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First Petainer-Sponsored Cicerone Level 2 Scholarship Recipient Announced
Scholarship Recipients

The Pink Boots Society is proud to announce the very first Petainer-sponsored Cicerone Level 2 Scholarship recipient, Stephanie Alaniz of Oasis Texas Brewing Company in Austin, Texas.

Stephanie is already a Cicerone Level 1: Certified Beer Server and is thrilled to move to the next level with Cicerone Level 2: Certified Cicerone. She gained an immediate appreciation for beer with the Level 1 course and is looking forward to expanding her beer knowledge as well as educating others. Stephanie is currently a Beertender and hopes to someday become a Tap Room Manager at a Craft Beer establishment.

While Stephanie enjoys pouring beer, she is even more passionate about the culture and history of beer. Particularly, she is very interested in how beer compliments food, the many ways beer can be incorporated into food, and ultimately to how put a whole new outlook into both. She dreams of creating and hosting events where she pairs Pink Boots beers with complimentary food as well as having meaningful discussions with other women who share the same interests. Plus, she sees this as a great opportunity to help further the Pink Boots Mission and support the community. She believes with Cicerone Level 2: Certified Cicerone course, she will obtain the knowledge to organize, create and plan these events, making her dreams come true!

Certified Cicerone is the second level of certification. Those who achieve this certification have a solid and well-rounded knowledge of beer and beer service as well as basic competence in assessing beer quality and identity by taste. The four-hour exam includes written, tasting, and demonstration portions. It is given more than 100 times each year at sites across the US and Canada and also at other international sites.

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