Black Lives Matter
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Black Lives Matter
Diversity & Inclusion

We at Pink Boots Society support our members, we support those who are not our members, and we pledge to continue to work towards ending the systemic racial injustice that has put our Black sisters and brothers at risk every day. We believe Black Lives Matter. We will actively work to better our organization to become more supportive of people of color. We will become a better ally. We hear you, we support you, and we believe CHANGE needs to happen right now.

We would like to think that beer brings people together, and provides a common ground of communication, understanding, and joy, but this is not the reality. PBS understands that the beer industry, like too many others, perpetuates and upholds barriers that prevent Black people, people of color, and other disenfranchised people from capitalizing on the benefits of the beer industry. This is absolutely not acceptable, and we are committed to breaking down the barriers that make our industry so pointed, shallow, and narrow.

We will ensure that PBS is a safe place, which means that we expect our members to state their ideas, keep asking questions, and pushing the limits of who we serve, while all the time being treated with respect from our sister members. We plan to maintain an open forum that will lead to needed change. There should be no question that Black women and all other women of color will always have our support.

If there are organizations local to you to help to make a change in your neighborhood, we encourage you to get involved and grow these partnerships. Partners that reach beyond beer and seek social justice are our allies. Please reach out to us. We need to be better!

To our women of color, there is power in your voice and we will work with you to make sure it is heard.

With respect from your Pink Boots Society Board of Directors,

Laura Ulrich

Jen Jordan
Vice President

Jennifer Erickson

Cat Wiest
Board of Director

Anita Riley
Board of Director

Ellen Sherrill
Board of Director

Megan Parisi
Board of Director

Carli Smith
Board of Director

Mary Anderson-Leichty
Board of Director

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