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Lydia Moranski
UNC Charlotte Craft Beer Business Essentials Scholarship Recipient Announced
Scholarship Recipients

The Pink Boots Society of North Carolina is proud to announce that Amber Rosado of Bond Brothers Brewing in Cary, North Carolina is the recipient of the UNC Charlotte Craft Beer Business Essentials scholarship.

Amber is currently pursuing her Bachelors’ degree in Business Management from Appalachian State University, and is excited to learn how to apply her business education to the beer industry.  She began working with Bond Brothers two years ago as an event staff member. She quickly moved into bartending, and ultimately Assistant Event Coordinator, and her presence is having a positive effect. Her boss, Laura Eischen says, “She has excelled in her job duties and has positively impacted multiple areas of the brewery I had not anticipated. She came on board having already completed her Cicerone Beer Server Certification. Amber takes her beer knowledge very seriously and I am impressed with her desire to advance her knowledge within the industry as well as maintain awareness of current trends.”

Amber earned her Cicerone Beer Server Certification when she was only nineteen years old, “I was intrigued by the science and talent it takes to create all these different styles. I passed the test by just the books due to not being of legal age to properly taste and understand every style.”

The Craft Beer Business Essentials Certificate is designed as an accelerated curriculum to provide homebrewers, entrepreneurs, and business professionals with the foundational business knowledge, tools, resources, skills, and networking opportunities to be successful from the initial stages of creating their business plan all the way through to making a profit and increasing distribution.

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