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2020 Q4 Cicerone BeerSavvy® Scholarship Recipient Announced

Scholarship Recipients

The Pink Boots Society is excited to announce Wendy Gayl as the recipient of the Cicerone Beer Savvy scholarship!

Wendy GayWhile Wendy is fairly new to brewing, she has jumped into the brewing industry with both feet! She has spent more than a decade exploring and experimenting with food to fulfill her desire to make it a healing, enjoyable, and inclusive experience for all. That’s why when the COVID-19 pandemic hit, she and her fiancé, Felipe Bravo, decided to combine their passions and talents into a new endeavor. They created the Fox Tale Fermentation Project, an explorative brewing project making beers ranging from fruited sours to vegetable ales and IPAs with a culinary twist. They aim to create an environment in which culture can grow—literally and figuratively. Check out the second episode of Altbrau Podcast featuring Fox Tale Fermentation to learn more about their adventures!

Wendy has also recently taken on two new roles within Pink Boots Society. She has taken on the role of Chapter Finance Liaison with the San Francisco Chapter as well as the Pink Boots Collaboration Brew Day® Liaison!

Fox Tale Fermentation Project (Facebook) (Instagram)

Cicerone Beer Savvy is a comprehensive self-paced online beer training course that can be started whenever and wherever. This scholarship is perfect for any brewery owner, beer bar manager, bartender, server, beer writer, beer educator, beer distributor, brewery sales representative, or beer chef.


Second Petainer-Sponsored Cicerone Level 1 Scholarship Recipients Announced

Scholarship Recipients

Petainer and the Pink Boots Society are excited to announce the recipients of the Petainer-sponsored Cicerone Level 1: Certified Beer Server Scholarships! This was the very first scholarship that was offered in Spanish, focusing on offering opportunities for members who live and work in Central and South America. Congratulations to Melanie McCullough and Zadkiela Rios!

Melanie McCulloughMelanie is the Finance and Sales Manager Cerveceria Feroz in Panama, as well as partner with her husband and their friend/brewer. She has been focused primarily on the financial and administrative side of things as financial skills were her biggest asset to this new endeavor. However, she believes this is the right time to strengthen her abilities and obtain additional knowledge and handling of the product. She recently reached an important milestone by obtaining her Beer Judge Certification and feels that Cicerone Level 1: Certified Beer Server will be a great addition to strengthening her career and growth of the brewery. Melanie also worked with other local women to produce Neon Goddess as part of Pink Boots Collaboration Brew Day!

Zadkiela is a Product Design Manager for Equipos Cerveceros Busa Inox in Chile. She is also a homebrewer and organizes craft beer and chocolate tastings. Zadkiela is as eager to teach as she is to learn! She has organized and presented for various brewing associations such as Sociedad de Cerveceros Casero Chilebruers, the Community of Mujeres Cerveceras de Chile as well as at seminars like the Seminario de Fermentados del Sur. She believes that pursuing opportunities to further her education will continue to not only educate herself more, but will allow her to gain more knowledge that she can share with other women in the beer community. She is very passionate about sharing knowledge and educating others – particularly with the ladies of the Community of Mujeres Cerveceras de Chile, of which she is a member.

Zadkiela Rios

The Certified Beer Server exam is a 60-question multiple choice exam, administered online. A grade of 75% is required to pass. Candidates must also pass a short quiz about the Cicerone program. Each payment allows two attempts to achieve a passing score. This is a closed book exam, candidates are not allowed to refer to any notes, reference materials or accept assistance or advice from anyone else while taking the exam. These two scholarships will be given with priority to applicants who live and work in South America and Central America.

Petainer has eight manufacturing sites around the world and strives to produce and supply products as efficiently and sustainably as possible. They are a responsible manufacturing business striving to meet the needs of their customers all around the world whilst reducing the carbon footprint associated with both their supply chain and that of their customers. Petainer’s ambition is to create a circular economy for PET resin, make sure all products are reusable or recyclable and transform waste into a valuable resource.

En Español

Petainer y Pink Boots Society se complacen en anunciar a las beneficiarias de las becas Cicerone Nivel 1: Becas certificadas para servidores de cerveza patrocinadas por Petainer! Esta es la primera beca ofrecida en español, enfocándose en ofrecer oportunidades para miembros que viven y trabajan en Centro y Sudamérica. ¡Felicitaciones a Melanie McCullough y Zadkiela Rios!

Melanie es socia y Gerente de Finanzas y Ventas de Cerveceria Feroz (Ciudad de Panamá, Panamá) junto a su esposo y su compañero/cervecero. Se ha centrado principalmente en la parte financiera y administrativa del negocio, ya que las habilidades financieras han sido su mayor activo para este nuevo esfuerzo. A medida que el negocio ha crecido, ella cree que es el momento adecuado para fortalecer sus habilidades fuera del área administrativa. Melanie alcanzó recientemente un hito importante al obtener su Certificación de Juez de Cerveza y siente que el Nivel 1 de Cicerone: Servidor de Cerveza Certificado será un gran plus para fortalecer su carrera y el crecimiento de la cervecería. Melanie también trabajó con otras mujeres locales para producir Neon Goddess como parte de Pink Boots Collaboration Brew Day.

Zadkiela es Gerente de Diseño de Producto de Equipos Cerveceros Busa Inox en Chile. También es cervecera casera y organiza catas de chocolate y cerveza artesanal en el Club Cacao Magno. ¡Zadkiela está ansiosa tanto por enseñar como por aprender! Ha organizado varias presentaciones para diversas asociaciones cerveceras como la Sociedad de Cerveceros Casero Chilebruers, la Comunidad de Mujeres Cerveceras de Chile, así como en el Seminario de Fermentados del Sur. Ella cree que buscar oportunidades para avanzar en su educación contribuirá no solo para educarse más a sí misma, sino que le permitirá obtener más conocimientos que puede compartir con otras mujeres en la comunidad cervecera. Le apasiona compartir conocimientos y enseñar a los demás, especialmente a las damas de la Comunidad de Mujeres Cerveceras de Chile, de la que es miembro actualmente.

El examen Certified Beer Server es un examen de opción múltiple de 60 preguntas que se administra en línea. Se requiere una calificación del 75% para aprobar. Los candidatos también deben aprobar un breve cuestionario sobre el programa Cicerone. Cada pago permite dos intentos para lograr un puntaje de aprobación. Este es un examen a libro cerrado, los candidatos no pueden hacer referencia a notas, materiales de referencia o aceptar ayuda o consejo de otra persona mientras realizan el examen. Estas dos becas se otorgarán con prioridad a las solicitantes que vivan y trabajen en América del Sur y América Central.

Petainer tiene ocho plantas de fabricación en todo el mundo y se esfuerza por producir y suministrar productos de la forma más eficiente y sostenible posible. Son una empresa de fabricación responsable que se esfuerza por satisfacer las necesidades de sus clientes en todo el mundo al tiempo que reduce la huella de carbono asociada tanto con su cadena de suministro como con la de sus clientes. La ambición de Petainer es crear una economía circular para el uso de resina de PET, asegurarse de que todos los productos sean reutilizables o reciclables y transformar los desechos en un recurso valioso.


First Petainer-Sponsored Cicerone Level 2 Scholarship Recipient Announced

Scholarship Recipients

The Pink Boots Society is proud to announce the very first Petainer-sponsored Cicerone Level 2 Scholarship recipient, Stephanie Alaniz of Oasis Texas Brewing Company in Austin, Texas.

Stephanie is already a Cicerone Level 1: Certified Beer Server and is thrilled to move to the next level with Cicerone Level 2: Certified Cicerone. She gained an immediate appreciation for beer with the Level 1 course and is looking forward to expanding her beer knowledge as well as educating others. Stephanie is currently a Beertender and hopes to someday become a Tap Room Manager at a Craft Beer establishment.

While Stephanie enjoys pouring beer, she is even more passionate about the culture and history of beer. Particularly, she is very interested in how beer compliments food, the many ways beer can be incorporated into food, and ultimately to how put a whole new outlook into both. She dreams of creating and hosting events where she pairs Pink Boots beers with complimentary food as well as having meaningful discussions with other women who share the same interests. Plus, she sees this as a great opportunity to help further the Pink Boots Mission and support the community. She believes with Cicerone Level 2: Certified Cicerone course, she will obtain the knowledge to organize, create and plan these events, making her dreams come true!

