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Lydia Moranski

Yuengling Women in Brewing Scholarship Recipients Announced

Women In Beer

The Pink Boots Society and D.G. Yuengling & Son, Inc. are excited to introduce the 2020 recipients of the Yuengling Women in Brewing Scholarships! Both scholarship recipients will receive up to $12,500 to further their education through one of these four programs: the University of the Sciences Brewing Science Certificate, the Cincinnati State A.A.S. in Brewing Science (with optional Sales & Marketing certificate), the Siebel Institute Concise Course in Brewing Technology, and eCornell University’s Women in Leadership Certificate. Each of these programs work to build on technical and leadership skills, as well as brewing education.

Lauren Stone, of Left Hand Brewing Company in Colorado, has been in the brewing industry for four years. She began as an intern on a ten-barrel system developing comprehensive knowledge of the brewhouse and cellar. After her internship, she moved to a thirty-barrel brewhouse with a three-barrel pilot system. During Lauren’s two-and-a-half year period at this brewhouse, she worked her way from assistant brewer to head brewer. While she was in this role, a number of her recipes took home state awards! When Lauren moved to Left Hand Brewing Company, she was one of the quickest team members to make it through the company’s brewer certification program. 

As someone who has been in a leadership role already, Lauren is looking forward to the Women in Leadership certificate to build on the skills she has already begun to develop, and she’s looking forward to exploring alternative ways to approach problems she has faced in the past. Lauren spoke about her passion for the Pink Boots Society and this course saying, “I think it’s extremely important to have women in leadership positions as role models to encourage other women to be a part of the beer world. I am passionate about sharing my knowledge and experiences with others, especially if it means it will have a positive impact on other women.” Lauren’s passion and goals for women and the brewing industry as a whole, are just a small portion of why she was selected for this fantastic opportunity.  

The other recipient of the Yuengling Women in Brewing Scholarship is Caroline Wallace of the Texas Brewers Guild. Caroline has been with the guild for the past five years, making moves working up front and behind the scenes. She wears many hats, as the deputy director of a statewide organization, including social media, working conferences and festivals; all the way to legislation outreach. Caroline has worked on implementing an annual statewide beer festival, and changing state beer law for the good of the breweries! She has had the honor of representing craft beer at a state and federal level. But before she began the fight for breweries everywhere, Caroline was the co-author on two history-based beer books and an avid byline for a women-run beer blog.

Caroline is also planning to take the Women in Leadership course through eCornell University. As a previous chapter leader, Caroline knows the value of the Pink Boots “pay-it-forward” requirement and is excited to be a part of sharing the knowledge with other women in the brewing industry. Caroline discussed this in her application by saying, “I believe this scholarship, in particular, comes with an invaluable opportunity and heightened responsibility to assist, inspire, and educate fellow members.” Caroline’s due diligence when looking into this course was just a fraction of why she was considered for this scholarship.  

In addition to taking courses that make up the Women in Leadership certificate, each of the ladies will each receive a pair of pink steel-toe rubber boots when they fulfill the “Pay It Forward” requirement associated with their scholarships.

Lydia Moranski

February’s Crafting A Strategy Scholarship Recipients Announced

Scholarship Recipients
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The Pink Boots Society is excited to announce Andrea Sheehey and Maria Del Puig Vencente as the latest National recipients of the Crafting a Strategy Scholarship. In addition, the Philadelphia chapter also offered this scholarship to a member and awarded it to Alyssa Shoemaker.     

Andrea Sheehey of Mighty Squirrel Brewing Company was recommended for the Crafting a Strategy Scholarship due to her ability to absorb information and make it useful to herself and others. As a certified beer server and beertender around Massachusetts, Andrea has developed a skill of being able to read people and share her beer knowledge. She was a fitting choice for this scholarship as someone who enjoys learning and sharing information. Andrea looks forward to using her access into Crafting a Strategy to be able to take her career to a new level. In addition to the education she will have access to, the forums included will allow her to build an array of connections.


Maria Del Puig Vencente is the owner of Cerveses Lluna in Alcoli, Spain. Maria fell for craft beerduring her chemical engineering studies. While she was interning she cycled through the departments in an industrialized brewery. Crafting a strategy would help Maria be able to access information which would not only help in her pursuit to open a tap room portion of her brewery. But, has the potential to help with the non-profit legalization work she is doing in Spain. Maria is an active member in the craft brewers association. She also sits on the Pink Boots Spain Chapter’s board as the  financial secretary and manager.

Alyssa Shoemaker studied at the American Brewers Guild and is already a woman in a leadership position as Pharmacy Manager. Her goal is to open her own brewery in York, PA. Crafting a Strategy will help Alyssa reach her goals because it is easily accessible and has a wealth of information. As a novice in the industry, and in a geographic location that is not particularly conducive to frequent industry networking events, and other shared resources accessing and utilizing the content from Crafting a Strategy will be a vital stepping stone for Alyssa as she works towards opening her own microbrewery.

