Current volunteer needs are listed below.

Chapter Leadership Committee Member

The Pink Boots Chapter Leadership Committee serves as a liaison between the Board and regional Chapter Leaders. We continuously work on projects and communications with regional Chapter Leaders to assist them with membership outreach, recruiting, social events, organization, fund raising, marketing guidelines, society guidelines and procedures, educational content, and transition of leadership.

Full job description here.

Chapter Scholarship Coordinator

The Chapter Scholarship Coordinator supports Chapters providing scholarships, and ensures that PBS policies and SOPs are followed, while providing training and resources to the Chapters as necessary.

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Education Task Force Member

Communicate with EducationTask Force Chair and Committee members  to build upon the key knowledge, information, and resources requested by members. The committee will prioritize the most pressing needs and communicate with the Chapter Committee to define and drive content that can be accessed by members in the Member Community Forum libraries.

Full job description here.

Membership Task Force Member

Communicate with Membership Task Force Chair and Committee to review and improve member benefits. Analyze and discuss membership survey data to identify ways to improve membership value to best serve our members. Work with committee to help collect and discuss input on products, services, and programs to increase the value of membership and improve member retention.

Full job description here.

Scholarship Administrator/Back of House

The Scholarship Administrator is responsible for assisting the PBS Board President and Scholarship Program Coordinator with all tasks associated with fulfillment of PBS Scholarships.

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Scholarship Selection Committee Member

Reviews scholarship applicants every quarter. Reports directly to the Scholarship Committee Coordinator. Requires a two (2) year commitment and reviewers must maintain anonymity during their tenure. Reviewers are eligible to apply for any PBS scholarship one (1) year after the conclusion of their tenure.

Full job description here.

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