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Anne Sprecher
It Really Is A Big Deal!
Women In Beer

I just met up with a fellow Pink Boots Society member who has been so busy with her new business project that she just now noticed PBS is hosting a 10th Anniversary Conference & Beer Festival in San Diego, California June 2-3. Maybe you’ve been too busy to notice too?

This is a big deal ladies!

Big as in, PBS started when George W Bush was President.

Big as in there were 1,480 breweries when PBS started. This year we’ll hit 6,000, or 4 times as many.

Big as in, PBS has 50 Chapters in 10 Countries, with members all over the world.

Major couch-surfing and collab brewing potential, if you work your membership right.

Big as in, there has never been an all-women professional beer conference, never in the history of the world up till now.

With two educational tracks (Technical and Business)

With 22 women beer industry knowledge leaders speaking:

Event Schedule:

Thursday Jun 1st 6-8 pm: PBS Welcome Reception

Friday June 2nd 8 am-5 pm: PBS Conference

Saturday June 3rd Noon-4 pm: PBS Craft Beer Festival

Combination packages are available for added savings.

Event Webpage:


About my fellow PBS friend who was so busy with her new business project that she’d failed to see all the Facebook posts and e-newsletters about this amazing event? She’s going! You’ll want to meet her and the other attendees who are flying in from all over tarnation. Be there! I can’t wait to see you!


Teri Fahrendorf

Founder & Co-Creator

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