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Cat Wiest

Membership Spotlight – Kelly Lohrmeyer

Women In Beer

Welcome back to Pink Boots Society’s Member Spotlight! Would you like to nominate a Pink Boots member who has inspired you? A member you think embodies the mission of Pink Boots Society and deserves a shout out? Send nominations to socialmedia@pinkbootssociety.org!

This month we shine the spotlight on Kelly Lohrmeyer! She has been a member for five years, and loves meeting all the exciting and interesting women that share the industry as well as her local San Diego chapter. “These women are a wealth of knowledge on so many fronts and I enjoy getting to see their passion in the ever changing beer market”.

Kelly has gone from Beer Tender, to Beer Rep, to Farm to Table Hop Sales Lady. Currently she works with Yakima Chief Hops, to promote education about how hops grow, are produced, and come to market. She works with brewers to create future contracts to ensure that their Family Farms are able to produce the hops needed each year. She also likes to host informative guild gatherings, “events and what not to promote the continuing education on hops to the Beer community across the USA and Globe”.

San Diego chapter love!

Kelly’s name might sound familiar to you – she is a critical player in the inception of our Yakima Chief Pink Boots Blend! The pink Boots blend started out as a simple chat with Mike Goettl in a Perrault Hop Field. Mike wanted to know how Yakima Chief could help enrich more women’s lives in the beer community, and asked for Kelly’s opinion. “I immediately thought of the Pink Boots! I liked what I saw at the meetings I attended and the amount of cool scholarships offered. What better way to help promote women in beer than to get a hop blend put together that the Pink Boots Society could be proud of to call their own!” This is the third year Yakima Chief has produced a Pink Boots Blend, and it remains the organizations largest fundraiser.

Kelly announces the new Pink Boots Hop Blend during the GABF Members Meeting

“I am proud that I have been able to work so closely with Farmers over the past 4 plus years. I always wanted to work closely with people who work the land for the betterment of a product. I used to think it would be in food in some sort of farm to table setting. I could not be happier that I landed with the Growers of Yakima Chief Hops. Helping to produce/promote and educate brewers about the best Aroma Hops in the world that go in that tasty beer you may have in your hand!”

Cheers Kelly for all the work you do help educate others during your full time job, as well as the extra time you put in to lifting others through Pink Boots Society!


Kris McDowell

Cicerone BeerSavvy® Scholarship Recipient Announced

Scholarship Recipients

The Pink Boots Society is proud to announce that Rydelle Hall of Coachella Valley Brewing Co. in California is the recipient of the Cicerone BeerSavvy® scholarship.

Rydelle was chosen by the PBS Scholarship Selection Committee (SSC), five very experienced women beer professionals who hold positions as brewers, educators and writers. They selected her to receive this scholarship due to the steps she has already taken to grow herself and how she expressed in her essay the way this course will assist her in continuing her journey.

Rydelle’s job at Coachella is her first brewery position, a position that had over 100 applicants competing to fill it. In the year that she has been there she has impressed her boss, Pete Yakubek, Co-owner and General Manager, with her positivity, friendliness and natural brewery smarts. Starting out as a packing tech, she has been promoted to cellarman and Pete says that Rydelle, “is constantly seeking to understand all aspects of brewing and keen to learn everything about beer making. She is not afraid of hard work and regularly takes on assignments that others shy away from.”

While new to brewing and the Pink Boots Society, Rydelle is inspired by both. She has had the opportunity to brew her first commercial beer, a recipe that was inspired by the first beer her dad brewed 30 years ago, and has set her sights on becoming a Certified Cicerone. The BeerSavvy course will provide her with a broad base of knowledge to build upon and put her one step closer to that certification.

The Cicerone BeerSavvy® Course is comprehensive self-paced online beer training course designed to enhance knowledge of brewing techniques, beer styles, understanding flavors and off-flavors, food pairings and the language to clearly discuss beer. The course is beneficial for many people who work in the beer industry including those who are educating others about beer.

