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Cat Wiest

Membership Spotlight – Joey Hanna

Women In Beer
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Welcome back to Membership Spotlight!
Would you like to nominate a Pink Boots member who has inspired you? A member you think embodies the mission of Pink Boots Society and deserves a shout out? Send nominations to socialmedia@pinkbootssociety.org!
This month we are highlighting Joey Hanna! Joey is the Boss Lady at Hoppy Beer Gear, as well as the key merchandise coordinator for Pink Boots Society.

What is your role in the beer industry?

I’m the owner of Hoppy Beer Gear, Inc. in San Diego, Ca. Our focus in the craft industry is to assist with Branding, Merchandise and Marketing. We have clients throughout the country that we work closely with to increase their brand awareness and sales through Apparel, Merchandise, Promotional items and Design work. I absolutely love what I do and enjoy working with people to enhance their business and brand. I am also the merchandise and branding volunteer for Pink Boots Society. I’ve assisted in getting
new apparel and merchandise that can be purchased and proudly worn to support PBS members and women in the beer industry. I’ve also helped with designing some of the Collaboration Brew Day shirts and assisted in conferences.

How long have you been a Pink Boots Member?

I have been a member for about 4 years now and have been the Merchandise volunteer going on 3 years.

What, in your opinion, are the greatest benefits of the Pink Boots Society?

Pink Boots offers many benefits but if I were to call out a few then they would be the amazing scholarships and education support that they make available to all members. I would also say that the inspiration and support is amazing. To have what I would call a sisterhood in this day and age is so needed and helpful for us all to grow in an industry that we love.

What is your favorite thing about working in the beer industry?

The people would be my favorite thing. It is hard to explain but the friendships and quality of people that we are surrounded by is amazing. I truly feel like a part of a big family.

What was a great moment in Pink Boots / beer industry for you?

There are a lot of great moments but being at the Texas PBS convention last year was off the hook. I met so many women face to face and had so many inspiring conversations. I feel like everyone was there to share their experiences and lend a hand on resolutions. The information was very up and coming and the speakers were very knowledgeable.

Is there anything you would like to tell us about the work you do, or your involvements with Pink Boots?

My goal is to continue to volunteer with Pink Boots and lend a hand in any way that I can to continue to grow and positively affect more women in the industry. We have a lot of great things coming up and I think now more than ever we need to lift each other up and be a source of empowerment and strength. I take pride in being a part of Pink Boots.

What are you drinking right now (or later)?
I will be tapping into a fresh Double IPA- called Double Dank from Second Chance Beer Co. – delicious…

A fun fact or bit of trivia about you!
My husband and I LOVE live music and go to dozens of shows each year. Our favorite is our annual trip to Red Rocks in Colorado to see a full weekend of The String Cheese Incident. Great music, friendly people and an amazing venue!

Lydia Moranski

Oregon State University Scholarship Announced

Scholarship Recipients
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The Pink Boots Society is proud to announce Sarah Scullion of Beyond the Pale Brewing Company as the first scholarship recipient of two thousand and twenty, the Oregon State University Beer Quality and Analysis series.  

Sarah was chosen as the recipient of this scholarship, due to her role as quality analysis and quality control. In this role Sarah has learned many things at the job site which has given her the background to be able to take this opportunity of a more formal learning style and build upon what she already knows. Sarah took her background in Microbiology and created and laid the framework for the brewery lab. This course will not only ensure Beyond the Pale is running the best quality and analysis it can. But based on how active a member Sarah is, she will also provide information back to her chapter and help other women with better quality and analysis.  

Sarah has been a member of the brewing industry since two thousand and eighteen and strives to keep learning, whether it is in the lab or general brewing skills. She has submerged herself in all aspects; from brewing to marketing. Prior to joining the brewing industry Sarah was a homebrewer and looks forward to the Oregon State University Beer Quality and Analysis series  teaching her more about both quality analysis and brewing as a whole. 

The Oregon State University Professional and Continuing Education Beer Quality and Analysis series series in a hybrid course of six-week online tutorials concluding with one week on-site at Oregon State University in Corvallis, OR. This scholarship is designed for brewery owners and managers, Quality Control/Quality Assurance personnel, and anyone that requires technical training to complete their tasks in the brewhouse, cellar or packaging hall. 

