Working with Crafted For All
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Working with Crafted For All
Diversity & Inclusion
Dr. J (J. Nikol Jackson-Beckham)

Dr. J is an equity and inclusion strategist who provides consulting and training to individuals and organizations in the craft beverage industries.

Pink Boots Society works to Assist, Inspire, and Encourage Women in the Fermented Alcohol Beverage industry to advance their careers through Education. We strive to welcome and include ALL women into our membership and serve them in an equitable way. Pink Boots Society was inspired to partner with Crafted for All when we realized that we needed to know more about the intersectional identities of our members in order to meet their needs. Crafted for All’s Educational focus, combined with a responsive structure that utilizes data matches the needs and values of Pink Boots Society.

Working with Crafted for All means Pink Boots Society is creating and sustaining a more Inclusive and Equitable organization for all women. We are beginning with a survey which will lead into the process of discovering how we can build a stronger sense of belonging and support for our 2400+ current and potential members. We’ve had to ask ourselves some challenging questions and be open to continual adaptation and change.

Pink Boots Society believes that working with Crafted for All will challenge us to become more responsive to the diverse needs of our membership. We will do this by identifying gaps in accessibility and equity in our programs, and we will create solutions to support those who have been underserved. Pink Boots Society understands that there is no singular outcome of this process, and that we are committed to ongoing action. This work never ends, but we know it facilitates the positive transformation, and resilience of our industry.

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