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2020 Q4 Road to Cicerone Book Suite Scholarship Recipient Announced
Scholarship Recipients

The Pink Boots Society is excited to announce Marian Ietsugu as the Road to Cicerone Book Suite recipient.

Marian LetsuguFormally from Brazil, Marian studied as a food engineer and obtained a Beer Sommelier certification from Doemens. Five years ago, Marian moved to Tokyo, Japan, where her paternal grandparents originated. Since moving to Japan, she has worked as an assistant brewer at two breweries, Devil Craft Brewery and Distant Shores Brewing Co. Her goal is to become a head brewer and she dreams of opening her own brewery someday. She is inspired by local women brewers and hopes to connect with other current and aspiring female brewers though Pink Boots Society. She looks forward to learning from other Pink Boots members’ experiences as well as passing on what she has learned from her own experiences.

The Road to Cicerone® course is a collection of beer styles and processes that will help the reader prepare for the Certified Cicerone® exam. The course is a mixture of books and quizzes. The course books will teach and lend insight into reasons and processes. For example, the brewing process of the course book will help brewers to better understand the brewing process and how brewers come to their decisions. The keeping and serving beer course will help with the front of house, ensuring nothing is being improperly handled between the brewery and the taproom.

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