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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Update
Diversity & Inclusion

Pink Boots Society
Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Update
June 19, 2020

The Pink Boots Society Board of Directors has been actively discussing how we can make a meaningful impact on the inclusivity and diversity of our membership and our industry in light of the Black Lives Matter movement. To add action to our support of this movement, we are charting a long-term diversity plan that will extend far into the future.

It is no secret that the beer industry lacks diversity. Pink Boots Society exists to promote and inspire industry women through education, but we’ve been tackling the challenge of how to reach a more diverse membership when the industry itself lacks diversity. In order to proactively address obstacles such as these, we plan to identify ways that we can support Black women and other disenfranchised groups in our industry with the goal of helping to break down the blatant  ̶  and often hidden  ̶  barriers that exclude so many people from enjoying the best that the beer industry has to offer.

As we speak, our Board is reaching out to professional diversity consultants and speakers who can inform PBS on our long-term strategic plans for diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI). We are also launching a Diversity Task Force and developing a budget for our DEI efforts. We are dedicated to taking concrete action toward social justice and to continue to support change within our industry. If you are interested in being a member of our new Diversity Task Force, please reach out to us today at membership@pinkbootssociety.org.

As many of you may know, PBS has recently opened up membership eligibility to include women in all fermented beverages. We genuinely hope this expansion is just one step in helping to create a more diverse membership.

While the Board continues to move forward in the aforementioned efforts behind the scenes, we invite all of our members to join us in taking action on the frontlines as well. Reach out to your local chapter, your fellow members or your co-workers to find ways you can be part of the solution. Ask yourself how you can get involved and help increase diversity within Pink Boots and the industry as a whole. Pink Boots Society is a non-profit organization. Our efforts are driven by member volunteers who dedicate our spare time to serving all of our members. Your needs  ̶  and the needs of all women in our industry  ̶  are truly the focus of our society.

We invite you to get involved today through one of the below action items:

• Support the voices of Black women through nominations to our monthly membership spotlight that add more visibility to the industry experiences of all of our members.
• Contribute to our blog by sharing your personal experiences. Blog posts can be submitted to socialmedia@pinkbootssociety.org.
• Keep the conversation going by engaging with members nationwide on Instagram and Facebook.
• Expand the circle of those you reach out to with leadership and volunteer opportunities by nominating women of color, older members, new members and more reserved members of your Chapter, among other groups that are less likely to be heard in our industry.
• Ensure you encourage a range of member feedback and insight from everyone that attends your meetings, instead of relying on only those that typically offer input.
• Help us in creating a more inclusive society. If you notice a barrier to Pink Boots membership based on personal characteristics, including, but not limited to race, sexual orientation, physical ability or age, let us know at membership@pinkbootssociety.org.

The voice of the Pink Boots Society belongs to you – our members. We welcome hearing any and all of your concerns or suggestions as we move toward a more inclusive and diverse organization. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to your Chapter Leader or the Board at any time. We want to hear from you!! We will keep you updated with our progress in our blog.

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