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2021 Q1 – 21st Amendment Brewery Sponsored: eCornell Women in Leadership Certificate Scholarship Recipient Announced
Scholarship Recipients

Pink Boots Society in partnership with 21st Amendment Brewery is proud to announce the recipient for the  eCornell Women in Leadership Certificate scholarship: Jade Leder!

Like many Pink Boots members, Jade wears many hats at St. Elmo Brewing Company. When she is not running the tap room, training employees or planning brewery events, she’s hosting book clubs for staff to bring awareness about inequality and racial injustice – a benefit her local Chapter in Austin receives as the Diversity and Inclusion Liaison. Jade has been a long time PBS member, participating in three Pink Boots Collaboration Brew Days® and attended both conferences in San Diego and Austin. The challenges of last year inspired Jade to seek ways to become a better leader to her staff, skills she is looking forward to developing from this certificate. What she won’t learn from this scholarship will be supplemented from life lessons of being a mom to two amazing girls! The work life balance is a challenge, but one that is giving her the confidence to take on more. Jade believes our industry needs more women in leadership roles and is anxious to share her experience from this scholarship with the Austin Chapter and PBS members.

This five-course certificate program examines the issues facing women in leadership positions and offers strategies for handling them. Professor Deborah Streeter balances academic research regarding social norms and expectations with practical strategies for operating effectively within the workplace. She discusses how to outmaneuver the “double bind” dilemma, showing strong leadership qualities without being penalized for it. Topics discussed by Professor Streeter within the Women in Leadership program include how women can best negotiate in the workplace, ways to effectively provide both positive and negative feedback and how they can strengthen their emotional intelligence to stand out as a leader among both men and women.

This Women in Leadership program positions women who are in leadership positions to recognize when there is a gender dimension at work and how they can out strategize gender bias and their own habits to achieve better results.

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