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Thank You Outgoing Board Members!

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We have two amazing members of the Board of Directors wrapping up their term with Pink Boots Society! I wanted to make sure to give them the proper shout-out they so deserve. Both of these Directors have played significant roles in helping to shape and grow the organization. Pink Boots Society will forever be indebted to them for their time and dedication.

Anita Riley

Let me start with Anita Riley! She is famously quoted with saying “Y’all, I just wanna make it rain!” Anita tackled our scholarships during her term, and with her help, we were able to increase our national scholarships by double in both years she was at the helm, as well as helping our chapters to offer scholarships on the local level. So in her words, she “made it rain.” With Anita’s help, we reviewed several opportunities to help streamline our process, ultimately leading to our newly launched platform. Survey Monkey Apply. She did this all while she was on a work rotation every four weeks so I know putting in the time and energy was a challenge, but so far all things are pointing to a successful launch. This program will not only benefit our membership when they apply for scholarships but also the workload our volunteers put in on the back end to execute the scholarships. The hope is it will help with volunteer burnout.

Because of Anita’s drive and ambition for seeking to spread education, she spearheaded an idea that helped fund the first annual Biere de Femme Festival (an all-female beer festival hosted in North Carolina). How did she do this, you might ask… she wrote a freaking book! The book is phenomenal and showcases women in beer all over North Carolina. The proceeds from the book were the foundation used to build the annual festival. It takes a serious badass to pull that off! It’s been a pleasure working alongside Anita and I hope she knows how much she has helped curate and round out our Scholarship Program.

Cat Wiest

Next is Cat Wiest! You may remember her from CBC in Denver as Hydra La Mar, where she dominated the arm wrestling event. I first met Cat probably when I first met Jen Jordan at our 10th Anniversary Celebration in San Diego. I then was lucky enough to award her a pair of Pink Boots as she’s a Pink Boots scholarship recipient (UC Davis Ext. Intensive Brewing Science for Practical Brewing). I knew at that time she had a passion for the organization but also for beer as well as women in beer. Cat has been a force for positive change within Pink Boots Society. It was her personal mission that we adapt our language to be more inclusive outside our cisgender verbiage. She’s been the backbone to help us change our narrative to be a voice for the voiceless as well as be aware and find ways to become better allies. With our Board being full of brewers by trade, a lot of the tasks we ask them to take on are new; this was the case with Cat. We tasked Cat with our social media and communications and although this was not her wheelhouse she jumped right in and gave it all she had and learned as she went. She did this all with vigor and grace! With her assistance, we began to have a larger focus on Instagram, which helped us to have a larger focus on our membership. The energy and zest for the brewing industry Cat has is unparalleled, and during her time on the Pink Boots Society Board she made sure she continued to drive her career and was awarded the Siebel/WBA scholarship through the Glen Hay Falconer Foundation!

Both of these ladies have left permanent positive marks within the organization as well as on me. I’m lucky to have learned, laughed, and grown with you ladies and wouldn’t have had it any other way!

MJ Anderson

We also had a board member MJ “That Damn Mary” Anderson, who served one year with us. MJ’s exuberance for Pink Boots Society as well as her exuberance for life is infectious. She’s so freaking positive that it makes others around her smile and feel like we can tackle any challenges we face. She’s helped me to DREAM BIG when it came to my aspirations for the organization. She has helped to develop the beginning process of our Philanthropy plan that will guide the organization’s sustainability. Due to unforeseen circumstances out of her control, her focus needs to be elsewhere at this time. Sue Rigler, Collaboration Brew Day extraordinaire, will fill MJ’s remaining one-year board term. We’re lucky we have dedicated volunteers who have a deep understanding of how the organization runs to easily bring in Sue. Her time on Collaboration Brew Day has been invaluable and has helped grow it to where it is today.

Sue Rigler

Thank you to all of these amazing, talented women for continuing to shape and drive our mission. Without them, we wouldn’t be where we are today! Let’s all raise a glass and give them all a giant CHEERS!

-Laura Ulrich


Working with Crafted For All

Diversity & Inclusion
Dr. J (J. Nikol Jackson-Beckham)

Dr. J is an equity and inclusion strategist who provides consulting and training to individuals and organizations in the craft beverage industries.

Pink Boots Society works to Assist, Inspire, and Encourage Women in the Fermented Alcohol Beverage industry to advance their careers through Education. We strive to welcome and include ALL women into our membership and serve them in an equitable way. Pink Boots Society was inspired to partner with Crafted for All when we realized that we needed to know more about the intersectional identities of our members in order to meet their needs. Crafted for All’s Educational focus, combined with a responsive structure that utilizes data matches the needs and values of Pink Boots Society.

Working with Crafted for All means Pink Boots Society is creating and sustaining a more Inclusive and Equitable organization for all women. We are beginning with a survey which will lead into the process of discovering how we can build a stronger sense of belonging and support for our 2400+ current and potential members. We’ve had to ask ourselves some challenging questions and be open to continual adaptation and change.

Pink Boots Society believes that working with Crafted for All will challenge us to become more responsive to the diverse needs of our membership. We will do this by identifying gaps in accessibility and equity in our programs, and we will create solutions to support those who have been underserved. Pink Boots Society understands that there is no singular outcome of this process, and that we are committed to ongoing action. This work never ends, but we know it facilitates the positive transformation, and resilience of our industry.

