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PolarFleece and Pink Boots Society Announce Siebel Concise Course in Brewing Technology Scholarship Recipients

Scholarship Recipients
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PolarFleece and the Pink Boots Society are proud to announce the recipients of the PolarFleece & Pink Boots Society Siebel World Brewing Academy Concise Course in Brewing Technology scholarship! Each recipient was selected by a committee made up of experienced, women beer industry professionals who hold positions in the industry as brewers, educators and writers. Congratulations to Anna Jobe and Makenzie Mackin!


Anna Jobe, Innovation Brewer at Night Shift Brewing in MA, runs a 10bbl brewhouse and manages 120bbls of fermentation space all on her own. She started out as a volunteer with experience as a homebrewer, doing simple tasks but it was when she was first helped with a mash out that she said, “I was hooked!” After six months of volunteering, the brewery was able to hire her, the first woman on the payroll! Having been exposed to all aspects of brewing on the job and with Night Shift through multiple expansions, Anna has now set her sights on her own QA/QC. The knowledge this course will provide in this, and other nuanced aspects of brewing is one of the reasons she was chosen by the selection committee. They also noted that she, “shows a desire to lead and inspire other women”, demonstrated by her organization of brew days for International Women’s Day and involvement with the Boston Chapter. “I believe that rising tides raise all ships, and when one woman has the chance to learn or grow, she has a duty to share that with her peers so that they all may benefit,” says Anna.


Three years ago Makenzie Mackin got her first introduction to the brewing industry taking a lab intern/bartender role. From the start she felt that “this was a place where each day I could learn something new, but also be involved in a craft and industry that made people beam with excitement!” Since then she has taken on other roles that have contributed to her knowledge and respect for the craft, and she is currently working in the packaging department at Mass Bay Brewing, or as many know it, Harpoon Brewery. Her future plans include securing a position in the cellar within two years, becoming a brewer within the next five years and she hopes she’ll be working in the lab shortly after. “I want to educate, I want to learn every position, continue to read, go to school and ask questions. I want to teach others. My dream would be to create local brew programs including both introductory classes and internships with local breweries at a community college.” The selection committee chose Makenzie for the amount of effort and thorough detail she put into her application and the clear timeline she laid out for her career goals in moving to the cellar and eventually brewing. “She stands to gain significant professional advancement from this opportunity.”

To learn more about the products and services that PolarFleece can provide, please visit www.polarfleece.com for more information. Find out more about upcoming Pink Boots Society scholarships when you visit our Scholarships Page.

Kris McDowell

Pink Boots Society Announces Siebel Concise Course in Brewing Technology Scholarship Recipient

Scholarship Recipients
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The Pink Boots Society is proud to announce the recipients of the Siebel World Brewing Academy Concise Course in Brewing Technology scholarship! Each recipient was selected by a committee made up of experienced, women beer industry professionals who hold positions in the brewing industry as brewers, educators and writers. Congratulations to Betsy Lay, Adrianna Hodapp and Nicole McCollem!

Betsy Lay, our Denver Chapter recipient, co-founded Lady Justice Brewing Company in Colorado five years ago and is currently getting ready to make big strides. Personally, she will be leaving her full-time job (the one that pays the bills) to run the brewery, Lady Justice, exclusively. She will also be shepherding the brewery into a significantly larger space with greater foot traffic. “Things are getting serious and it’s time that we step up and make sure we’re in this for a long, long time.”

Betsy started out as a homebrewer – educating herself with every book she could get her hands on and learning from professional brewers. She understands the advantages formal brewing education can provide, and she realizes there are valuable courses and programs that could greatly enhance her skills. In addition to the knowledge she’ll receive from this course, she also wishes to pass the Certified Cicerone Level 2 exam, and eventually continue all the way to Master Cicerone. “I want to be an expert in my field. It’s a long road, for sure, but I know that education will provide the strongest path to get there. I especially love when women can learn with and from each other and I will be excited to share this expertise with my Pink Boots comrades.”


Adrianna Hodapp, our National recipient, became a brewer with Three Weavers Brewing Company in California last January. This is a role she took after six years in the beer industry so she could continue her career growth. Having started out at a small brewpub as a server and bartender, she says, “I expressed my interest in the brewing process and eagerly started shadowing brew days in my spare time. I ended up getting a job at another brewery as a part time cellar person, where I tirelessly washed kegs and scrubbed floors.” Her hard work and initiative paid off when a few months later she moved into the brewery full time. There she learned basic cellaring duties and spent more time on the brew deck, eventually becoming head brewer.

