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Sibyl Perkins
West Coast Craft Can Invitational!
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PBS Craft Can Poster Image

Hello PBS Members!  If you’re in the California Bay Area on February 7th, You’re in prime position to attend the 2nd Annual West Coast Craft Can Invitational!  Devil’s Canyon Brewing Company is hosting this great event and PBS is a beneficiary of the event.

It’s San Francisco Beer Week, and what better way to celebrate the recent 80th Anniversary of the Beer Can? There will be canned craft and representatives to talk beer from many of the areas breweries.  More information is available through this link.

You CAN expect special beer launches, beer releases, and awards for “People’s Choice” votes of Best Label Design, Best Local Tie-In and Favorite New Discovery.  You CAN enjoy live music, food trucks and much, much more!!

Tickets are $40 in advance, $45 day of. Includes a commemorative glass and unlimited 4oz pours.

Designated Drivers / Under 21: Tickets will be $15. Includes a commemorative glass and bottomless Root Beers.
Well behaved pets are admitted free.

Come join the fun and raise some funds for the Pink Boots Society while you’re at it.  Cheers to the CAN Craft Fans!

Sibyl Perkins
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Liquid Bread
LIQUID BREAD: Beer and Brewing in Cross-Cultural Perspective has just been released in paperback and Pink Boots Society members are being offered a 25% discount with this flyer: 
This book explores beer as an ancient beverage and although it’s creation is a more complex process than that of wine, it was developed by multiple cultures and has become internationally popular.
“This book is the first multidisciplinary, cross-cultural collection about beer. It explores the brewing processes used in antiquity and in traditional societies; the social and symbolic roles of beer-drinking; the beliefs and activities associated with it; the health-promoting effects as well as the health-damaging risks; and analyses the modern role of large multinational companies, which own many of the breweries, and the marketing techniques that they employ.”  –  Alina Zihharev
“This important volume sheds new light on the social, political, and economic role of beer in society and greatly increases the depth and breadth of anthropological studies on drinking. Schiefenhövel and Macbeth have compiled a holistic and to some extent comprehensive volume that embraces biological, archaeological, linguistic, and sociocultural perspectives on beer…Highly Recommended.”  –  Choice
Additional information can be found here:
Sibyl Perkins
WBC 2014 Opens for Registrations
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WBC 2014

World Beer Cup 2014

There’s a new two-stage entry process in place!  Registration for the WORLD BEER CUP 2014 “Phase One” is OPEN until October 30th!!  

Is your brewery registered?  WBC 2014 opens for registrations –

“Here’s a puzzler: in the ever-expanding world of brewing competitions, is there a maximum number of entries that can be judged? How big can big be? The answer comes courtesy of America’s Brewers Association, which is envisioning a ceiling of 5,000 entries for the next edition of the World Beer Cup in 2014. And to encourage as many entrants as possible, initially there will be a restriction on the number of beers that can be entered. “Demand for participation in the Great American Beer Festival and the World Beer Cup has always been high,” said Brewers Association sales and marketing director Barbara Fusco. “But this year seemed to be a critical mass where interest was very high and there was a rush to enter all at once.” As such there’s a new two-stage entry process in place. The two stage process, she added, will allow for a level playing field, that brewers from around the world will have an equal opportunity to participate in the World Beer Cup. As the name suggests it is intended to be a global stage for brewing in contrast to the BA’s Great American Beer Festival.  

Step 1: Brewery Registration: October 17 – October 30, 2013

If you plan to enter the 2014 World Beer Cup, it is strongly recommended that you register before October 30th.   

Step 2: Beer Registration: November 6 – November 19, 2013

Registered brewers will receive an email with instructions on how many beers they may enter.  Breweries will enter their beers online and select appropriate categories in which their beers will compete.

“An increase in entries is expected this year.  Awards from the WBC have proven to be a marketing and sales boost for winning breweries and give lasting recognition to the brewers themselves.  We look forward to receiving your entries.”   

Mark Snyder, Brewers Association

Sibyl Perkins
New Scholarship Opportunity
Press Releases, Women In Beer

Newest PBS Scholarship Announcement!!

Cicerone Beer Savvy Online Course.



Unfortunately, we have learned Oregon State University has cancelled the Beer Proficiency Course, on September 19-20th due to under enrollment.  
Pink Boots Society has responded by offering another great opportunity!
Pink Boots Society is now accepting applications for our first Cicerone Beer Savvy scholarship!!
Applications must be received by Thursday August 15, 2013 at 11:59 pm (Pacific Time).
This scholarship is directed to women who are currently earning income from beer as Brewery Owners, Beer Bar Managers, Bartenders, Servers, Beer Writers, Beer Educators, Beer Distributors, Brewery Sales Representatives, or Beer Chefs. Please note that women beer professionals other than brewers will be given preference in the selection process for this scholarship. This course will enhance knowledge of brewing techniques, beer styles, understanding flavors and off-flavors, food pairings, and the language to clearly discuss beer. Please note: This is an online course. Please see for info.
Any woman who earns income from beer is eligible to apply for any Pink Boots Society scholarship, and earning beer income also automatically qualifies a woman for Pink Boots Society membership. There is a deposit for this class, and upon successful completion the deposit will be refunded. All PBS scholarships have a “Pay It Forward” requirement, where our scholarship recipients pay forward the knowledge they gained in their scholarship course. This is accomplished through either publishing an article or giving a speech at a national professional seminar or conference. More information on our Pay It Forward requirement is available on our website,
Please note that scholarship recipients are announced approximately 6 weeks after the scholarship application deadline.
Sibyl Perkins
Workplace Safety
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Fast-Growing Craft Brewers Slow to Adopt Workplace Safety

“The number of injuries reported to OSHA does not reflect the number of injured employees.”  

“…because brewers often do not know that many states require them to report serious injuries.

In one of those cases, Teri Fahrendorf was working her first job as a rookie brewmaster at a now-closed San Francisco brewery in 1989 when she used a kettle that was too small to cook wort, a pre-beer solution.

The boiling wort spilled out of the kettle and into Fahrendorf’s knee-high rubber boots. Doctors took strips of skin from her head to graft onto her foot, she said.

Now Fahrendorf promotes safety standards in the industry as founder and president of the Pink Boots Society, a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping women succeed in brewing.  Fahrendorf said the brewery did not report the incident, and it does not appear in OSHA data.”


read full article here:

Sibyl Perkins
An Open Mind
Press Releases, Women In Beer


“After 19 years as a professional beer maker, brewmaster Teri Fahrendorf “followed the clouds of wort steam across the country” and towed her 15-foot trailer more than 13,000 miles to brew and bottle with fellow beer lovers throughout the United States.  

To Fahrendorf it was clear: young female brewers needed—not just wanted—to connect with others who had more experience.

Weeks later, she was at dinner with another woman brewer who again asked, “how many of us are there?”

Read about our founder’s road trip and the birth of The Pink Boots Society!  

GREAT article on Airstream website!!


Get the whole story here:


Thanks Teri!!

Sibyl Perkins
Female Brewers Kick Off ACBW
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PBS colorado collaboration 2013

“Some women in Colorado are working hard to break the “glass ceiling” in a male-dominated industry: brewing beer.  The women have collaborated on a local brew that is being served all over Colorado and belong to a group called the Pink Boots Society which raises money to help other women break into the brewing business through education.”

PBS in Main Stream media.  Well done Ladies!!

See full story: