too.

I am for my favorite glass, a perfect pour, the best seat at the bar, a couple cans in my backpack.

I am for a beer that bikes more and drives less. I am for solar powered, wind powered, zero waste beer. I am for a beer that grows farms and fields where there weren’t any before.

I am for a beer that pays a living wage, that acknowledge power structures, and that throws away all the bootstraps.

I am for a beer that doesn’t leave poor people behind, that never crosses the picket line.

I am for a beer that dismantles patriarchy, that abolishes ICE, that makes bathroom signs inclusive. I am for a beer that says Black Lives Matter and does something about it. I am for a beer that is gay and non-conforming. I am for a beer that says no to harassment under any circumstances.

I am for a beer that is decolonialist, that has hard conversations about appropriation and sovereignty. That uses the knowledge of our ancestors with respect and, also, criticality.

I am for the DIY, the homebrew, the collab, the zoigl, the csa.

I am for a beer that is employee-owned, community owned, farmer owned, family owned, and friendly owned. I am for a beer that is chosen family. I am for a beer that has each other’s backs.

I am for a beer that rebuilds, withstands, and adapts.

I am for a beer that acknowledges and wields its power thoughtfully. I am for Lady Justice Brewing, for Black Star Line Brewing, and for everyone else being entrepreneurs and radical at the same damn time.

I am for the train beer, the plane beer, the shower beer, the dinner table beer, the breakfast beer, the calibration beer, the “is this a work meeting?” beer, the “today was a good day” beer

For beer-thirty, for drank in my cup, for it all started with a beer, for drink and my 2 step, for the deck beer, the beach beer, the summit beer, for the thunderstruck beer, the Stammtisch, the shiftie table, the “I love this bar” beer.

I am for a beer that is better. That is the Best!

I am for a beer that uplifts, empowers, and enables the people who need it the most.

I am for… beer! Cheers!

Nicki Werner
Brewer, Left Hand Brewing Company
Instagram: nickiwernerartz


Cat Wiest
A Brewer’s Journey, Through Collaboration
Women In Beer
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Erica DeAnda – Octopi Brewing

Here I am, writing this blog for the March 2019 Pink Boots newsletter; when just four very short years ago in March I was attending not only my first Pink Boots Brew day, but also my very first Pink Boots meeting. At 24, I was a server turned beer-tender who up until that point, had no direction or clear idea where life was headed. Waiting tables at a brew pub, I learned about and quickly fell in love with beer! As soon as I could, I made the transition from waiting tables in Oakland to working at a taproom in San Francisco – slinging beers and constantly having my head buried in a Randy Mosher book! I absorbed every ounce of knowledge our head brewer bestowed upon us, and always asked questions about the brewing process. It didn’t take long to realize that I needed more, that I had a void in my life, and I needed to fill that void by brewing. Having no clue how I was going to get there, no clue how many doors would be shut in my face, I did know not going for it was not an option.

Discovering Pink Boots Society

In my time working at the brew pub and taproom, a few peers told me about the Pink Boots Society. “They are an organization of women who work in the beer industry”, one would say. “But I am not really sure what it is they actually do”, another would say. Looking for any opportunity, mentorship, anything to help further my career along, I applied to join the boots society and see what it was all about. Right around the time I joined, they were gearing up to have multiple collaboration brews around the world. Women from all over were given a style to brew, a red ale, leaving recipes and ingredients up to the brewers. Looking back now, I didn’t know how much these brew days would come to mean to me. They were like a warm hug, they always happen when I seem to need them the most, no matter what stage in my career. 

My First Brew Day

We gathered at Speakeasy Ales and Lagers, a San Francisco staple brewery. Their brewer, Cat (OMG! I thought, a girl brewer!), led us through the process and we brewed an amazing red ale. When I walked into that brewery, I was terrified. I had never been to a big brew day like this, where I would be surrounded by women who all made huge impacts in the brewing world. During the day, I was introduced to a few other women brewers, and to say the least, I was completely starstruck that these women were out there living their best lives brewing beer. They followed their passions living out my dream. I was absolutely inspired!

Hosting a collaboration brew at Freewheel Brewing Company

A New Career

After my first collaboration brew day, I ended up going from beer-tending to getting a job packaging beer. From there, I got my first assistant brewing job at a small nano brewery, where I made a few mistakes and I was fired. I remember the feeling of giving up. Everything I had worked so hard to achieve was over, I was fired, it was devastating, and I was embarrassed. This happened about a month before our chapter was supposed to brew our collaboration at a little brewery you might have heard of, Sierra Nevada. Wrestling with weather or not I should go, feeling down, I was lost about what to do next and I didn’t think I could face a room full of people telling me they were sorry I lost my job. But I did go, and I wasn’t met with pity, I was met with a room full of encouragement. They told me stories of messing up at their jobs, there were women who had also been let go from jobs, women who did not stop because someone told them they couldn’t do it. It was that same warm hug feeling, I was embraced with inspiration, ready to stand up and take control of my career again.