Working for a small brewhouse, she loved the freedom to create new beers, but she wanted more and the position at Three Weavers offered her the ability to grow at a much quicker pace. With the help of this scholarship, Adrianna is looking forward to gaining more knowledge with professional training that is recognized throughout the industry. Her involvement with the Pink Boots Society has increased her confidence in her abilities. “Ever since I started my career as a brewer, I have felt like there is more pressure on me as a woman to be more knowledgeable than my male counterparts.” The scholarship committee took note from Adrianna’s application that “this scholarship would solidify and expand her knowledge and certainly make her more competitive to her male counterparts.”


Nicole McCollem came to the brewing world with a Bachelor of Science in Bakery and Pastry Arts and ten years of baking experience. Now a brewer at Night Shift Brewing in Massachusetts, “My greatest passions include chemistry and engineering, two things the brewing industry holds in spades.”

She has been learning all that she can, both from hands-on experience in the brewery and by taking a brewing chemistry course at a local college last year. That course spawned new recipe ideas as she gained an understanding of how to manipulate ingredients in ways that she didn’t know existed. Applying her experience as a baker and the knowledge of brewing she has acquired “fueled my desire to create interesting recipes by utilizing best practices for yeast propagation and ingredient use.”

The scholarship selection committee was impressed by Nicole’s dedication to the industry, as well as her ability to clearly identify her hopes to professionally improve. They felt the opportunity to take the Siebel course would assist her goals in advancing her knowledge of recipe development. Nicole is looking forward to gaining more knowledge for herself and being able to share it with members in her Pink Boots Society Chapter.

The Concise Course in Brewing Technology is an intensive, online three-month course that utilizes a mix of textual instructions, streaming video presentations narrated by some of the best instructors in brewing, and synchronous chat sessions between students and faculty. Students will gain the knowledge and confidence to work effectively in the world of commercial brewing in this course that covers topics ranging from business of beer, alcohol and health, CIP programs and Quality Assurance/Quality Control.

To learn more about upcoming scholarship opportunities, visit the Pink Boots scholarship page at: https://www.pinkbootssociety.org/upcoming-scholarships/. 

Cat Wiest

From Bartender To Packaging Technician Through Pink Boots Siebel Scholarship

Women In Beer
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When I moved to a goat farm after the devastating Gatlinburg wildfires in late
2016, I never expected to fall in love… with craft beer. Ever since I started
working at a local brewery I have been enamored with beer and the brewing
process, so much that I started homebrewing and looking for scholarships in
brewing. Fast-forward a few years later and I have accepted a job in canning and
cellar work. This job came from a journey of volunteering, education, and most
importantly, beer.
I first started brewing at home like many others by making meads, beer and
anything else that I could ferment. I was captivated with the brewing process
instantly and felt in my gut that this is what I wanted to do for a living. I knew I
needed to go to school to learn more about brewing to build a solid foundation, as
most of my brewing came from a “feel” of brewing. As Charlie Papazian says in
The Complete Joy of Homebrewing, “It is about feeling your beer and letting your
beer feel you.” While this is a great skill set in craft brewing and a priceless
education, my scientific method behind beer was lacking. I heard that Siebel
Institute of Technology was the way to learn from many professional brewers, so it
was a course from them that I focused on. I needed to take the Siebel W1 course so
I could understand the technical part of brewing, to combine my hands-on learning
with mechanical learning, and most importantly to grow in my career.
I came upon the Pink Boots Society as I was searching for a scholarship at Siebel. I
Googled “scholarship for Siebel Institute of Technology” and the Pink Boots
Society website was the first thing to pop up. I went through the site and was so
excited that I stumbled upon this group of female beer professionals. I signed up
that very day, submitted a request for volunteering and started working on my
scholarship application for the Siebel Concise Course in Brewing Technology. I
felt that it would better my chances of getting a scholarship if I volunteered for this
organization, and I was right. I learned a lot in that first year about Pink Boots and
it helped kick start my volunteer work for the following years. I went on to
volunteer at the local Biere de Femme in Asheville, North Carolina and met many
women that I had only known through email. This experience as a whole taught me
that I could be a part of something big and work hard for something I believe in.
I ended up receiving the scholarship for the Siebel online course at the beginning
of 2019 and attended over the summer. It was a whirlwind of information and I
stayed glued to my computer.

The Siebel class really helped me see the bigger picture behind brewing and answered a lot of my technical questions about brewing on a commercial system. For those of you who have not looked into the course, it is basically an overview of everything in brewing, from water chemistry to cleaning kegs, in three months. If you are planning on taking the course, I would suggest taking an organic chemistry class before taking the Siebel online class. I was fortunate enough to take a craft beer chemistry class the year before and it
really helped me digest what the Siebel course was teaching me in the organic
chemistry lectures. There were many positives of this course. I really enjoyed it
because it was online and I could work on it on my schedule and not be tied to a
class time every week. I also enjoyed the weekly discussions with the class and
instructor about that week’s topic. The instructors were awesome and there to
answer whatever question you have. One drawback for me was that since I was
still bartending, I was not able to apply what I was learning in the physical right
away. But that is why I was taking the class: to get a working knowledge of
commercial brewing in order to get a foot in the door. So, I took extensive notes
and frequently talked to professional brewers I know about whatever subject I was
learning about that week. I ended up passing the class with an “A!”
The significant thing that I learned is that I could spend my whole life learning
about beer and still never know all there is to know. That is why I love this career
and industry so much.
The Siebel Concise course in Brewing Technology has changed my life. With this
education I have been able to land a job in a brew house doing canning and cellar
work. This opportunity also allows me to grow within the company so I can
eventually brew beer commercially. I would not have gotten this job without my
certificate and for that I am very thankful to Pink Boots Society. In my journey I
was supported by women who I did not even know, I found stories that I could
relate to, I found ideas for growing my career and my beer, and most importantly, I
felt like I had found family.


Taylor Paige King resides in Eastern North Carolina with her partner Jordy and her cat Sigi. She works at Mother Earth Brewing as a packing technician and is currently planning a brew for the Pink Boots Society collaboration brew day.  She volunteers with Pink Boots Society as a national and North Carolina scholarship liaison. She also attends Nash Community College full time and will complete her degree this May. In her spare time she enjoys home brewing, farming and reading. 



Lydia Moranski

Road to Cicerone® Scholarship Recipient Announced

Scholarship Recipients

The Pink Boots Society is proud to announce that the recipient of the 2019 Road to Cicerone® Courses Educational Series scholarship is Ashley Johnson of Local Beer Works in Reno, NV. 

Ashley was chosen for this scholarship because she showed her drive by acquiring the Cicerone® level one, Certified Beer Server. Ashley plans to use the knowledge from completing level two certified Ciceron exam to educate herself, her staff, her Pink Boots Chapter, women in her beer Facebook group, as well as use her blog to get the information out to the masses. As the founder of Local Beer Works being a certified Cicerone® will add to her credibility regarding beer in the community and will help with many aspects of running local beer works, from staff training to social media.

Ashley moved into the beer industry in 2017 and has worked her way through the many jobs within a brewery from cleaning tanks to bartending. This pushed her to go out on her own and open Local Beer Works. Ashley loves beer, “due to the large range and variety of styles, there is something for everyone to enjoy. From lambics and sours to triple IPAs and barrel-aged stouts the tastes and flavors of beer are endless. Brewmasters around the world are artists that work tirelessly to master classic styles while also pushing the boundaries and developing new ones.” 

The Road to Cicerone® Courses Educational Series is an annual scholarship offering from the Pink Boots Society and includes a suite of study books and exams. The course books will enhance the student’s knowledge of brewing techniques, raw ingredients, how to properly keep and store beer, beer styles of specific regions and the language to clearly discuss beer. Each self-paced course book should take 12 hours to complete and includes a specialist exam to validate the knowledge learned, assisting the student on her journey to Master Cicerone®. The specialist exam will enhance Certified Beer Server credentials or may be used to take unlimited chances to quiz oneself for the Certified Cicerone®, Advanced Cicerone® or Master Cicerone® exams. 

In addition to attending the course, Ashley will each receive a pair of pink steel-toe rubber boots when she fulfills the Pay It Forward requirement associated with the scholarship.