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Pink Boots Society Board of Directors Welcomes Two New Members of the Board
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Please join the entire Pink Boots Board of Directors in welcoming two new members of the board! Debbie Cerda and Georgina Solis have both served as chapter leaders and volunteered on other crucial Pink Boots committees for several years, demonstrating their dedication to the Mission and Vision of our organization. Thank you, Georgina and Debbie, for your continued commitment and for sharing your path within Pink Boots.

Georgina Solis

Hi! My name is Georgina, but most folks call me Georgie. My story is similar to most in that I didn’t find craft beer: it found me. I used to be a police officer in Arlington, TX. It was one of my beat partners who introduced me to the world that is craft beer. I was volunteering at a local brewery on my days off; two months later they offered me a job in distribution. I drove a truck dropping off kegs at bars and restaurants for about a year and a half before finally making the move to production. In summer of 2018 I left the Dallas beer scene to take on a project in a small town in Hungary. I spent my summer there helping their crew adopt American styles of brewing. By fall I found myself back in Texas in a small city called Houston. I started as a brewer at Eureka Heights Brew Co. and this year will be my third calling it my home away from home.

Throughout all of my beer adventures, Pink Boots has been a constant companion. I was the chapter leader of the North Texas Chapter and was able to organize an awesome turnout for our first PBS Collaboration Brew Day. When I arrived in Houston, I immediately joined the chapter and got the group involved in the Collab Brew Day for the first time! Since then, I have been a part of the organization by joining the Chapter and Education Task Force and, more recently, the Board of Directors. I really wanted to join the Board ever since I saw how vital education and networking is to Pink Boots. When I won a scholarship in 2019 it was one of the most fulfilling feelings I had experienced in a while, and that feeling is what compelled me to run for a seat on the Board. I want to maintain the strong relationships we have with all of our scholarship partners while seeking out more to encompass all fermentables. We have a lot of work to do and I am looking forward to serving the membership for the next two years.

Salud, Georgie

Debbie Cerda

Debbie Cerda has been involved in beer for over thirty years and has a wealth of knowledge and experience to share from her journey. A pivotal moment in her employment was working at a historic British-style pub in Houston, Texas, in the late eighties, where she engaged with the likes of Michael “The Beer Hunter” Jackson, Belgian (and later Texan) brewer Pierre Celis, and three generations of the Young dynasty–Young’s Ram Rod ESB was a favorite! Since then, she’s volunteered and worked for several breweries and brewpubs in Austin, Texas, including one of the first ever brewpubs to open in Texas in 1994.

Debbie joined Pink Boots Society in 2011, and after attending PBS meetings at national events she returned home to form the Austin chapter. Her proudest accomplishment is witnessing the success of younger craft beer industry professionals who she introduced and mentored during their career–many of them came from her volunteer pool from community events that were non-beer related!

Debbie has a “portfolio” career, balancing her time between sales and business development for a Postgres consulting firm during the week, while supporting several functions including marketing and social media, charitable efforts, and community outreach and engagement for Jester King Brewery. She’s also responsible for fundraising for an impoverished village school in Kyanuna, Uganda.

She is committed to empowering others to create a vibrant and resilient community of female professionals across multiple sectors in the fermented beverage industries for now and the future.

In her free time, she enjoys a nice single malt Scotch whiskey or a glass of Cabernet Franc while playing online RPGs and relaxing with her pup, Maris Otter, and kitty, Vienna–yes, they are named after her favorite malts!

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