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Meet Your New Pink Boots Society Board Members

The results are in! Your new board members have been elected for the 2021 calendar year. We’d like to introduce Francis Antonio-Martineau, Danii Oliver, and Blanca Quintero, who will be joining our board next year. We’d also like to welcome Ellen Sherrill as our 2021 Vice President and Carli Smith as our Vice Treasurer. Congratulations to all of these wonderful women and brewing advocates! We invite you to take a moment to read about our three new incoming board members below. You’ll be getting to know them more over the coming year.

Meet Francis Antonio-Martineau Founder, FemAle Brew Fest

Francis Antonio-Martineau has been a Pink Boots member for 3 years, since the inception of the Florida Chapter in 2017. She’s currently the Chapter Leader for PBS Florida. In her new capacity as a Pink Boots Society Board member, she brings experience building and developing a number of programs, initiatives, and events focused on empowering women, as well as experience in coordinating nationally recognized events and years of experience in project management.

Francis was recently featured in the O, The Oprah Magazine, April 2020 Issue as one of eight trailblazers who are creating game-changing opportunities for all women. FemAle was also awarded as one of the recipients for the Brewers Association’s 2020 Diversity and Inclusion Grant. Francis runs the FemAle Brew Fest, which has been recognized for being one of the country’s pioneering craft beer festivals featuring women in beer and for highlighting women in brewing. In addition to producing the FemAle Brew Fest, Francis also founded and launched the Greater Fort Lauderdale (GFL) Beer Week in 2019 to expand support for the Florida craft beer scene and highlight the breweries in the area.

Francis also serves as the Fort Lauderdale Chapter Leader for Girls Pint Out (GPO), working towards building a community of women that enjoy craft beer. When women tell her that they just aren’t into beer, her response is “you just haven’t found the right one”. Involvement with GPO is a way for Francis to help educate women interested in craft beer and to create a safe space for them to be able to try and learn about different beers.

Meet Danii Oliver Owner & Founder, Island to Island Brewery

Danii Oliver currently serves the marketing outreach and public relations needs of the North Texas Pink Boots Chapter. She joined her chapter 6 months ago as a result of its representation of a culturally diverse membership of professional, independent women who hold a range of job roles in the brewing industry, from ownership, production, and lab QA to corporate, distribution, raw materials, logistics, retail, writing, entertainment, art, and hospitality.

Danii brings her focus in marketing, brand management, brand awareness, and social media content creation to her new position, along with knowledge of brewery ownership. She wants women across the globe to know that she is here for them to live and breathe the mission of Pink Boots Society and always provide responsive support to their needs. Danii believes that our organization will benefit from the dedication of those who live by example in the pursuit of our mission.

You can learn more about Danii and what she stands for in her recent Pink Boots blog post.

Meet Blanca Quintero Assistant General Manager, Highland Park Brewery

Blanca Quintero has been a Pink Boots member for 7 years and currently serves as Chapter Leader for Los Angeles – the chapter she restarted in 2018 and have been working ardently to grow through fundraisers and crossover events. She also leads her Chapter Committee, which aids in building resources for chapter leaders, and is joining the new Pink Boots Society Diversity & Inclusion Committee.

In her new role on the board, Blanca hopes to bring guidance and strategy to help our society focus on the diversity within our organization, bring a variety of voices to light, and work towards inclusion. She brings her past experience as a chapter leader in aims to create effective initiatives that keep Pink Boots Society at the forefront of our industry as both a resource and a safe space – especially during a challenging year such as this one.

As a first-generation Mexican American woman, Blanca understands that working in a white, male-dominated industry is challenging, even when you’re driven by passion for the industry. She hopes to inspire people to remain optimistic about following their passion, pursue something greater than themselves, and give back to the community that helped foster that growth.

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