Hired on as an assistant brewer in a new job, I began to thrive! We even hosted our own small collaboration brew day where I got to host some of the women who inspired me to pursue my beer career. During this time, I was lucky enough to win a scholarship for Siebel’s Online Concise Course in Brewing Technology through the Pink Boots Society. After high school I did not go to college, so winning this scholarship and getting higher education was life changing for me. It also happened to come as I was quitting my assistant brewing job and packing my life to take a head brewing job across the country.

The Big Move

I moved from Oakland, California, to a small, tourist town in the Northwoods of Wisconsin. When I arrived there, it was a struggle, I had a hard time taking over the extremely old brew house. But I kept pushing, and hosted another brew day for the girls in my new chapter. The brew house was so old that during our brew day a steam fitting finally had enough, the corrosion ate through the pipe and the brewery filled up with steam. But like all great brewers, we got the beer brewed and had an awesome day filled with great beer and a newly formed sisterhood. No one knew at the time how home sick I was, and how much I was regretting taking this job. Again, Pink Boots brew day to the rescue! It  gave me the clarity that I needed to leave that job for how miserable it made me.


So here I am now, reflecting on all the Pink Boots brew days I have been able to participate in and to host! Currently, I’m brewing at Octopi Brewing in Waunakee, Wisconsin, one of Wisconsin’s fastest growing breweries. Recently I was voted President of the Wisconsin Pink Boots chapter. I just planned and executed a 30 barrel brew for our chapter, where we invited a ton of Wisconsin industry folk, and I lead a meeting on inclusion in the beer industry. It was a familiar feeling, meeting with young women who want to be brewers but aren’t sure how to go about it. Telling my story about how I came to be a brewer, to a room full of brewers and aspiring brewers made me feel so proud! It let me feel pride in myself, and how much I have accomplished. The Pink Boots has been such a driving force in my career, and if I can share that warm embrace of inspiration, then I must be doing something right! Even after all the mistakes, the ups and downs, I can continue on. No matter how many doors get shut, there is always a window to go through.

Discussing the beer industry and inclusion during Octopi Brewing Collaboration Brew Day – 2019

Pink Boots brewing!



From beer-tending to brewing, Erica has worked almost every job in the brewery. A California native, she now lives in Madison, Wisconsin, working as a brewer at one of Wisconsin’s fastest growing contract breweries – Octopi Brewing. Erica is also the president of the Wisconsin chapter of the Pink Boots Society. Erica has a deep love for cask ale, cats, and clear beer.


Cat Wiest
Biere de Femme
Fundraising, Women In Beer
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It’s almost time for the 3rd annual Bière de Femme Festival! On March 2nd Pink Boots Society of North Carolina (PBSNC) will host it’s third iteration of the festival; which began as a way to showcase the female talent in North Carolina’s beer industry and to raise funds to support Pink Boots Society’s mission: to assist, inspire, and educate women beer professionals to further their careers through education. Proceeds from this event go directly to the Pink Boots scholarship fund.

Since its founding in 2017, Bière de Femme has been more than a beer festival. It’s a special event that brings the women in the beer industry to the forefront, and allows them to meet consumers and craft beer enthusiasts of all genders. Because Pink Boots Society is an education driven organization, PBSNC felt it only fitting to include educational components to the festival. Through sensory trainings, malt demos, history displays, and interactive activities, PBSNC provides an experience that festival goers can take with them along with their glassware!

This female forward event will feature beers from 37 breweries across the state that are imagined, designed, brewed, packaged, and represented by women. VIP ticket holders will also have access to additional beers not available to the general admission area as well as an additional hour of tasting time and snacks.

In 2017 North Carolina had only one Pink Boots chapter in the whole state. Today North Carolina has five chapters: Asheville, Charlotte, Greensboro, Raleigh, and Wilmington. Women from across the state have gotten so excited by this event and the educational opportunities that Pink Boots Society offers all year long, that membership and active volunteerism have grown considerably! 

“It’s been so exciting to see Bière de Femme grow over the past couple years.  Interest in breweries wanting to participate skyrocketed this year we filled up our brewery slots in less than 48 hours.  The growing awareness about the festival and continued increase in industry enthusiasm means that we will continue to be able to provide more and more scholarships, which is our ultimate goal.  We are so ready for March 2nd!”  – Caroline Parnin Smith, Festival Chairperson.

For more information about the festival, visit Bière de Femme’s website, and go here to get your ticket before they are all gone!

