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Cat Wiest
I Am For A Beer
Women In Beer

Scholarship recipient Nicki Werner gave a Pay It Forward presentation to the folks in attendance at our meeting during the Craft Brewers Conference last month. Through a series of photos, stories, and anecdotes, we enjoyed her experiences second hand. She shared a poem she had written on the bus during the tour, “In Germany I saw so many amazing examples of the different ways beer can be a power for good… and spending time getting to know some pretty awesome peers in the industry energized me to write this”. The former art professor gives a nod to sculptor Claes Oldenburg’s 1961 piece, “I am for an art”.

“I am for a beer.

I am for a beer that tastes good, smells good, and IS good

I am for a beer that leaves rings on the table, lace on the glass, that is just one more and then we’ll go

I am for fruity, hoppy, roasty, smelly, barnyard, creamy, smooth, bitter, tart, drinking my dessert, and having cake too.

I am for my favorite glass, a perfect pour, the best seat at the bar, a couple cans in my backpack.

I am for a beer that bikes more and drives less. I am for solar powered, wind powered, zero waste beer. I am for a beer that grows farms and fields where there weren’t any before.

I am for a beer that pays a living wage, that acknowledge power structures, and that throws away all the bootstraps.

I am for a beer that doesn’t leave poor people behind, that never crosses the picket line.

I am for a beer that dismantles patriarchy, that abolishes ICE, that makes bathroom signs inclusive. I am for a beer that says Black Lives Matter and does something about it. I am for a beer that is gay and non-conforming. I am for a beer that says no to harassment under any circumstances.

I am for a beer that is decolonialist, that has hard conversations about appropriation and sovereignty. That uses the knowledge of our ancestors with respect and, also, criticality.

I am for the DIY, the homebrew, the collab, the zoigl, the csa.

I am for a beer that is employee-owned, community owned, farmer owned, family owned, and friendly owned. I am for a beer that is chosen family. I am for a beer that has each other’s backs.

I am for a beer that rebuilds, withstands, and adapts.

I am for a beer that acknowledges and wields its power thoughtfully. I am for Lady Justice Brewing, for Black Star Line Brewing, and for everyone else being entrepreneurs and radical at the same damn time.

I am for the train beer, the plane beer, the shower beer, the dinner table beer, the breakfast beer, the calibration beer, the “is this a work meeting?” beer, the “today was a good day” beer

For beer-thirty, for drank in my cup, for it all started with a beer, for drink and my 2 step, for the deck beer, the beach beer, the summit beer, for the thunderstruck beer, the Stammtisch, the shiftie table, the “I love this bar” beer.

I am for a beer that is better. That is the Best!

I am for a beer that uplifts, empowers, and enables the people who need it the most.

I am for… beer! Cheers!

Nicki Werner
Brewer, Left Hand Brewing Company
Instagram: nickiwernerartz


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