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2021 Q1 – Yakima Chief Hops and Brew School
Scholarship Recipients

Pink Boots Society in partnership with Yakima Chief Hops is excited to announce the recipients for the Yakima Chief Hops and Brew School scholarship, Susie Bennett and Elizabeth Good.

Susie Bennett is the Quality Assurance Analyst and Microbiologist at Motorworks Brewing in Bradenton, FL. She became interested in the complex science behind craft brewing while studying as a biology undergraduate. Susie brought her experience and skills she learned as a biotechnologist and researcher when she made the jump to the brewing industry making herself useful in nearly every aspect of the brewing process. Susie thinks the Yakima Chief Hops and Brew School will allow her to educate and empower underrepresented groups by eliminating barriers by means of making the language and resources accessible. Check out her blog Susie on Tap where she shares what navigating the craft beer world is like through the eyes of a scientist.

Elizabeth “Betsi” Good is the Head Kombucha Brewer at Four Corners Brewing Company in Dallas, TX. As the head brewer, she is responsible for many aspects of the brewing process, including her most recent project of creating a kettle sour recipe for the 2021 Pink Boots Collaboration Brew Day® along with several other collaborations supporting the North Texas Chapter and other local breweries. She enjoys the opportunity to educate others about brewing and believes the Yakima Chief Hops and Brew School will expand her ability to help her do just that. Betsi was recently a guest on the Craft Beer Professionals’ Tuesday Talks focusing on supporting parents in the workplace.

Hops and Brew School® is an annual event offering craft brewers the opportunity to personally experience the thrill of the American hop harvest in Yakima and see exactly where your great beer begins. Led by industry experts, multi-generational hop growers, and our technical solutions specialists, this multi-day event includes technical seminars on product usage, recipe formulation, experimental varieties, brewing practices, and more.

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