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2021 Q1 – White Labs Scholarship Recipients Announced
Scholarship Recipients

Pink Boots Society is proud to announce the recipients for the White Labs scholarships: Annamaria Deganutti, Jodi Hunter, and Ann Sandbrook!

After attending a Women In Beer panel in 2019, Annamaria Deganutti, Assistant Brewer at Brasserie BLEUE, was inspired to organize a special International Women’s Collaboration Brew Day in 2020. Unfortunately, the co-organized International Women’s Day event was canceled due to COVID-19 and local restrictions, but the delicious beer, Les Parleuses, remains a headliner to this day. Annamaria also organized the 2020 Home Brewing Competition in Alpes-Maritimes, France, and is excited to have been selected to organize the 2021 competition by the local brewers’ association, Brasseurs Indépendants des Alpes-Maritimes. She believes the White Labs – Sour Beer: Alternative Microbes and Fermentation Techniques course will provide her with the knowledge of wild and non-traditional yeast so she could eventually brew her own sour beers. 

Since October 2019, Jodi Hunter has been the Assistant Brewer at CCVK – Compañia de Cervezas Valle del Kahs in Madrid, Spain where she has faced several challenges since the beginning with a language barrier, but that hasn’t stopped her from learning the many aspects of brewing Spanish style craft beers. She feels that identifying and communicating fermentation is invaluable and essential, and is very excited about the White Labs – Many Flavors of Fermentation course. Jodi hopes to bring this knowledge and apply these principles within the American craft beer industry upon her return to the United States. She believes the key to success is through education and knowledge.


Ann Sandbrook, currently a Lab Specialist, has been working at Virginia Tech Analytical Services Lab in Blacksburg, Virginia since 2011. In addition to using TTB and AOAC testing methods on fermented beverages and working daily to troubleshoot quality problems with members, Ann also supports educational workshops both independently and in partnership with MBAA and ASBC. While she is familiar with analytical and sensory testing, she is looking forward to expanding her knowledge to brewing production. She plans to use her experience from White Labs – Reusing Yeast: Getting the Most from Your Culture course to elevate within the brewing industry and continue to provide educational opportunities by sharing her knowledge through industry workshops and events.

White Labs – Sour Beer: Alternative Microbes and Fermentation Techniques: From traditional spontaneous fermentation to inoculation techniques and overviews of the major organisms used and found in sour beer we’ll review the behavior of select organisms and how to best utilize them in a sour program.

White Labs – The Many Flavors of Fermentation: The ability to effectively communicate fermentation attributes is crucial in brewing business. Through the use of video, slides, narration, and quizzes, this online class will explore ways to describe yeast-influenced flavor/aroma compounds, how yeast can manipulate other ingredients, and ways to establish brand identity through sensory. Students will develop a comprehensive vocabulary and the ability to clearly communicate fermentation profiles to staff and customers alike.

White Labs – Reusing Yeast: Getting the Most from Your Culture: Consistent fermentations and high-quality beer begin with healthy yeast and consistent pitch-rates. Join Joe Kurowski, White Labs head of brewing operations, in this course, which offers an in-depth look at how to best harvest and store yeast for optimal performance. Explore various fermentation-related topics such as pitch rates, best practices when looking at yeast health and ideal conditions for yeast storage. Ideal for staff who works in the cellar, this course also provides content that everyone working in a brewery setting should understand.

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