Certified Cicerone is the second level of certification. Those who achieve this certification have a solid and well-rounded knowledge of beer and beer service as well as basic competence in assessing beer quality and identity by taste. The four-hour exam includes written, tasting, and demonstration portions. It is given more than 100 times each year at sites across the US and Canada and also at other international sites.


Thank You Outgoing Board Members!

News, Women In Beer

We have two amazing members of the Board of Directors wrapping up their term with Pink Boots Society! I wanted to make sure to give them the proper shout-out they so deserve. Both of these Directors have played significant roles in helping to shape and grow the organization. Pink Boots Society will forever be indebted to them for their time and dedication.

Anita Riley

Let me start with Anita Riley! She is famously quoted with saying “Y’all, I just wanna make it rain!” Anita tackled our scholarships during her term, and with her help, we were able to increase our national scholarships by double in both years she was at the helm, as well as helping our chapters to offer scholarships on the local level. So in her words, she “made it rain.” With Anita’s help, we reviewed several opportunities to help streamline our process, ultimately leading to our newly launched platform. Survey Monkey Apply. She did this all while she was on a work rotation every four weeks so I know putting in the time and energy was a challenge, but so far all things are pointing to a successful launch. This program will not only benefit our membership when they apply for scholarships but also the workload our volunteers put in on the back end to execute the scholarships. The hope is it will help with volunteer burnout.

Because of Anita’s drive and ambition for seeking to spread education, she spearheaded an idea that helped fund the first annual Biere de Femme Festival (an all-female beer festival hosted in North Carolina). How did she do this, you might ask… she wrote a freaking book! The book is phenomenal and showcases women in beer all over North Carolina. The proceeds from the book were the foundation used to build the annual festival. It takes a serious badass to pull that off! It’s been a pleasure working alongside Anita and I hope she knows how much she has helped curate and round out our Scholarship Program.

Cat Wiest

Next is Cat Wiest! You may remember her from CBC in Denver as Hydra La Mar, where she dominated the arm wrestling event. I first met Cat probably when I first met Jen Jordan at our 10th Anniversary Celebration in San Diego. I then was lucky enough to award her a pair of Pink Boots as she’s a Pink Boots scholarship recipient (UC Davis Ext. Intensive Brewing Science for Practical Brewing). I knew at that time she had a passion for the organization but also for beer as well as women in beer. Cat has been a force for positive change within Pink Boots Society. It was her personal mission that we adapt our language to be more inclusive outside our cisgender verbiage. She’s been the backbone to help us change our narrative to be a voice for the voiceless as well as be aware and find ways to become better allies. With our Board being full of brewers by trade, a lot of the tasks we ask them to take on are new; this was the case with Cat. We tasked Cat with our social media and communications and although this was not her wheelhouse she jumped right in and gave it all she had and learned as she went. She did this all with vigor and grace! With her assistance, we began to have a larger focus on Instagram, which helped us to have a larger focus on our membership. The energy and zest for the brewing industry Cat has is unparalleled, and during her time on the Pink Boots Society Board she made sure she continued to drive her career and was awarded the Siebel/WBA scholarship through the Glen Hay Falconer Foundation!

Both of these ladies have left permanent positive marks within the organization as well as on me. I’m lucky to have learned, laughed, and grown with you ladies and wouldn’t have had it any other way!

MJ Anderson

We also had a board member MJ “That Damn Mary” Anderson, who served one year with us. MJ’s exuberance for Pink Boots Society as well as her exuberance for life is infectious. She’s so freaking positive that it makes others around her smile and feel like we can tackle any challenges we face. She’s helped me to DREAM BIG when it came to my aspirations for the organization. She has helped to develop the beginning process of our Philanthropy plan that will guide the organization’s sustainability. Due to unforeseen circumstances out of her control, her focus needs to be elsewhere at this time. Sue Rigler, Collaboration Brew Day extraordinaire, will fill MJ’s remaining one-year board term. We’re lucky we have dedicated volunteers who have a deep understanding of how the organization runs to easily bring in Sue. Her time on Collaboration Brew Day has been invaluable and has helped grow it to where it is today.

Sue Rigler

Thank you to all of these amazing, talented women for continuing to shape and drive our mission. Without them, we wouldn’t be where we are today! Let’s all raise a glass and give them all a giant CHEERS!

-Laura Ulrich