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Sibyl Perkins
Women in Craft Beer Brewing: Teri Fahrendorf
Women In Beer

teriIn Ancient Egypt, beer was made almost entirely by women. In Baltic and Slavic mythology, it was a woman — the goddess Raugutiene — who provided heavenly protection over beer. In colonial America, women sustained their families by home brewing “small beer,” which they supplemented with cider. That all began to change in the 19th century, when beer brewing left the private domain and became a commercial, large-scale enterprise — one run almost entirely by men.

Now, the tide is turning once again. As the “good food” movement continues to gather steam, craft beer brewing is returning to its DIY roots. And while it remains a predominantly male industry, women have been part of the craft beer renaissance since its first stirrings in the early 1980s. Our next Rulebreaker, Teri Fahrendorf, has long been at the forefront of women becoming mainstays on the brewery floor.

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