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Lydia Moranski
Road to Cicerone® Scholarship Recipient Announced
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The Pink Boots Society is excited to announce Rebecca Carpenter of Turtle Swamp Brewing as the latest recipient of the Road to Cicerone® Course Scholarship.  Rebecca was selected by the Pink Boots scholarship committee, composed of women in different parts of the industry. Rebecca has already passed the Cicerone level 1: certified Beer Server, This showed the committee her drive and ability to self motivate, which are important traits when working with online courses. 

Rebecca has been with Turtle swamp for about a year and a half, in this time she was promoted from beertender to tap room manager. With the promotion Rebecca went from being the person given the descriptions; to being the person who helps write them with the brewers. She had the self awareness to be able to reflect on herself that this was an area of her position she strives to be better at, and this course will do just that. 

In Rebecca’s position she helps portray the vision of the brewers to the beer lovers who enter the taproom. This means she often works with the brewers on tastings, collecting knowledge about their releases for the taproom staff and patrons alike.  This year she even worked with them on a pink boots collaboration day brew! 

The Road to Cicerone® course  is a collection of beer styles and processes, which will help the reader prepare for the Certified Cicerone® exam. The course is a mixture of books and quizzes. The course books will teach and lend insight into reasons and processes. For example, the brewing process of the course book will help Rebecca to better understand the brewing process and how the brewers came to their decisions. The keeping and serving beer course will help with the front of house, ensuring nothing is being improperly handled between the brewery and the taproom.

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