Cat Wiest

Member Spotlight : Jordan Boinest

Women In Beer

Welcome to Pink Boots Society’s Member Spotlight! Would you like to nominate a Pink Boots member who has inspired you? A member you think embodies the mission of Pink Boots Society and deserves a shout out? Send nominations to socialmedia@pinkbootssociety.org


Jordan Boinest – Head shot in White Labs Kitchen & Tap Asheville

This month’s member spotlight is Jordan Boinest, Northeast Territory Sales Representative from White Labs in Asheville, North Carolina! Jordan has been a part of Pink Boots Society since 2014 when she googled “women in beer” to find comraderie with other women in the beer industry. She was the first North Carolinian woman to receive a national scholarship from Pink Boots in 2015 and since then she has gone above and beyond for PBS North Carolina. She started the Asheville and Charlotte PBS chapters (with Katie Smith and Rita Welder, respectively), co-founded Beire de Femme, and volunteers for PBS Asheville regularly. She also chose to continue her career at White Labs because of their large involvement with Pink Boots Society. White Labs is a National sponsor of PBS International Brew Day and Biere de Femme, donated proceeds from breweries that purchased yeast for the brew day, host PBS events at their locations, offer scholarships for educational workshops and participated in the International Women’s brew day, wow!

Photo: Biere de Femme 2017 – (Left) Caroline Smith, (Center) Jordan Boinest, (Right) Anita Riley – Co-Founders of Biere de Femme. Photo taken at the first festival where we raised $11K for scholarship in Shelby, NC

Jordan is an inspiration to women in the beer industry and continues to embody the Pink Boots motto of “Assist, inspire and encourage women beer professionals through education.” We raise a glass to you and thank you for all you do!

Why Jordan loves Pink Boots Society: “Working with women across the country to empower each other through education, scholarships, and networking has changed my career in the craft beer industry.  From 2014, when I joined, to now I am blown away by the progress the organization has made to offer more scholarships and opportunities for women to further their careers. I encourage you all to keep supporting each other in anyway you can. This is truly a special community of women and I couldn’t be more grateful to be a part of it. Cheers!”


Cat Wiest

OnTap Credit Union – Supporting Women in Beer

Women In Beer

During the January 2019 Pink Boots Society Conference in Austin, Texas, your Pink Boots Society board of directors sat down with Traci Wilcox, president and CEO of On Tap credit Union to discuss a potential partnership. It was immediately clear that OnTap Credit Union shares one of Pink Boots Society’s core values – to assist and inspire women through education!  OnTap is a financial organization whose roots lie in the beer industry. It was established by Coors Brewing Company employees to meet the financial needs of brewery employees, giving them unique understanding of brewing industry employees needs. On Tap Credit Union’s mission is to provide the best financial guidance to their communities, and work to make a positive impact in helping dreams come true. On Tap supports it’s members through scholarships, brewery business start-ups, and one of On Tap’s first craft brewing business members is a female brewery owner. On Tap is a women lead organization – Female CEO, 2 Female Board Members, and 50% of the Executive team are women. Cheers to that!

The Pink Boots Society and On Tap Credit Union have partnered together to launch Pink Boots Society Credit and Debit Cards!  Every time an On Tap Credit Union member selects an On Tap credit or debit card co-branded with the Pink Boots Society logo, the credit union will make a charitable donation to Pink Boots Society, expanding On Tap’s longstanding support for the brewing community.

As a further extension of the partnership On Tap Credit Union has also launched Tips on Tap a FREE online financial educational skill-building portal that is designed to provide personal and business financial tips.  It includes fun interactive games, dynamic videos, and personalized courses.

While On Tap Credit Union is committed to supporting a wide range of financial services to members and employees, these new offerings are another way of showing that continued support to the Pink Boots Society.

“On Tap Credit Union was founded by members of the Colorado brewing community, so everyone in the beer-loving world is at the heart of who we are,” said On Tap Credit Union President and CEO Tracie Wilcox. “Our charitable partnership with the Pink Boots Society is a natural fit for our credit union members and yet another way for us to continue our extensive and wide-ranging support for the brewing industry.”

To learn more about the Pink Boots Society cards or educational platform visit https://www.ontapcu.org/pink-boots or call 800.770.6414