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2021 Q1 – Barth Haas Hops Academy Scholarship Recipient Announced
Scholarship Recipients

Pink Boots Society is proud to announce the recipient for the Barth Haas Hops Academy scholarship Lillian Schulz.

Lillian Schulz recently became a brewer at Right Proper Brewing Company in Washington, D.C. She also was the 2020 Pink Boots Collaboration Brew Day® Coordinator for the Washington, D.C. Chapter and was featured on the Beer Me! Podcast where she and another D.C. member promoted the brew, the Chapter and shared their experiences as women in production. The collaboration event offered her the opportunity to elevate and engage with other women in brewing, encouraging her to now be a Co-Leader. Lillian believes learning from the experts at Barth Haas Hops Academy will help build upon her own experiences to become a more capable brewer, innovator, and problem-solver.

Barth Haas Hops Academy course is a two-day on-site course consisting of presentations by hop and brewing experts in September 2021 (dates TBD) at Haas Innovations center in Yakima, WA, USA. This course will cover topics including new trends in hop breeding, hop chemistry and brewing techniques. Guest speakers include top researchers and growers presenting on new hop varieties, products, usage, and analytical and sensory evaluation techniques to gauge hop and beer quality. In addition, the course includes tours of the Haas hop farm and production facility, where attendees will experience the hop fields and witness all components of hop production from whole hops to CO2 extract, as well as a guided tour of Haas Innovations Research Brewery.

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