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Cat Wiest
OnTap Credit Union – Supporting Women in Beer
Women In Beer

During the January 2019 Pink Boots Society Conference in Austin, Texas, your Pink Boots Society board of directors sat down with Traci Wilcox, president and CEO of On Tap credit Union to discuss a potential partnership. It was immediately clear that OnTap Credit Union shares one of Pink Boots Society’s core values – to assist and inspire women through education!  OnTap is a financial organization whose roots lie in the beer industry. It was established by Coors Brewing Company employees to meet the financial needs of brewery employees, giving them unique understanding of brewing industry employees needs. On Tap Credit Union’s mission is to provide the best financial guidance to their communities, and work to make a positive impact in helping dreams come true. On Tap supports it’s members through scholarships, brewery business start-ups, and one of On Tap’s first craft brewing business members is a female brewery owner. On Tap is a women lead organization – Female CEO, 2 Female Board Members, and 50% of the Executive team are women. Cheers to that!

The Pink Boots Society and On Tap Credit Union have partnered together to launch Pink Boots Society Credit and Debit Cards!  Every time an On Tap Credit Union member selects an On Tap credit or debit card co-branded with the Pink Boots Society logo, the credit union will make a charitable donation to Pink Boots Society, expanding On Tap’s longstanding support for the brewing community.

As a further extension of the partnership On Tap Credit Union has also launched Tips on Tap a FREE online financial educational skill-building portal that is designed to provide personal and business financial tips.  It includes fun interactive games, dynamic videos, and personalized courses.

While On Tap Credit Union is committed to supporting a wide range of financial services to members and employees, these new offerings are another way of showing that continued support to the Pink Boots Society.

“On Tap Credit Union was founded by members of the Colorado brewing community, so everyone in the beer-loving world is at the heart of who we are,” said On Tap Credit Union President and CEO Tracie Wilcox. “Our charitable partnership with the Pink Boots Society is a natural fit for our credit union members and yet another way for us to continue our extensive and wide-ranging support for the brewing industry.”

To learn more about the Pink Boots Society cards or educational platform visit https://www.ontapcu.org/pink-boots or call 800.770.6414



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