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2021 Q2- White Labs Scholarship Recipients Announced
Scholarship Recipients

Pink Boots Society is proud to announce the recipients for the White Labs scholarships: Reggie Gallo, Monique Gray, and Olive Overmoyer.

Reggie Gallo is the Brand Manager and Production Assistant at Chuckanut Bay Distillery in Bellingham, WA. Reggie is interested in expanding her knowledge about the beverage industry as much as possible to gain new perspectives on the creation of alcohol. She believes the White Labs – The Many Flavors of Fermentation Course will help her better understand what makes every beverage so different. As a beverage enthusiast, she loves and appreciates all beverages, and hopes to educate others about them as well. The ultimate goal in Reggie’s career as a beverage specialist is customer appreciation and engagement; this course will give her the knowledge to communicate the various beverages to consumers. Coming from a distillery, Reggie has a unique beverage background, different than many Pink Boots members and she looks forward to sharing her knowledge as a new member of the Bellingham Chapter. 


Creative entrepreneur, Monique Gray is a Massage Therapy Instructor and the owner of Mo Betta Brews LA. Being one of Long Beach, CA’s few black owned, woman owned craft brewers, Monique was recently featured in Shoutout LA highlighting the creation of her 3 ingredient all-natural ciders. Monique’s goals are to make better tasting ciders and sour beers, and eventually open a cidery in her hometown. She believes the White Labs – Sour Beer: Alternative Microbes and Fermentation Techniques Course will help further her knowledge and insight as a home brewer, perfecting her craft of making sour beers and ciders. Being relatively new to Pink Boots, Monique has already attended multiple LA Chapter meet ups and even shared some of her ciders.


Olive Overmoyer is a Quality Assurance Technician in the lab at Terrapin Beer Co. in Athens, GA. On her first day as a brewer at Terrapin Beer Co., she was featured on the Bitch Beer Podcast with their all-women brewing team. Olive enjoys learning everything she can about brewing and the science behind it; she even designed her own major in college to incorporate everything needed to be a contributing member of the beer industry. Olive believes the White Labs – Reusing Yeast Course will help her hon in on her yeast management skills, which has been a huge goal of hers since starting as Quality Assurance Technician. She is excited to learn more about yeast storage, selection, and health as Terrapin continues to grow and expand. Olive is very passionate about the brewing industry and hopes to eventually advance her career to a leadership role, passing on her knowledge and lifting up other women and non-binary people.

White Labs – Sour Beer: Alternative Microbes and Fermentation Techniques: From traditional spontaneous fermentation to inoculation techniques and overviews of the major organisms used and found in sour beer we’ll review the behavior of select organisms and how to best utilize them in a sour program.

White Labs – The Many Flavors of Fermentation: The ability to effectively communicate fermentation attributes is crucial in brewing business. Through the use of video, slides, narration, and quizzes, this online class will explore ways to describe yeast-influenced flavor/aroma compounds, how yeast can manipulate other ingredients, and ways to establish brand identity through sensory. Students will develop a comprehensive vocabulary and the ability to clearly communicate fermentation profiles to staff and customers alike.

White Labs – Reusing Yeast: Getting the Most from Your Culture: Consistent fermentations and high-quality beer begin with healthy yeast and consistent pitch-rates. Join Joe Kurowski, White Labs head of brewing operations, in this course, which offers an in-depth look at how to best harvest and store yeast for optimal performance. Explore various fermentation-related topics such as pitch rates, best practices when looking at yeast health and ideal conditions for yeast storage. Ideal for staff who works in the cellar, this course also provides content that everyone working in a brewery setting should understand.


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