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2020 Q4 Cicerone BeerSavvy® Scholarship Recipient Announced
Scholarship Recipients

The Pink Boots Society is excited to announce Wendy Gayl as the recipient of the Cicerone Beer Savvy scholarship!

Wendy GayWhile Wendy is fairly new to brewing, she has jumped into the brewing industry with both feet! She has spent more than a decade exploring and experimenting with food to fulfill her desire to make it a healing, enjoyable, and inclusive experience for all. That’s why when the COVID-19 pandemic hit, she and her fiancé, Felipe Bravo, decided to combine their passions and talents into a new endeavor. They created the Fox Tale Fermentation Project, an explorative brewing project making beers ranging from fruited sours to vegetable ales and IPAs with a culinary twist. They aim to create an environment in which culture can grow—literally and figuratively. Check out the second episode of Altbrau Podcast featuring Fox Tale Fermentation to learn more about their adventures!

Wendy has also recently taken on two new roles within Pink Boots Society. She has taken on the role of Chapter Finance Liaison with the San Francisco Chapter as well as the Pink Boots Collaboration Brew Day® Liaison!

Fox Tale Fermentation Project (Facebook) (Instagram)

Cicerone Beer Savvy is a comprehensive self-paced online beer training course that can be started whenever and wherever. This scholarship is perfect for any brewery owner, beer bar manager, bartender, server, beer writer, beer educator, beer distributor, brewery sales representative, or beer chef.

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