In addition to attending the course, Sarah will receive a pair of pink steel-toe rubber boots when the Pay It Forward requirement associated with the scholarship is fulfilled.


Lydia Moranski

Cicerone BeerSavvy® Scholarship Recipients Announced

Scholarship Recipients
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The Pink Boots Society is proud to announce Kyrié Benson of John Haas inc. from Selah, Washington as the Cicerone® Beer Savvy National scholarship Recipient. As well as Caitlin Hill from Hop Culture Farms and Brewing Co. in Colchester, CT as the Connecticut chapter scholarship recipient.

Kyrié is a production coordinator at John I Haas. This means she is one of the amazing people making sure the breweries get their hops, one of the four essential brewing ingredients. Whether it is putting together packing lists, answering phone calls, greeting people or setting up safety protocols, she will get it done.  Before Kyrié moved to the behind the scenes she worked at the beer shoppe in Yakima helping to connect people with great beer. Yakima Valley is a huge location for hops and often has travels coming into the area.   

Kyrié has been all over the world for beer festivals, from multiple locations across America, to parts of New Zealand, Australia and Ireland. She hosts The Hoppy Wanderer podcast about her journeys and can be found on Spotify and Castbox. 

Caitlin Hill of Hop Culture Farms and Brewing Co in Colchester, CT was chosen by the Connecticut selection committee for this scholarship because she shows a true interest in learning more about the best practices for pouring and serving beer as a front of house employee. In addition, she has a strong desire to increase her knowledge of beer styles not only to better herself, but to share her knowledge with the customers that visit the brewery every week. 

Prior to working at Hop Culture, Caitlin worked for Narragansett Brewing as a promotional rep in the state of CT, pouring at various beer festivals and hosting tastings at bars and package stores across the state. Before working in the industry, Caitlin volunteered for the CT chapter of Girls Pint Out as chapter leader, planning and executing monthly events to educate women who loved beer just as much as she did!

Caitlin currently works as a beertender at Hop Culture Farms and Brewing Co in Colchester, CT where she works behind the bar, serving patrons and educating guests not only on the beer, but also on hop farming and the different varieties that are grown on the land. In addition to working at Hop Culture, Caitlin also serves at the current Brew Day Liaison for the CT Pink Boots Chapter.

The Cicerone BeerSavvy® Course is a comprehensive self-paced online beer training course designed to enhance knowledge of brewing techniques, beer styles, understanding flavors and off-flavors, food pairings and the language to clearly discuss beer. The course is beneficial for many people who work in the beer industry including those who are educating others about beer.

In addition to attending the course, each of the ladies will each receive a pair of pink steel-toe rubber boots when they fulfill the Pay It Forward requirement associated with the scholarship.


Lydia Moranski

Crafting A Strategy Scholarship Recipients Announced

Scholarship Recipients

The Pink Boots Society is pleased to announce the recipient of the December 2019 Crafting a Strategy scholarship recipient; Danella Soeka of On Tap Branding based out of Denver, Colorado. 

Danella established On Tap Branding in 2014, which works with business owners, primarily breweries to establish and grow a marketing plan. This can be a large array of items from analyzing market landscape and competition to building strategic plans, graphic design and website development. Even taproom internals such as establishing apparel and retail fulfillment.  

Danella is a perfect fit for the Crafting A Strategy Scholarship based on her drive and ability to help others. This scholarship will give her another set of tools to work with what she already has to be able to help her clients with.

Danella is a fairly new member of the Denver, CO chapter of The Pink Boots Society, however she has already jumped right in taking the spirit to heart by volunteering for the GABF merchandise table as well as, working to connect with more members and finding ways to keep members of the Denver Chapter engaged.  

Crafting A Strategy (CAS) is a global online learning platform that will be available to the scholarship recipients for one year. Used in universities and breweries all over the world, CAS has over 150 digital content pieces specific to the business needs of brewing entrepreneurs. These include podcasts, webinars, case studies, white papers, instructional videos, blogs, and a professional forum. Scholarship recipients will also receive a weekly CAS newsletter with industry analysis, advice, and links to new content and forums.

In addition to attending the course, each of the ladies will each receive a pair of pink steel-toe rubber boots when they fulfill the Pay It Forward requirement associated with the scholarship.