Anita Riley joined the PBS Board of Directors in January 2019, this is her first year being hands off in the planning for Bière de Femme. As part of the NC Pink Boots Society team that brought Bière de Femme together, this festival is near and dear to her. Not only is it raising scholarship funds that are critical to the mission of PBS, but it also brings the members together in a family reunion sort of way.

Anne Sprecher
Changing of the Guard…
Women In Beer

…well, at least as far as the board member in charge of scholarships and the board member in charge of communications. Pink Boots president Laura Ulrich sent Scholarship Director Rachel Hotchko and Communications Director Anne Sprecher a set of questions to get their thoughts on Pink Boots, being a board member, and life afterwards. The point of the questions was not simply to act as an exit interview but also to reveal a little bit about the these two women. Although neither knew each other prior to being on the board, one thing stands out about their responses: the similarity of their regard for Pink Boots as an organization and its membership.

Rachel Hotchko, Scholarships Director

  • How long have you been on the Board for Pink Boots Society: 2 years on the Board. 4.5 years volunteering in scholarships

  • What was your role: Scholarships Director

  • What has been your most memorable moment being on the board: The weekend retreats were exhausting and invigorating! 
  • How has Pink Boots Society impacted your Life: Volunteering for Pink Boots has taught me many things: new organizational skills, new ways to communicate, but most importantly, that together, we can all elevate, help, teach each other many things.
  • What would you like to see from Pink Boots Society in the future: Become the primary resource for women in the brewing industry

  • What will you do with all you spare time: I think gardening
  • Who has been your biggest role model/influencer: Within PBS, it would be Mary and Laura for putting so much of the life and heart into the organization.

  • What will you miss about being on the board for Pink Boots Society: The fierce women that are the force behind this organization.

  • Do you have any advice for women in brewing industry? Other than to keep educating yourself? Speak up for yourself and others.

  • What is your proudest moment? It isn’t one moment, but that the scholarship program was expanded every year and I’m looking forward to seeing it being taken to new heights in the coming years!

  • Where do you see yourself in the next five years? Striving to learn more

Anne Sprecher, Communications Director

  • How long have you been on the Board for Pink Boots Society: 2 years. Prior to that I organized the media list, and created press releases for the Germany trip.
  • What was your role: Communications Director

  • What has been your most memorable moment being on the board: Not to sound cheesy, but it’s been such a dynamic experience you might as well ask, What was your most memorable moment on the roller coaster ride? So many. I’ll pick a recent one. The text exchange where I didn’t think I called for a vote but it became obvious to me that anyone else would. Moral of the story: choose your words carefully, even when texting. A less recent moment, the spring membership meeting at the CBC. I kept flashing back to the first few Pink Boots meetings I attended and just marveled at the exponential growth. And I loved the pay-it-forward story. It made me really proud, verklempt even, to know I played a role in this organization’s growth.

  • How has Pink Boots Society impacted your Life: I rarely work with a group of women; this experience showed me how awesome that can be. The Pareto principle – 20% of the people do 80% of the work – didn’t apply in this case. 100% of the board did 100% of the work.

  • What would you like to see from Pink Boots Society in the future: Stronger chapters. More financial transparency from the chapters.

  • What will you do with all you spare time: Hahaha. Probably search for another group of women to work with.

  • Who has been your biggest role model/influencer: On the board? Laura. You’ve heard the expression, people rise to their challenges…she has gone above and beyond. And she’s done so with exceptional amounts of grace and graciousness. Mary Brettman is a very, very close second.

  • What will you miss about being on the board for Pink Boots Society: The unrelenting challenges – my life is comparatively dull – and the camaraderie.

  • Do you have any advice for women in brewing industry? Other than to keep educating yourself? Find a champion, a mentor, someone who will help you grow. And be a mentor to others.

  • What is your proudest moment? Getting the Mayor of San Diego to proclaim June 3, 2010 Pink Boots Society Day.

  • Where do you see yourself in the next five years? Since I’ll have so much more free time…perhaps in Tahiti ;). You’re all welcome to join me. On the beach. I’ll buy the first round.

Anita Riley, author of Brewing Ambition,cellerman at Lonerider Brewing and North Carolina chapter co-leader will succeed Rachel as the board member in charge of scholarships. Cat Weist, innovative brewer at Pelican Brewing in Tillamook, OR will succeed Anne as the board member in charge of communications. Cheers, ladies! We know you’ll take Pink Boots to new heights.


Cat Wiest
Living and Brewing in South America
Women In Beer
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My name is Megan Garrity, also known here in Lima as Greenga. It’s been almost 11 years since I got on a plane and traveled to Lima, Peru.  What had begun as a three week work trip turned into more than a decade of adventures! My coined nickname eventually grew into a new way of life as a Business Owner, Gypsy Brewer, BJCP Judge, Pink Booter, VP of the Peruvian Craft Beer Union, and who knows what next!  I’m excited to share my story, Craft Beer in Peru, and some of the amazing experiences and people I have met in my travels all over Latin America, representing Peruvian craft beer and as a BJCP Judge.

When I arrived in 2008 there were no craft breweries or craft options. In 2010 I came across my first experience with a Peruvian craft beer, an Inti Golden from Sierra Andina.  Yes, something that wasn’t an industrial Lager! Soon after I had an American Amber from Barbarian. With that, a light bulb clicked on. These guys were able to brew here, and that meant I could too!  I started googling and found a home brew class to get a refresher and access to materials. I could finally brew a beer I wanted to drink! When I started out I had not planned on taking the leap to becoming a professional brewer, but Greenga Brewing was officially launched in May of 2016.

Making the decision to go professional was scary.  Without easy access to further brewing education, I started to volunteer to brew with my friends in the industry.  I worked at a craft beer bar, and listened to consumers., I took BJCP to learn more about off flavors, their causes, and how to prevent them.  On the business side, we ran into problem after problem. Our original name was rejected, an investor fell through, and suppliers didn’t have a consistent supply of raw materials.  But my nickname Greenga fit perfectly, thus Greenga was born. Barbarian offered their brewery for gypsy brewing. As for sourcing consistent ingredients – I’ve flown from the US with several suitcases full of hops over the years!  Brewing in Latin America forces you to think outside of the box and come up with creative solutions since we don’t have easy access to raw materials. I wouldn’t trade it for anything! It’s fun to be a part of this movement where we are basically responsible for forming the craft beer scene while making sure it grows.

Craft beer in Peru is brand new; we like to say “esta en pañales” (it’s in diapers).  The difference from 2010 when I had my first craft until today, the end of 2018, is exciting to see.  We are in a huge growth spurt! Our craft customer four years ago would request one of two things, the lightest beer most similar to a Pilsen (local industrial lager), or the one with the highest ABV.  All the professional brewers and homebrewers have worked hard to educate our customers, bars, restaurants, and even bloggers so they better understand what they are drinking. Craft beer can now be found all over the country (not just in metropolitan centers), and we are becoming an important part of the gastronomy that Peru is well known for.  Today you can find 40+ professional breweries producing more than 1000lt monthly, 100+ members in the Homebrew Club, and more than 100 bars and restaurants that solely sell craft beer. We have been able to start brewing outside the standard of Blonde/Pale Ale, Red Ale, and IPA. We get to do some fun things and our customers are excited and receptive (although we may still be a few years away from them accepting sour beers)!  The market has grown enough that we just held our 3rd Peru competition with 240 entries!

My main goal when I studied to be a BJCP Judge was to improve as a brewer, I had no idea how much the world would open up!  I met brewers from all over the world, one in particular from the U.S. who asked me if I was in the Pink Boots Society. Since I don’t live in the US, I didn’t know who/what Pink Boots was or represented.  As soon at that first competition was over I immediately read everything about Pink Boots and signed up as a member. It was inspiring to find this community, and I wanted to bring this feeling to the amazing women I know here in Peru as well as across Latin America.  In 2018 PBS-Peru was launched and we have some very talented members. It’s impossible to list all their amazing skills and accomplishments but it’s safe to say women are a driving force in the growth of Craft in Peru.

In traveling as a judge, I have met and become great friends with incredible and talented women from all over.  I was able to brew with “Ceva das Minas”, the women’s brew group from Porto Allegre in November. The presence and support for women in the brew industry in Brazil is inspiring.  I also met and brewed with the founding members of Las Birreras, from Argentina, who have most recently brewed a collaboration beer with the proceeds going to end violence against women.  In July we held our 2nd women’s collaboration in Quito, Ecuador, and as a result the Brewsters EC was formed.  There are also the incredible women in Costa Rica who consistently collaborate and brew together.   We have a lot to offer, and from what I have seen the presence of women in beer will only continue to grow here.

Peru has presented me with the opportunity to enter into the brewing industry in a way I would have never experienced anywhere else.  I am excited to see where our industry will grow from here as well as the rest of Latin America. It hasn’t been the easiest path; living in another country, in another culture, and in general being away from everything familiar.  I wouldn’t change anything, and I’m looking forward to the future!

Megan is the founder and head brewer of Greenga Brewing (est 2016) located in Lima, peru.  She has travelled as a certified bjcp judge to the most prestigious beer competions in Latin America  She is the VP of the Union Cerveceros Artesanales Peru and has lead the effort to establish a Pink Boots Peru chapter, bringing together the top female Brewers in the nation.  Finally, she serves as the representative of the Communcation for Bloque Cervecero Latino America.