Cultural Immersion Tour Grows
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Emily Engdahl
Cultural Immersion Tour Grows
Women In Beer

Pink Boots is doubling up on our effort to find sponsors for the upcoming Pink Boots Beer, Bratwurst and Beyond Study Tour!

Last year we sent 11 women to Germany on scholarship. Do you want to go this year? We have three ways to show you how!

  1. Ask your brewery or company to sponsor two spots; one, a scholarship for a Pink Boots Member. The other is reserved for you as the company delegate!
  2. Reserve your spot on the tour and pay out of pocket; ask for donations to your trip from employers, friends, family and sometimes, COUNTRY! (Canadian members, ask us how!)
  3. Apply for the scholarship when it opens!

Is your brewery or employer on Pink Boots’ wavelength? Are there other companies and individuals in your local beerscape who “get” Pink Boots and identify with our mission?  If so, we want to invite them to partner with us by sponsoring a scholarship for the Beer, Bratwurst and Beyond Study Tour!

Help us network and get the word out to:

  • Breweries and beer-makers of all sizes — micro, macro and in between,
  • Allied companies — ingredients suppliers, beer distributors, equipment and tech support companies, brewing systems companies, packaging and container suppliers, labs, restaurants
  • Service providers — Lenders, consultants legal firms, insurers, financial services providers and media,
  • Individuals — Investors, philanthropists, individual donors

Sponsoring a scholarship for the study tour not only enables a Pink Boots member to benefit in a once-in-a-lifetime travel-learning opportunity, it also benefits the sponsor!  

  • Public partnership that demonstrates the sponsor’s support for equity and professional development for women in the beer and brewing.
  • Aligns the sponsor with Pink Boots, which is the platform for women in the beer and brewing trade and allied industries.
  • Puts sponsors squarely in front of Pink Boots members, chapter leadership and associates across the country, Canada and around the world who are stakeholders in every part of the beer industry.
  • Connects decision-makers, professionals, entrepreneurs, and influencers in the beer and brewing community beyond Pink Boots.
  • Gives sponsors the option of designating one of the two scholarships they support for a woman on their team (who must be a Pink Boots member). This is a terrific way to recognize a team member and invest in her future.
  • Grants partners prominent sponsor recognition in tour-related marketing and promotional efforts and on the Pink Boots website.
  • Provides social media messaging opportunities sponsors can use to communicate with their customers, clients, suppliers, and others.

Thanks to the early adopters and repeat sponsors – we have three secured sponsorships already!

Thank you Sierra Nevada, BSG Craft Brewing, and North Carolina Pink Boots Society!

The North Carolina Chapter of Pink Boots raised funds from their March 2017 Biere de Femme Festival and reserved a scholarship for a North Carolina Member to travel to Germany! Way to go, ladies!

Do you have ideas? Please talk it up among the ladies in your state chapter, local group and in the local beer community! We would like to reach out to final sponsor requests no later than mid-July! Email your suggestions and ideas as soon as possible to, and feel free to get in touch with any questions.

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