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Kris McDowell
Road to Cicerone® Courses Educational Series Scholarship Recipients Announced
Scholarship Recipients
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The Pink Boots Society is proud to announce the two recipients of the 2019 Road to Cicerone® Courses Educational Series scholarship. Each was chosen by a selection committee of experienced women beer professionals who hold positions as brewers, educators and writers.

Cherokee Robbins of Alvarium Beer Co. in New Britain, CT is the national recipient and was selected to receive this scholarship by the committee because, “she depicts great knowledge already about craft beer and displays a yearning for more, aspiring to use this scholarship in order to advance her career. The foundation is there and she definitely sounds ready to move forward with an industry recognized qualification.”

Cherokee’s passion for craft beer started six years ago when she transitioned from the restaurant industry to working as a bartender. One of the first things that struck her was, “the intricacies when it comes to hand-producing craft beer.” Inspired by what she was learning she made time outside of her job to educate herself on various brands and styles so she could hold well-informed conversations with patrons. Her drive and interest was recognized by management and she was promoted to beer bar manager where she not only sought out different styles and rare beers to add to their line up but made it a point to educate the waitstaff and bartenders about the products.

Last October she continued her path into the brewing industry by taking a Sales Representative position with Alvarium where she is a brand ambassador and seller of their products to consumers and retailers. She is looking forward to gaining, “a better comprehension and thorough background about the brewing business itself, in addition to the assembly of these products we create for our consumers” from the content of the courses and further sharing what she has learned with the Connecticut chapter.  

Emma Arnold of Lamplighter Brewing Co. in Cambridge is the Boston Chapter recipient and was selected to receive this scholarship due in part to the fact that “she had already been studying for the Cicerone® exam and has formed a study group at her brewery to help further education for others” as well as her participation with the chapter despite being a new member.

Emma is the Director of Marketing at Lamplighter Brewing, about which she says, “I am surrounded by talented women working in a range of positions: taproom staff, production staff, sales, and management. I was encouraged by my supervisor to join Pink Boots in October 2018, and since then have been an active member.” That supportive environment has facilitated the formation of a study group for Emma and five co-workers to collaborate, share resources and stay focused as they each prepare for the Certified Cicerone® exam this fall.

Before taking the position at Lamplighter Emma, who previously worked in the green building industry, had limited knowledge of the brewing industry. She started adding to it when she took a part-time bar back job, further expanded it when she moved into a full time bartender position and is eager to continue learning, particularly when it comes to brewing process, ingredients, beer styles and history. About her current role she says she, “guides production planning, writes beer descriptions and tasting notes, and leads on content creation for social media and product promotion. The Cicerone® syllabus is a great framework for me to continue to self-educate. As I move into higher-level marketing and brand guidance, I aim to challenge myself to be even more of a beer expert. Continued study and research is integral to this goal.”

The Road to Cicerone® Courses Educational Series is a new scholarship offering for the Pink Boots Society and includes a suite of study books and exams. The coursebooks will enhance the student’s knowledge of brewing techniques, raw ingredients, how to properly keep and store beer, beer styles of specific regions, and the language to clearly discuss beer. Each self-paced coursebook should take 12 hours to complete and includes a specialist exam to validate the knowledge learned, assisting the student on her journey to Master Cicerone®. The specialist exam will enhance Certified Beer Server credentials by earning a course pin when the student passes or may be used to take unlimited times to quiz oneself for the Certified Cicerone®, Advanced Cicerone®, or Master Cicerone® exams.

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