This opportunity will propel Alyssa to be a more successful business owner and better brewer, so down the line when she is running a successful business with an amazing product, encouraging her team to exceed their goals, she will also advocate for her community and also inspire and assist other women in the industry. 

Crafting a Strategy is a global online learning platform. There are over 150 digital content pieces including podcasts, webinars and case studies geared toward the business needs of brewing entrepreneurs. These scholarship recipients will have access to the content for a year of learning. As with all Pink Boots Sociarships, these ladies will do a pay it forward, sharing the information from the course.




Lydia Moranski

Road to Cicerone® Scholarship Recipient Announced

Scholarship Recipients
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The Pink Boots Society is excited to announce Rebecca Carpenter of Turtle Swamp Brewing as the latest recipient of the Road to Cicerone® Course Scholarship.  Rebecca was selected by the Pink Boots scholarship committee, composed of women in different parts of the industry. Rebecca has already passed the Cicerone level 1: certified Beer Server, This showed the committee her drive and ability to self motivate, which are important traits when working with online courses. 

Rebecca has been with Turtle swamp for about a year and a half, in this time she was promoted from beertender to tap room manager. With the promotion Rebecca went from being the person given the descriptions; to being the person who helps write them with the brewers. She had the self awareness to be able to reflect on herself that this was an area of her position she strives to be better at, and this course will do just that. 

In Rebecca’s position she helps portray the vision of the brewers to the beer lovers who enter the taproom. This means she often works with the brewers on tastings, collecting knowledge about their releases for the taproom staff and patrons alike.  This year she even worked with them on a pink boots collaboration day brew! 

The Road to Cicerone® course  is a collection of beer styles and processes, which will help the reader prepare for the Certified Cicerone® exam. The course is a mixture of books and quizzes. The course books will teach and lend insight into reasons and processes. For example, the brewing process of the course book will help Rebecca to better understand the brewing process and how the brewers came to their decisions. The keeping and serving beer course will help with the front of house, ensuring nothing is being improperly handled between the brewery and the taproom.

Cat Wiest

Membership Spotlight – Joey Hanna

Women In Beer
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Welcome back to Membership Spotlight!
Would you like to nominate a Pink Boots member who has inspired you? A member you think embodies the mission of Pink Boots Society and deserves a shout out? Send nominations to socialmedia@pinkbootssociety.org!
This month we are highlighting Joey Hanna! Joey is the Boss Lady at Hoppy Beer Gear, as well as the key merchandise coordinator for Pink Boots Society.

What is your role in the beer industry?

I’m the owner of Hoppy Beer Gear, Inc. in San Diego, Ca. Our focus in the craft industry is to assist with Branding, Merchandise and Marketing. We have clients throughout the country that we work closely with to increase their brand awareness and sales through Apparel, Merchandise, Promotional items and Design work. I absolutely love what I do and enjoy working with people to enhance their business and brand. I am also the merchandise and branding volunteer for Pink Boots Society. I’ve assisted in getting
new apparel and merchandise that can be purchased and proudly worn to support PBS members and women in the beer industry. I’ve also helped with designing some of the Collaboration Brew Day shirts and assisted in conferences.

How long have you been a Pink Boots Member?

I have been a member for about 4 years now and have been the Merchandise volunteer going on 3 years.

What, in your opinion, are the greatest benefits of the Pink Boots Society?

Pink Boots offers many benefits but if I were to call out a few then they would be the amazing scholarships and education support that they make available to all members. I would also say that the inspiration and support is amazing. To have what I would call a sisterhood in this day and age is so needed and helpful for us all to grow in an industry that we love.

What is your favorite thing about working in the beer industry?

The people would be my favorite thing. It is hard to explain but the friendships and quality of people that we are surrounded by is amazing. I truly feel like a part of a big family.

What was a great moment in Pink Boots / beer industry for you?

There are a lot of great moments but being at the Texas PBS convention last year was off the hook. I met so many women face to face and had so many inspiring conversations. I feel like everyone was there to share their experiences and lend a hand on resolutions. The information was very up and coming and the speakers were very knowledgeable.

Is there anything you would like to tell us about the work you do, or your involvements with Pink Boots?

My goal is to continue to volunteer with Pink Boots and lend a hand in any way that I can to continue to grow and positively affect more women in the industry. We have a lot of great things coming up and I think now more than ever we need to lift each other up and be a source of empowerment and strength. I take pride in being a part of Pink Boots.

What are you drinking right now (or later)?
I will be tapping into a fresh Double IPA- called Double Dank from Second Chance Beer Co. – delicious…

A fun fact or bit of trivia about you!
My husband and I LOVE live music and go to dozens of shows each year. Our favorite is our annual trip to Red Rocks in Colorado to see a full weekend of The String Cheese Incident. Great music, friendly people and an amazing venue!