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Miller Lite partners with Pink Boots Society in Bad to Good Campaign
Women In Beer

Today, Miller Lite is announcing Bad $#!T to Good $#!T, an initiative creating fertilizer made from old sexist beer advertising that will be used to grow hops for female brewers. The beer brand is teaming up with producer, comedian, actor, and undeniable arbiter of good $#!T, Ilana Glazer, to help amend the industry’s sexist history of beer marketing and rectify the past. They’re turning the age-old, objectifying beer ads (aka bad $#!T) into good $#!T – literally.

Miller Lite is donating $60K to Pink Boots Society and giving members the opportunity to brew with the hop blend they grow by sending them to up to 200 Pink Boots Members (no cost to participate)! Learn more from their press release here and take a look at the announcement in Forbes!

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