Spotlight on Our Pink Boots Mission
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Spotlight on Our Pink Boots Mission
Diversity & Inclusion

Dear Members,

I’ve been talking with the Board of Directors about structural inequities for women in our industry. It is incredibly frustrating that so many changes are needed, which seem to come so slowly. Women in our industry face incredible challenges. We’ve recently seen many of these affect our members. We, as Board members, are not immune. As individuals, we greatly empathize with women who are experiencing harassment and employment issues.

As a nonprofit society and professional association, our scope of action is focused on our mission to “assist, inspire, and encourage women fermented/alcoholic beverage industry professionals to advance their careers through education.” This mission guides our society activities, our interactions with our members, and is contingent to our IRS approval as a recognized nonprofit. Our activities as a Board remain dedicated to our purpose of educating women in the fermented alcohol beverage industry. As such, our society cannot serve as a venue for action or official advocacy nor provide legal advice, crisis counseling, or official commentary on industry employment situations. Pink Boots Society can provide self-advocacy and workplace safety education. And each of us can – and do – continue to support outside initiatives on a personal level.

The generous contributions of our members and supporters allow Pink Boots Society to create innovative programs that advance our mission. We are so proud to provide a shared purpose that allows your talents and energy to come together and contribute to the professional success of our peers. We appreciate – and recognize – your voices in supporting women in our industry.

Thank you for allowing Pink Boots to support you and all members with scholarships, resources, initiatives for unity in brewing, and other opportunities that advance us all through education.

— Jen Jordan, President
on behalf of the Pink Boots Society Board of Directors

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