Cat Wiest

Creating the 2021 Pink Boots Blend

Women In Beer
What is the 2021 Selection Process?
Usually the hop rub takes place during a Pink Boots Society meeting at GABF. But not this year. We still wanted to include member feedback and input for the hop blend creation even though we could not physically be together for the hop rub event. Looking on the bright side, not everyone can fly to Denver for GABF and participate in the hop rub. This year all members may follow along with the process and participate in the discussion via YouTube live stream on October 7 @ 4:00pm PST!
Here’s s quick overview of the process:
10 hops were chosen based on a survey asking our members what traits and varieties were of most interest. Those 10 hops were Ahtanum®, Azacca®, Cashmere, Citra®, Crystal, Ekuanot®, Idaho 7®, Loral®, Mosaic®, and Sabro®.
There are 15 voting teams. 10 Chapters were identified based on their participating and fundraising efforts for 2020 Collaboration Brew day. Austin, Australia, Boston, Connecticut, Florida, Marin, Philadelphia, San Diego, Seattle and Toronto. 5 lucky lottery winners won a casting vote: Rachael Engel, Savannah Hayes Orr, Caitlin Lawler, Ashley Kinart-Short, Kimberly Elson. Each team is allowed one vote even though one team may have several participants.

Two identical sets of hops were shipped to our 15 voting teams. They worked either in a group or individually and created their own ideal blend selections using the first set. They were to experience and evaluate each hop while keeping notes of their favorites and which complement each other. Their team then narrowed down and submitted one recommended hop blend recipe to Yakima Chief Hops by providing a percentage breakdown of 4-6 different varieties which they believe will yield a consistent and delicious final product!

Yakima Chief Hops’ sensory team collected the feedback and recorded the 15 recipes. YCH honed in on the most desired varieties and blends when evaluating each voting team’s feedback and ideal blend. They considered a wide variety of components to create the top 3 blends, including the most popular varieties, combinations and percentages. This created the most efficient process, and ensures a truly collaborative blend that considered all components of a recipe.

The teams then used their second set of hops to (re)create Blend A, Blend B and Blend C to cast their final vote. Are you excited yet?!!!

On October 7 at 4:00pm PST, we will go live as the 15 teams and Yakima Chief Hops dive into the blend recipe creation and listen as our voting teams share their feedback about their selections. Please join us!

Sue Rigler is the Pink Boots Society Collaboration Brew Day Coordinator and the Arizona Chapter Co-Leader


Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Update

Diversity & Inclusion

Pink Boots Society
Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Update
June 19, 2020

The Pink Boots Society Board of Directors has been actively discussing how we can make a meaningful impact on the inclusivity and diversity of our membership and our industry in light of the Black Lives Matter movement. To add action to our support of this movement, we are charting a long-term diversity plan that will extend far into the future.

It is no secret that the beer industry lacks diversity. Pink Boots Society exists to promote and inspire industry women through education, but we’ve been tackling the challenge of how to reach a more diverse membership when the industry itself lacks diversity. In order to proactively address obstacles such as these, we plan to identify ways that we can support Black women and other disenfranchised groups in our industry with the goal of helping to break down the blatant  ̶  and often hidden  ̶  barriers that exclude so many people from enjoying the best that the beer industry has to offer.

As we speak, our Board is reaching out to professional diversity consultants and speakers who can inform PBS on our long-term strategic plans for diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI). We are also launching a Diversity Task Force and developing a budget for our DEI efforts. We are dedicated to taking concrete action toward social justice and to continue to support change within our industry. If you are interested in being a member of our new Diversity Task Force, please reach out to us today at membership@pinkbootssociety.org.

As many of you may know, PBS has recently opened up membership eligibility to include women in all fermented beverages. We genuinely hope this expansion is just one step in helping to create a more diverse membership.

While the Board continues to move forward in the aforementioned efforts behind the scenes, we invite all of our members to join us in taking action on the frontlines as well. Reach out to your local chapter, your fellow members or your co-workers to find ways you can be part of the solution. Ask yourself how you can get involved and help increase diversity within Pink Boots and the industry as a whole. Pink Boots Society is a non-profit organization. Our efforts are driven by member volunteers who dedicate our spare time to serving all of our members. Your needs  ̶  and the needs of all women in our industry  ̶  are truly the focus of our society.

We invite you to get involved today through one of the below action items:

• Support the voices of Black women through nominations to our monthly membership spotlight that add more visibility to the industry experiences of all of our members.
• Contribute to our blog by sharing your personal experiences. Blog posts can be submitted to socialmedia@pinkbootssociety.org.
• Keep the conversation going by engaging with members nationwide on Instagram and Facebook.
• Expand the circle of those you reach out to with leadership and volunteer opportunities by nominating women of color, older members, new members and more reserved members of your Chapter, among other groups that are less likely to be heard in our industry.
• Ensure you encourage a range of member feedback and insight from everyone that attends your meetings, instead of relying on only those that typically offer input.
• Help us in creating a more inclusive society. If you notice a barrier to Pink Boots membership based on personal characteristics, including, but not limited to race, sexual orientation, physical ability or age, let us know at membership@pinkbootssociety.org.

The voice of the Pink Boots Society belongs to you – our members. We welcome hearing any and all of your concerns or suggestions as we move toward a more inclusive and diverse organization. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to your Chapter Leader or the Board at any time. We want to hear from you!! We will keep you updated with our progress in our blog.